Greer Sues CT Corrections For Passover Food

Greer Sues CT Corrections For Passover Food

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A civil jury awarded child rape victim Eli Mirlis $20 million in his lawsuit against pedophile Daniel Greer AKA “Rabbi Greer” AKA “The Goat.” Mr. Greer hasn’t volunteered to pay one penny. Mr. Mirlis was forced to hire an attorney to pursue collection lawsuits against deadbeat debtor Daniel Greer. Mr. Greer hired an army of high priced lawyers to file numerous motions and appeals to avoid paying Mr. Mirlis one penny. Mr. Greer has now hired top lawyers from Manhattan to file a Federal lawsuit against the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections to force the State of Connecticut to provide Rabbi Goat with special Passover food that is “kosher for Passover.”

Rabbi Goat hired top gun attorneys Joel C. Haims and Steve Rappoport at the international law firm of Morrison & Foerster. Morrison Foerster has 17 offices located throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. The firm has over 1,000 lawyers and represents large financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies in such areas as intellectual property, patent litigation, corporate / M&A, business restructuring, and securities law. Alexander Francis Morrison founded the firm in 1883. In 1891, Morrison merged with partner Constantine E.A. Foerster. The firm didn’t start hiring Jews until 1980, when Jonathan Wheeler, a half-Jew, was hired to open an office in London.

Rabbi Goat’s highly paid lawyers submitted a lengthy motion asking Federal Judge Jeffrey Meyer to grant him an immediate order to force the State of Connecticut to allow the Goat to bring kosher for Passover food into prison so that he will not be forced to starve during Passover. Greer’s attorneys argued: “Rabbi Greer will be forced to choose between starving for the eight days of Passover or violating his sincerely held religious beliefs.”

See motion below:

Judge Jeffrey Meyer has given the lawyers for the State of Connecticut until the date of March 23rd to file a response to the Goat’s motion. Judge Meyer, like Mr. Greer, is a Yale Law graduate. Meyer was appointed to the Federal bench by Obama in 2014. The Goat hated Obama. I still remember how the Goat used to rant and rage against Obama’s Middle East policies. Judge Meyer is the son of maverick Democrat politician State Senator Edward J. Meyer, III, who recently retired and was replaced by Ted Kennedy Jr. Judge Meyer was appointed to the bench at the urging of Senator Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal was a regular at the Goat’s fundraising dinners and gave important speeches to unimportant donors, such as myself, who attended such dinners, which were called the “Gan Gatherings.” A local blog fan told me that he has repeatedly called Blumenthal’s office asking whether Richard had any comment about the Goat. Blumenthal’s office has failed to return any phone calls to my blog fan, unfortunately.

The Goat’s attorneys wrote about the Goat’s eating habits in Cheshire prison: “The prison imposes the common fare meal plan on Rabbi Greer. The food on the common fare meal plan is generally not kosher, although certain products are. Rabbi Greer survives by eating those kosher products on the common fare menu, supplemented only by the few kosher foods purchased by him from the commissary. Rabbi Greer has not had a hot meal, meat, poultry, or cooked fish since December 2, 2019.” Inmate Goat hasn’t had a hot meal since he was incarcerated on December 2nd. Outrageous! The Goat should go on a hunger strike!

The Goat’s attorneys argued in the Goat’s motion: “The meal plans currently offered by the Department of Corrections (DOC), including the common fare meal plan, do not comply with Orthodox Jewish kosher laws for Passover and are not in any way acceptable as substitutes or alternatives to a kosher diet for Rabbi Greer during Passover. The DOC does not employ anyone knowledgeable in the laws of kosher to oversee the common fare meal plan or to supervise the purchasing, handling, preparation, and serving of common fare food at Cheshire Correctional.” Inmate Goat has determined that prison meals are unacceptable! This is an outrage!

The Goat’s attorneys indicated that the Goat filed numerous complaints against his jailors demanding kosher for Passover meals: “Rabbi Greer has submitted numerous complaints and grievances to the DOC and Cheshire Correctional requesting proper kosher food and an accommodation for Passover, including kosher for Passover food and provisions for two ceremonial seder dinners, consistent with his religious beliefs. In particular, he has suggested that the DOC make prepackaged meals
prepared by a reputable kosher food vendor available to him for purchase through the Cheshire Correctional commissary, at no cost, but has refused to provide these accommodations.” Why won’t the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections comply with inmate Goat’s instructions? This is outrageous!

The Goat’s attorneys complained that the DOC will not allow Rabbi Goat to conduct two Passover seders in his jail cell: “The DOC will not provide Rabbi Greer with any of the items necessary to allow him to conduct two ceremonial seder dinners, as required by Jewish law. The DOC will at most provide Rabbi Greer with a box of unleavened bread and some tuna fish, which will be insufficient to satisfy the requirements of Passover.” The DOC expects the Goat to conduct a Passover seder with a box of matzohs and a can of tuna fish? Heartless!

