Greer, Senator Blumenthal & The Wolf

Greer, Senator Blumenthal & The Wolf


(June 3, 2016)  Rabbi Greer shares many traits with the “Wolf.”  A wolf is defined by Merriam’s dictionary as “(1) any  one of several large predatory canids that live and hunt in packs and resemble the related dogs;  compare coyote, jackal (2) a fierce, rapacious, or destructive person (3)  a man forward, direct, and zealous in amatory attentions to women…”  But Rabbi Greer does not chase women.  Rabbi Greer has a weakness for teenage boys.

Rabbi Greer shares many traits with a man named “Wolf.”  Republican August Wolf is running for United States Senate against powerful Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.  Rabbi Greer is good friends with Senator Blumenthal.  Blumenthal regularly appeared at the annual Greer fundraising “gathering.”  The gathering is scheduled to be held at the Yale Law School on June 7th at 6 PM.  Larry Noodles will be there to cover the event.  If Senator Skeletor shows up Larry Noodles will be there to take selfies with the Senator.

August Wolf was just sued in Superior Court in Stamford by campaign worker Samantha Menh for sexual harassment.  She was fired by Wolf after she repelled his repeated sexual advances.  She claims he hired 20 something year old girls for his campaign in order to fulfill his sexual desires.  Similar to Rabbi Greer, who set up a Yeshiva for teenage boys in order to satisfy his sexual needs.

Samantha alleged in her lawsuit that the GOP paid for her apartment.  She alleged that GOP candidate Wolf used to dangle the keys to her apartment in her face and tell her “I have the keys.”  Greer controlled teenage boys in a similar way.  Greer had the keys to all the buildings on the Greer compound where the boys lived.  He used these buildings to rape Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis when they were teenagers, and who knows who else.

Samantha alleged in her lawsuit against Wolf that she was a petite 5′ 2″ young woman, while Wolf was a former Olympian.  She said he barricaded her in his office with his large body and tried to force himself on her.  Rabbi Greer, who is physically the same size as August Wolf, forced his body on petite teenage boys.  Rabbi Avi Hack is a petite grown man.  Rabbi Greer physically towered over Avi Hack when Rabbi Greer raped Avi was a teenager.

Samantha claimed in her lawsuit that August Wolf, like Greer, had a hangup with sodomy.  August Wolf has a gay father and a gay sister.  He also had a gay campaign manager.  He told Samantha that his campaign team was “a bunch of gay lovers circle jerking each other.”   August Wolf is running against Richard “Dick” Blumenthal.  Samantha allged that August Wolf was obsessed with the fact that Blumenthal’s nickname was “Dick.”  Rabbi Greer, similarly, was also obsessed with this nickname.

Larry Noodles suggests that Wolf and Greer come out of the closet and get married already. What are they waiting for?  Greer and Wolf are both right wing conservatives.  They both graduated from Princeton.  They could turn their wedding into a big social media event and raise a lot of money, like the Kardashians.  Short of tying the knot, they should definitely get together at the gay bar Partners Cafe in New Haven for a date.  Or they could meet at the infamous Brook Cafe in Westport, which would be closer to Wolf.  Larry Noodles could be the shadchan (matchmaker).

Samantha claimed in her lawsuit that Wolf referred to Connecticut Republican minority leader Klaridis as “Clitoris,” Klaridis and Clitoris sounding similar, plus a reference to Themis Klaridis as an attractive young woman.  Larry Noodles takes personal offense.  Themis Klaridis is the only person in the State Capital who has a functioning brain.  If Themis ever runs for Governor, Larry Noodles would be sure to get all Connecticut convicts to vote for Themis.  Full disclosure:  Larry Noodles went to law school with Themis, but Themis was an honest lawyer.  She never chose to lead a life of crime like Larry Noodles.

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