Greer Sues Larry Noodles for Defamation

Greer Sues Larry Noodles for Defamation

July 7, 2016

Last week State Marshal John Barbieri, Jr. paid a visit to infamous blogger Larry Noodles.  Barbieri was wearing a State Marshal uniform with a very large six pointed star with the words “STATE MARSHAL” written in the middle of the Star of David.   Larry Noodles has never met a State Marshal who sports such a large six pointed star on his shirt.  The Marshal may be trying to impress Rabbi Greer, hoping that Rabbi Greer will give him a tip if he wears a giant star of David. Or it is possible this Marshal also does work for Donald Trump.

When Larry Noodles was first released from prison it took awhile for him to get over his fear of law enforcement officers, having lived in close quarters with sadistic blueboyz for 18 months.  But Barbieri was pleasant enough.  Barbieri explained to Larry Noodles what the legal documents were all about, and some of the dates on the documents.  Larry Noodles didn’t tell Barbieri that he was a suspended attorney and  that he was thoroughly familiar with the legal documents.

Rabbi Greer’s lawsuit begins by stating, “the defendant published information on the internet under the name Larry Noodles.” Larry Noodles is honored that Rabbi Greer has recognized Larry Noodles as a legitimate hard hitting journalist and reporter.  Larry Noodles now shares company with such large media outlets as the New York Times and the Washington Post.  They get sued all the time for defamation.

The lawsuit alleges the following:  “on or about April 14, 2016, the defendant falsely reported that a claim of sexual molestation against Rabbi Greer recently settled in the millions of dollars and described said settlement as ‘hush money’… this allegation made by the defendant was false and the defendant made the allegation knowing it were false and made the allegation with the intention of causing harm and damage to the plaintiff’s reputation as well as his career… the defendant knew or should have known that the statement was damaging and false… as a result of the defendant’s actions the plaintiff’s reputation was harmed… the plaintiff suffered emotional pain and suffering…the plaintiff is charging general damages for the harm caused to his reputation and for the humiliation and mental suffering the libel and slanderous comments have and are continuing to cause him…”

What is most strange about this lawsuit is that Rabbi Greer does not claim that the allegations of sexual molestation made by Larry Noodles were false.  Rabbi Greer only alleges that the statement about hush money was false and defamatory.  The information about the hush money was provided to Larry Noodles by Rabbi Muroff, called “the most honest man in America” by the LA Times after he returned $100,000 in cash that he found in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist. Although recently a Boston cab driver named Buzzy MacCausland found $187,000 in cash in his cab, which he returned.  I wonder if Buzzy knows anything about Rabbi Greer.

Larry Noodles plans to vigorously defend this frivolous Greer lawsuit.  Larry Noodles is currently in the process of  forming the Larry Noodles Legal Defense Fund.  So far Larry Noodles has received a donation of one lokshen kugel.  All donations are tax deductible.  Donate your lokshen kugel now before the end of tax year 2016.

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