The Goat’s attorneys argued that Federal prison provides Jews with Passover food: “The Federal Bureau of Prisons and most state prison systems in the United States offer a kosher diet option for Jewish prisoners who keep kosher. They typically do so by purchasing prepackaged shelf-stable or frozen kosher meals. During Passover, prepackaged kosher for Passover meals are served. These meals come double-sealed so prisoners or staff can warm them in any microwave or oven as long as the seal remains intact. Jewish prisoners can use disposable utensils and dinnerware. By providing double-sealed shelf-stable or frozen meals with disposable utensils and dishes, prison administrators do not have to spend extra resources maintaining a kosher for Passover kitchen, which would require kosher food, a separate kitchen, a separate set of cookware, and regular rabbinic supervision.” The Goat should have turned himself into the Feds and confessed to transporting Eli Mirlis across State lines to Pennsylvania, where the Goat raped Mirlis in a hotel room for 24 hours. The Goat would have ended up in Federal prison and would be able to properly observe Passover and eat kosher for Passover food.

Daniel Greer submitted a lengthy affidavit in support of his motion. The Goat wrote the following: “I am Jewish, my mother and father were Jewish, I was raised as an Orthodox Jew, and I was a practicing Orthodox Jew long before I became incarcerated. Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth, an eminent Orthodox Jewish rabbi and authority on Jewish law in Jerusalem, Israel until his passing in 2013, granted my rabbinic ordination in 1975, and I have been an Orthodox Jewish rabbi since then. In 1977, I founded the Yeshiva of New Haven, a primary school for Jewish children under Orthodox Jewish auspices. I am also a graduate of Princeton University and Yale Law School. I was born in 1940, and I am in poor health. I have continued to practice Orthodox Judaism to the best of my ability since becoming an inmate.I have tried to the best extent possible to follow kosher laws while incarcerated. As an ordained rabbi with decades of service, and having studied Talmud and related subjects under Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, a renowned Orthodox Jewish rabbi and Talmudist, I am very knowledgeable about the laws of Passover and kosher.” The Goat likes to drop names. The Goat failed to mention that Rabbi Neuwirth and Rabbi Soloveitchik never gave the Goat permission, a heter, to rape teenage boys.

Rabbi Goat tried to impress Judge Meyer in his affidavit with his vast knowledge of Jewish law: “From Passover eve through the end of the holiday, Jews may not consume or own leavened products. Ashkenazi Jews, such as myself, also refrain from eating kitniyot, which includes, but is not limited to, legumes, corn, and rice. Moreover, food made on equipment that processed leavened products is rendered non-kosher for Passover, even if it would otherwise be permissible. The Biblical punishment
for eating leavened products on Passover is kares, being cut off from the Jewish people.” The Goat failed to mention that sodomy is also punished by kares.

The Goat mentioned in his motion that he enlisted the help of the Aleph Institute, a Jewish prisoners advocacy non profit organization. I’m sure the Goat made a sizable donation to the Aleph Institute, while his victim Eli Mirlis remains unpaid. The Goat wrote: “I understand that the Aleph Institute can easily arrange for prepackaged kosher for Passover food and ceremonial dinner materials to be delivered to Cheshire Correctional in time for Passover 2020. The Aleph Institute is an Orthodox Jewish organization that, among other things, addresses the spiritual needs of Jewish inmates in correctional facilities throughout the country. I understand that Cheshire Correctional Food Services has refused to bring in outside prepackaged meals, despite my willingness to pay for them, citing supposed safety concerns. But these meals are prepared by reputable, well-known kosher food vendors under Orthodox rabbinical supervision and would be safe and would satisfy my religious dietary requirements for Passover. Moreover, these meals would be no different from every other prepackaged food made available to inmates in the commissary and could undergo the same safety precautions and checks, if any are applied.” You can read the Goat’s affidavit below:

The Goat attached an affidavit signed by Rabbi Katz of the Aleph Institute and an affidavit signed by Connecticut / Massachusetts Rabbi Deren in support of his motion. These Rabbis didn’t add much to the Goat’s motion. The Goat wanted to beef up his motion with affidavits from other Rabbis. Rabbi Deren explained that in order to make kosher for Passover food for the Goat, the prison “ovens must be cleaned, unused for 24 hours, and then heated to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Items with seams or cracks that trap food may need to be blowtorched. Utensils used to cook liquids with leavened products must be cleaned, left idle for 24 hours, placed in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds, and then rinsed in cold water. The utensils should be immersed one at a time, and the water must return to a boil between each immersion. The pot containing the boiling water should also be kosher for Passover. Some materials, such as ceramic, cannot be made kosher for Passover at all.” The Goat can no longer contact his buddies Rabbi Neuwirth or Rabbi Soloveitchik, as they are long deceased. The Goat must rely on Rabbis Katz and Deren. See affidavits of Rabbis Katz and Deren below:

