Greer Tells Followers He Will Rebuild the Compound

Greer Tells Followers He Will Rebuild the Compound

May 16, 2016

This past Shabbat Rabbi Greer told what remains of his struggling congregation of ten men and a few women, that he will rebuild his congregation.  He said now that the deadwood is gone, he can focus on making his congregation stronger than before, with the people who continue to support him.  Rabbi Greer blamed the blog of Larry Noodles for his troubles.  He said that Larry Noodles drove everyone away. He admonished his congregants to “shun” Larry Noodles. But Rabbi Greer did not mention anything about the elephant in the room, ie., the Federal lawsuit that accuses him of raping two boys.

Rabbi Greer told his congregation that because of Larry Noodles, a mentally disabled “child” lost a great opportunity to work for Rabbi Greer.  Prior to the filing of the Federal lawsuit, Rabbi Greer had offered a job to a mildly disabled young man, the son of the former science teacher at the school, known as “Doc 2.”    Larry Noodles wrote a blog that criticized Doc 2 for patronizing the Greer Nightmare on Elm Street.  (See blog below dated 5/3/16)  Larry Noodles admonished Doc 2 not to pimp his family out to Rabbi Greer.  This blog was written about the same time that news broke about the lawsuit.  After the blog and news of the lawsuit broke, Doc 2 quit his job as science teacher.  Doc 2 and his adult son never returned to the Greer Nightmare on Elm Street.  Larry Noodles does not know whether Doc 2 left because of the lawsuit or because of the blog. Rabbi Greer must believe that the Larry Noodles blog caused Doc 2 to leave the compound.

Before the lawsuit was filed, Rabbi Greer had offered this mildly disabled young man a job as his “personal assistant.” In his fire and brimstone Shabbat sermon, Rabbi Greer referred to this young man, who is in his mid-20s, as a “disabled child.”  But this man is not a child.  He is a fully grown, mature adult.  Why did Rabbi Greer refer to this young man as a “child”?  What was running through Rabbi Greer’s sick mind when he decided to offer this young man a job as his personal assistant?  If it is true that Doc 2 and his son left the compound because of this blog, then Larry Noodles should be credited for saving this young man from the clutches of a serial child rapist.

Rabbi Greer has been running out of gabbais (synagogue sextons) to run his daily prayer services.  His Royal Highness the High Exalted Rabbi Daniel Greer would never lower himself to pick up the phone and harass ten guys to appear at the Nightmare on Elm Street to attend his daily services.  Rabbi Greer needs an underling to handle such lowly tasks.  The last guy who was doing it, a Hasidic guy with a long beard and John Lennon glasses, quit after the lawsuit was filed. His replacement, a short stocky guy, hasn’t been too reliable.  This short, stocky guy reminds me of the character Otis in Superman II, the bumbling sidekick to the evil Lex Luther, who reminds me of Rabbi Greer.  Because Otis bumbled the job, Rabbi Greer’s wife has taken over.  It is highly unusual for a woman to have the position of gabbai in an Orthodox shul.  But Rabbi Greer’s loyal wife has been making the phone calls to gather in the daily minyan for prayer services.  Just as Hillary forgave Bill, Rebbetzen Greer has forgiven her husband. Someday Rebbetzin Greer may run for President.

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