Greer Spending over $2K a Week on New Recruits to the Compound

Greer Spending over $2K a Week on New Recruits to the Compound


The old goat conducted Sukkah services on schedule.  I walked past the compound and saw some activity.  It remains to be seen whether the old goat will host his annual Sukkah party.  Every year Greer constructs a large Sukkah in his backyard between his house and his garage full of goats. Many friends and family members would show up for his annual Sukkah party.

At the Sukkah party Greer had live music, wine, beer, and snacks made from scratch by the female Greers, Hacks and “Gracks.” “Gracks” is what members of the compound called the offspring of the Greer-Hack royal marriage.  Greer’s son married a Hack daughter.  Rabbi Avi Hack is the Hack Greer raped as a child.  Avi Hack is the brother of the Hack daughter who is married to the son of a Greer.

During his Sukkah party the old goat drank heavily and danced with other male members of the compound in a circle.  But you won’t seen any Greers, Hacks for Gracks this year.  Everyone left town.  Is the old goat going to pay people to dance with him?

The old goat must have a lot of money to throw around.  Greer’s internet ads state that he pays about $400 a week for each clueless man he lures into the compound to make his ten man minyan.  He has at least five guys from out of town on the payroll.  That comes to $2,000.00 a week.

Greer provides free food and lodging to all recruits who stay at the compound.  He must also be paying a few of the locals, which would add another few hundred to his weekly bill.  Greer must be spending over $100K a year to maintain his overly inflated ego.  Greer and his wife report about $150K a year in salaries from the many Greer non-profits.  But fundraising for his non-profits must be nil.  Who would donate money to a serial child rapist?  But the old goat is still collecting plenty of rental payments from his multi-family properties.

The teenagers Greer has been recruiting from the well respected Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens have not been seen on the compound.  I wrote a letter to the rabbis at this yeshiva a few weeks ago detailing Greer’s 30 year New Haven crime wave.  The rabbis must have instructed their students to avoid The Greer at all costs.

At this point there is no rabbi, of any sect or denomination, who supports Greer.  All Greer has left are locals Quick Draw McGraw, Lou Goldberg, Arnie Rogoff, Mark Roffman, Mr. Robot, and Glen.  The Undertaker has apparently left the compound.  At some point Greer is going to need an undertaker to put his child molestation operations to rest.

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