Greer To Face Thousands of Dollars in Court Sanctions

Greer To Face Thousands of Dollars in Court Sanctions


Plaintiff Mirlis, who is suing child rapist Greer, sent the old goat’s attorney a list of questions to be answered under oath as part of the lawsuit.  The old goat did not feel comfortable answering a series of questions that asked him details about sexual relations he had with persons under the age of 18.

The old goat’s attorney sent an email to the Plaintiff’s attorney indicating that the old goat was not going to answer these questions on the grounds that the answers could cause the old goat to incriminate himself.  The old goat has the Fifth Amendment Constitutional right to refuse to answer questions that would cause him to incriminate himself.  See Page two of the motion where Greer hides behind the Fifth Amendment.

When Mirlis first filed the child rape lawsuit back in May, 2016, Greer’s attorney William Ward made the following statement to the press, ie., the New Haven Independent:  “It only takes a moment to make allegations with despicable indifference to the consequences of the damage they would cause to my client, his family, and his reputation that he spent a lifetime building in his community.”  The old goat is the one with despicable indifference who caused a lifetime of damage to innocent children and their families.

William Ward also said at the time,  “I would remind the public to ask for evidence before rushing to judgment, as my client is now burdened with the task of proving something did not happen 14 years ago, as alleged by Mr. Mirlis.”  If the old goat wanted to prove that he did not rape Mr. Mirlis 14 years ago he could start by simply denying the allegations.  He wouldn’t hide behind the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

Ward also said at the time:  “Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis would wait 14 years. Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis, well into his adulthood, repeatedly honored the man he now accuses. Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis, an Orthodox Jew, would not seek redress form a rabbinical arbitration court. Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis’s first stop was his lawyer’s office to seek money.”  The old goat should ask himself why after 20 years his two sons moved out of town after the rape case was filed.  The old goat should ask himself why the rest of his children, and his only brother, haven’t spoken to him for years.  The old goat should ask himself why he hasn’t offered Mirlis any money as fair and just compensation for losing his virginity to a disgusting old goat.

The attorney for Mirlis filed a request that the judge sanction the old goat in the amount of $5,525.00 as reimbursement for the Plaintiff’s attorneys fees.  The attorney for Mirlis stated: “Daniel Greer and his co-defendants will continue to make a mockery of the judicial process, will continue to thumb their noses at the plaintiff and this Court, and will continue to act as if the rules and the rule of law do not apply to them.”

Mirlis also stated in the motion:  “Rabbi Greer, his counsel, and his co-defendants refuse to abide by the rules.  They are willfully and intentionally doing everything they can to delay and interfere with the just and inexpensive resolution of this case. They are making a mockery of the judicial process. Sanctions must be imposed.”

Greer should also be sanctioned for refusing to answer my questions when I filmed him walking into Federal court.  The old goat completely ignored me as I asked him whether he had raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis.

Greer also ignored my questions about why he was evicting Yecheskel Shlinginbaum (spell check), the Undertaker, from the compound.  The Undertaker had been a loyal member of the Greer minyan for almost 30 years.  He also lived in one of the Greer rental units for almost 30 years.  Greer’s attorney Mr. Margolis recently served the Undertaker with a letter informing the Undertaker that he was no longer welcome in the compound and had to move out.  I heard Greer served another Jewish family with eviction papers.

The old goat was kicking the Undertaker out of the compound because the old goat thought that the Undertaker was disclosing secrets about the compound to Larry Noodles.  Talk about being paranoid.  Other than having knowledge of the location of dead bodies, what kind of information would the Undertaker possess about Greer raping children?

After Greer’s sons left the compound, the old goat claimed that they were part of the conspiracy to bring him down and take over the compound.  The old goat accused his own sons of the coup d’etat, initiated by Mirlis and Avi Hack.

I asked local Rabbi Katzenberg, who spent a number of years in the gulag saving Jews from Josef Stalin, if he could explain the paranoid mind of Daniel Greer.  This rabbi told me that Greer exhibited the same personality as dictator Stalin.  Stalin engaged in violent purges and oppression of his own people, whom he believed were all out to kill him.

Stalin’s personal doctor, Dr. Myasnikov, wrote in his memoirs:  “I contend that Stalin’s cruelty and paranoia, his fear of enemies, his losing the ability to soberly assess people and events, as well as his extreme stubbornness, were all in large part the result of the atherosclerosis of the arteries in his brain.  It is easy to imagine that in Stalin it caused him to lose the ability to distinguish between what was good and bad and who is a friend and who is an enemy.  At the same time, people’s personality traits become exaggerated: an angry person becomes evil, a slightly suspicious one painfully paranoid. This completely matches Stalin’s behavior in the last years of his life.”

The old goat is 75 years old.  He could be suffering from the same medical condition as Stalin.  Stalin died of a massive stroke when he was 74 years old.

Most guys with Greer’s wealth would retire and move to Miami Beach.  But dictators like Greer and Stalin never give up their power.  Fidel Castro just died at 90.  His dictatorship lasted longer than any other tyrant.

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