Greer the “Subject of an Ongoing Police Investigation”

Greer the “Subject of an Ongoing Police Investigation”

The guilty Greer is going to plead the Fifth Amendment at his upcoming civil trial in which Eli Mirlis is seeking monetary compensation for being raped as a teen.  The old Goat has not yet been charged with a crime by the State of Connecticut or by the Federal authorities.

The Goat transported minors across State lines in order to rape them.  The Goat took Mirlis to motels in Pennsylvania.  The Goat took minor Avi Hack to Provincetown, Rhode Island, for weekend getaways.  Taking minors across State lines in order to rape them is a Federal crime.  Raping minors at the Goat school in New Haven, Connecticut, is a State crime.

The Goat’s attorney filed a motion in Federal court the other day requesting that the Goat not be forced to take the witness stand in the civil trial by Mirlis.  A plaintiff always has the right to call the defendant as a witness during trial and ask questions.

The Goat doesn’t want to be called to the witness stand. The Goat says that if he is called to the witness stand he will assert his right under the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any questions.  The Goat has argued to the judge that it would be very embarrassing for the Goat to keep asserting the Fifth Amendment while he gets hammered with questions about decades of criminal behavior.

The Goat’s attorney indicated that the Goat may be the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation:  “Here, Daniel Greer has been accused of sexual abuse and misconduct that allegedly occurred when plaintiff was a student at a school with which Greer was affiliated. The sexual activity and contact alleged, even if consensual, is a felony in the state of Connecticut due to the relationship between the parties. See C.G.S. §§ 53a-71, 53a-73a. The plaintiff has testified that in addition to filing this civil suit, he has also discussed his allegations with the police authorities. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that any substantive question posed by plaintiff’s counsel at trial will relate to these allegations, which may be the subject of an ongoing police investigation.”


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