Greer Still Has Disciples on Shabbat

Greer Still Has Disciples on Shabbat

 Larry Noodles heard from reliable sources that child rapist Greer is still maintaining Sabbath services.  By some miracle he is managing to get between 10 and 15 guys to show up every week.  Larry Noodles heard that there is a core group of locals who have been with Greer since before the child rape case, and are staying with Greer, not concerned that they are lending legitimacy to a child rapist. These are the same people who would be the first  to put down Clinton or Trump as corrupt and sick human beings.  Yet Rabbi Greer can be forgiven for his sins.  Rabbi Greer is not corrupt and sick.  Rabbi Greer is misunderstood.  Donald Trump on the other hand….

The core group of Greer Groupies would include the following guys: Artie, Mr. Robot, Rambo, the Cowboy, The Undertaker, Dark Matter, and Otis.  That’s seven guys plus Greer, which makes eight.  I heard that Greer is recruiting a couple of his tenants to get up to ten men required for prayer services.  It was reported in a previous blog that Greer was evicting Jewish tenants.  But the Jews Greer evicted were elderly and impoverished women.  He must be keeping the Jewish men around for his minyan.

But Greer’s own son, who lives next door to the Greer synagogue, and within the compound, has been seen walking two miles away on Shabbat, in this heat wave, to go to a synagogue located in Westville.  Has this Son of a Greer forgotten how to get to Nightmare on Elm Street?  Does he need a map.  Larry Noodles will gladly provide him with a map, in exchange for a copy of the Rabbi Avi Hack deposition that was recently conducted.  This Son of a Greer is married to Rabbi Avi Hack’s sister.  What a sad story.  This poor Hack family can’t get away from the Greers, no matter how hard they try, they will always be related.  But this is typical in child molestation cases.  The pervo perpetrator is usually a family member or close family friend or relative.  A number of years ago, when Larry Noodles still had his law license, he represented a minor who was molested by a friend of the family who used to babysit, and sleep over the house.  Nobody had any idea what was going on.  The chomo in that case went to jail for a few years.  Hopefully the City of New Haven will see to it that Rabbi Greer spends some time in the clink.  If Larry Noodles had to go to jail for shuffling around a few mortgage documents, why shouldn’t rapist Greer go to jail for destroying human lives, and being a menace to society.

This Son of a Greer may be trying to influence Mayor Toni Harp to use her influence to leave his father alone.  He is a member of the Mayor’s Community and Police Relations Task Force.  What a joke.  This 24 member “task force” hasn’t done any tasks as far as I can tell.  This task force is supposed to make recommendations to the Mayor on how to improve the police department.  The mayor is then supposed to meet with the police chief to go over these recommendations to see what can be improved.  The Mayor can’t legally force the Chief to do anything.  The Mayor and her little “task force” are going to tell the cops how to do their jobs.  Yeah right!  Larry Noodles has officially decided to start his own task force to give the Mayor recommendations on how she can do her job better.  The first recommendation is to take child rapist Greer off the streets and put him behind bars where he belongs.

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