Greer the Goat on the Ropes

Greer the Goat on the Ropes

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$21 million judgment liens were filed against the Goat’s residence on 133  West Park Avenue and on the Goat’s yeshiva building located on 765 Elm Street.  It is just a matter of time before Attorney Beatman starts foreclosure proceedings.  This depraved Goat will drag foreclosure proceedings til the very end, just like he did with civil case.  The Goat may offer some small amount of money in order to stop the foreclosure proceedings.  Beatman shouldn’t take a dime from the Goat.  Let the properties go to auction.  Let someone else buy the properties at the foreclosure sale and evict the Goat from New Haven. Nobody wants him here.

My informants advised me that nobody from New Haven showed up at the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street this past Shabbat.  The locals have all but abandoned the Goat.  There is only one holdout as far as I can tell.  Gary Lynes still honors this lowly creature. Gary’s claim to fame is a he co-wrote in 1957 called “Love Me Forever.”  This song hit 87 on the top 100 songs of 1957.  Gary claims that he still collects royalties on this song every time it is played on the radio.  I don’t plan on sending Gary any royalties if anyone plays his song off the link on this website.  Sue me.  The Goat already sued me for slander.  I have a court date on the Goat’s case against me scheduled for July 28th in the New Haven Superior Court.  Attorney William Ward filed this case against me on behalf of the Goat.  Attorney David Grudberg just filed an appearance in addition to Ward.  The Goat is paying two attorneys to sue me.  I filed a counterclaim suing the Goat for when he pushed me, raised his fist to me, and kicked me down the stairs of his building.

The Goat still has the Lakewood Reprobate Yeshiva led by Rabbi Notis housed in the Compound.  Notis is now on notice that the Yeshiva building is in danger of getting sold at auction.  Notis will have to find another building for these boys to hang out and smoke pot and drink alcohol.

One of the Goat’s workers just skipped town.  St. Paul worked for the Goat for the last 15 years.  St. Paul decided to call it quits and move back to Eastern Europe where he was born.  I got to speak with St. Paul before he left town.  He said the Goat once tried to seduce him in the same way that the Goat tried to seduce Mirlis and the other student I blogged about. The Goat’s modus operandi was a bottle of wine and a bag of nuts, placed on a table in a room in one of his rental buildings.  The Goat would then move in on his victim and try to kiss him.

St. Paul said he was not taken in by the Goat’s advances and rebuffed the Goat.  I am surprised the Goat didn’t fire St. Paul.   The Goat wasn’t just into children.  St. Paul was a fully grown adult.  The Goat continued his relationship with Avi Hack for 12 long years after Avi hit 16 years of age.

4 thoughts on “Greer the Goat on the Ropes

  1. Tell the judge they come before the Court with dirty hands (or hooves) being that they lied during the Goat’s trial that they had a non-existent restraining order against you.

    Completely off topic here but if I could ask being that you have blogged more than once that Otisville inmate Leo Teitelbaum Chubby-Chased & married the fat babysitter who was visiting him. Is she the ex-wife of the Rutherford NJ rabbi whose shul was Molotov cocktailed by a Muslim terrorist?

    Her name is Pessy. Do you recognize that name or any resemblance to the pictures when you scroll down this page?

    If you don’t recognize Pessy, I think Leo may have later dumped the babysitter for her.

    1. Pessy is not the babysitter, I don’t recognize her. The babysitter used to come with Lipa’s teenage daughter frequently, I think they used to pull up in a new Mini. PDA was not allowed in the visiting room, but Lipa somehow got away with it. He had plenty to grab.

      1. Leo was groping fat rolls in front of his own daughter? Did the crazy old father in law ever come up? He may be the only person having gone through the Mengele selections that is about as evil as Mengele himself. After Leo’s ex-wife was emotionally & mentally destroyed there was no one to care for the teenage girl you saw. Leo was a street urchin before gaining entry to Club Fed. It fell to her aunts & uncles to raise her. Although they are also dysfunctional it still was a bit better than Leo & the de facto vegetable.

        This is one of Leo’s ex-brother in laws. And you are lucky Larry’s ex Nadia managed to get the News to remove her picture. What a grotesque sight of a treacherous woman, ugly inside & out, who was gloating over the ring in front of the photog.

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