Greer Submits Witness List for Trial

Greer Submits Witness List for Trial

Daniel Greer is getting ready for his child rape trial.  The old Goat has submitted his witness list.  The witness list provides the trial judge with the names of the people the Goat intends to call to testify for him in his defense.  The list is very short.  The Goat does not have many supporters left in the compound.  I am not sure if these people even know that they are on the Goat’s witness list.  Mirlis objected to every witness on the grounds that their testimony is completely irrelevant to the issue of whether the old Goat raped Mirlis and Avi Hack.  The Federal judge will decide who gets to testify on behalf of the Goat.

The first person listed on the witness list is Rebbetzin Ewe, aka Sarah Greer.  Sarah has stood by the Goat’s side while all of her children left the compound over the years.  The Goat’s two loyal son’s left right after the child rape lawsuit was filed.  The Ewe is expected to talk about the operations of the Goat school, and her interactions with Mirlis and Avi Hack.

The next person on the list is Jean Ledbury.  Ms. Ledbury has served as the Goat’s secretary, and punching bag, for many years.  She also signed as a notary on many of the Goat’s shady real estate transactions.  She is expected to testify about how she saw Mirlis come to compound as an adult, long after he graduated.  She is expected to testify about his interactions with the Goat. She is not expected to talk about Avi Hack.

Ledbury recently testified in the eviction case against the Undertaker.  She testified that she provided the Undertaker with letters notifying him that the Goat was upset about the condition of his basement.  On cross examination she admitted she could not produce copies of any of these letters.  It will be interesting to hear what kind of stories she will make up during the Federal trial against the Goat.

The next person on the Goat witness list is Dr. Moshe Siev, a local pediatrician.  The Goat is very clever to get a pediatrician to defend a pedophile.  Dr. Siev lives very close to the compound.  He used to be a regular at the compound but he left after the child rape case was filed.  I would be surprised if he even knew that he was on the Goat list.

The next person on the witness list is J. David Bleich, a prominent 80 year old rabbi from New York, who is a professor at Yeshiva University, the same school where Rebbetzin Ewe teaches.  He is expected to testify about “Jewish faith, customs, rites, rituals and Hebrew terms pertinent to various exhibits and the case generally.” Bleich is on the Board of Directors of the the Goat’s Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc.

Bleich has held a prominent position at Yeshiva University for the past 50 years.  Yeshiva University recently paid a law firm millions to investigate at least 34 students who claimed child sexual abuse.  The law firm concluded: “numerous students were sexually and physically abused over the course of many years by a number of individuals in positions of authority… members of YU’s administration were aware of the abuse, and did not act to protect students.”  The report did not name a single child molester, did not name a single rabbi or administration official who covered-up the molesters, did not explain why YU officials did not warn other Orthodox institutions who subsequently hired its child sex predators, did not explain why YU assumed no responsibility for compensating students who suffered their entire lives due to being sexually assaulted by YU staff. The report did not explain why no one at YU was fired over the abuse.

The Goat also named Avi Hack as a witness.  The Goat is hoping to rattle Hack with questions about whether Hack also had prurient interests in teenage boys.  I doubt the judge will let the Goat ask such questions.  Such questions have nothing to do with whether the Goat raped Hack and Mirlis.

The Goat also named a student who graduated from the school a number of years ago.  The Goat thinks that this student had some kind of relationship with Hack.  The Goat traumatized this young man while he was a student at the Goat school for four years.  The Goat wants to cause more trauma to this fragile young man by dragging him into this lawsuit.

The people I would expect most to be on the witness list are nowhere to be found.  Goat supporter Mark Roffman is not on the list.  Mark is on the board of directors of Edgewood Elm Housing, one of the Goat’s shady non-profits.  Longtime Goat supporters actor Bruce Altmann and Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw did not make the list.  Bruce once performed for the Goat at the compound in a Purim shpiel, which was made into a videotape.  Larry Noodles is still trying to track down a copy of that videotape, so that he may sell copies on Ebay.

Longtime Goat supporter Gary Lynes did not make the Goat list.  It was reported to me that the Goat kept him out of legal trouble many years back in some matter that had to do with his gun. For many years Gary has proudly proclaimed that he packs heat in the compound.  I also heard that he was banned from Edge of the Hood for some period of time.

Harold Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, and Rabbi Muroff are not on the witness list.  These are the people the Goat claims conspired with Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack to blackmail him with the rape allegations.  The Goat intends to produce documents showing evidence of the extortion, such as signed deeds showing transfers of property out of the Goat’s name.  If extortion is the crux of the Goat’s defense, then the Goat should be calling these people to the witness stand.  The judge will not allow the Goat to submit random documents that have nothing to do with whether the Goat raped Mirlis and Hack. The Goat is trying to convince the judge that settlement negotiations, which go on in every civil case, was extortion.

In other New Haven news, the prominent Jewish mathematician, who the Goat is trying to evict from the compound, has reported that an egg was thrown at him from one of the Goat buildings where the teenage Goat boys reside.  The boys must be getting ready for Easter.

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