Not many inmates sitting in State prison have the means to hire expensive lawyers to file Federal lawsuits against the State of Connecticut to get the State to accommodate their religious practices. Cheshire killer Steven Hayes filed a hand written lawsuit, without the help of any lawyer, against the State of Connecticut a few years ago seeking kosher food. Hayes, a goy, claimed he was an Orthodox Jew and that the rabbis supervising the kosher food in State prison were unreliable.  He complained that the prison food was “kosher like” and not authentically kosher.  His lawsuit was thrown out by Federal Judge Alvin Thompson. The State of Connecticut attached an affidavit of Prison Rabbi Schectman, a Reform rabbi, who stated that the kosher food served in prison complied with kosher dietary requirements.  Schectman stated that the only food missing from the kosher common fare menu was kosher meat, but fish was offered on the menu. Schectman stated that he consulted with Iman Hasan in preparing a special menu for Jewish and Muslim inmates. Judge Thompson ruled that the State didn’t have to provide Hayes with a special menu adhering to strict kosher requirements. Hayes didn’t request kosher for Passover food in his lawsuit. The Goat will make new law with his lawsuit.

The Goat should not be allowed to pay for special kosher for Passover meals until he pays Mirlis $20 million. Judge Meyer should DENY the Goat’s motion.

In an unrelated motion recently filed in the State Appellate Court the Goat argued that he should be released from prison because of the coronavirus. The Goat argued: “In light of current events, we would be remiss not to note the potential dangers of housing a nearly 80-year-old man amidst hundreds of other men in a prison setting. See “Elderly Prisoners in Connecticut Vulnerable to Potential Coronavirus Outbreak”, Hartford Courant, Mar. 11, 2020.” The Goat’s motion for early release because of the coronavirus should be DENIED by the Appellate Court.

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Sara Rosenberg He’s so frum.

Naomi Klein Omg

Naomi Max He’s still playing the God card, huh?

Sara Rosenberg idk I feel like the second you rape a child, the god card should be permanently and irrevocably removed from your deck.

Lawrence S. Dressler He is so convinced of his own superiority he must convince everyone around him that he is the Greatest Of All Time. He did this for years, convincing avi Hack, harold hack, etc… Even dr Jed Siev in his letter noted the goats brainpower. . In reality the goat was no rocket scientist. The goat will continue with his shtick until the day he dies. Part of the blame goes to the American meritocracy that heaps praise, honor and money on people who score highly on standardized tests, who are good at rote memorization and regurgitation, yet fail miserably in human relationships and emotional intelligence. The goat is an extreme case but he certainly reflects the arrogance and master race mentality that you find in the corporate board rooms, Silicon Valley, the legal and professions and the world of philanthropy.

Naomi Max not if you’re a RAGING narcissist like dan. He’d daven to Hashem and then give Him the finger.

Bennett Bergman Baaaaahhhh

Marshall Marcus He’s already transgressed so what’s another aveira like eating chometz? More important things for government to do in a pandemic than worry about Danny Greer getting Pesach food.1

Lawrence S. Dressler They promised him a box of matzah and cans of tuna fish. That’s not good enough for him?

Marshall Marcus it;s more than he deserves

Naomi Max he should be thankful if they refuse him matzah. He has stomach issues already.

Marty Rosen Take away the Tuna.

Jonathan Siegel He will probably win his lawsuit. Almost every judge who has heard such a case has ruled in favor of the prisoner. A Connecticut judge ruled against only because the petitioner had so botched his case that his affidavit didn’t include the cover page with his signature and the notary information, so the judge threw it out and then said he had failed to provide any evidence in favor of his position. I suspect this legal team won’t botch things like that. But that aside, he is legally entitled to this. Nor does what he has done make a difference.

Lawrence S. Dressler it may not seem as if the goat is asking for much, but you can expect the State of Connecticut to vigorously object on the grounds that the state’s policies and regulations provide for inmates’ religious needs, whatever is minimally required under the Constitution, and they are not required to provide anything more. As a practical matter the state doesn’t have the means, resources or motivation to review every request by every inmate and provide inmates with accommodations. If Greer is allowed to get his matzahs, the state will be flooded with requests for Easter eggs, X mas trees, shmaltz herring, Muslim prayer rugs, special prayer rooms… etc… FUHGETABOUT IT!


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