Greer Threatens Larry Noodles With Legal Action

Greer Threatens Larry Noodles With Legal Action


One week ago I reported that Rabbi Muroff, a rabbi who returned $100K in cash he found hidden in a desk he purchased on Craigs List, a man described as “the most honest man in America“, told me that Rabbi Greer molested Rabbi Avi Hack when he was a youngster, and that Rabbi Greer molested students at his Yeshiva, and had recently paid one of these students hush money in the “millions of dollars.”

Two days ago I received a threatening letter from an attorney hired by Rabbi Greer, a goyisha lawyer named William Ward, who hails from the Left Coast of Southern California, a place Rabbi Greer would never step foot.  Rabbi Greer’s politics are right to Attila the Hun.  On the bulletin board in the Greer shul you will find information about shul events and prayer times.  You will also find a prominant display of right wing newspaper editorials. Each week Rabbi Greer delivers sermons mixing his right wing politics with religion.  In a City where 35% of the population is African American, you would be hard pressed to find a single Black man renting in the vast Greer real estate empire. Rabbi Greer would rather let his apartments remain empty than rent to a Black man. You can only imagine what Rabbi Greer thinks of President Obama.  If you were refused a Greer apartment because of your race you can file a housing discrimination claim with the Connecticut Commission of Human Rights & Opportunities.

Greer’s attorney has demanded that I retract and apologize to Rabbi Greer.  I also got an egg thrown at my car. I suspect the egg was thrown by one of the Greers.  The Greers have chickens living in their garages.  I have asked the New Haven Police Department to conduct DNA testing of the egg shells on my car to determine whether the egg belonged to one of the Greer chickens.  The cops said they had more important things to do, like solving murders.  Aside from the threats of lawsuits and acts of violence coming from the Greer bunker located at 765 Elm Street, which locals describe as “the nightmare on Elm Street,” I also received messages from former Greer students.  Their comments were anything but supportive of Rabbi Greer.  Their words could best be described as “incendiary.”  Stay tuned…. more to come…. Don’t forget to BURN your chametz tomorrow morning!   Have a kosher Pesach….

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