Greer Transferring Assets

Greer Transferring Assets

May 22, 2016

The New Haven Independent just reported that Greer owned non-profits raked in a staggering $900K in private contributions last year.  The suckers who donated all this cash to a child rapist are now looking for $900K in tax credits from the State of Connecticut. That’s almost double the amount of money in tax credits than Yale applied for!  The Greer non-profits also receive hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in government grants.  The Greer non-profits list William Gallagher on the Board of Directors, an attorney who was honored with a “Civil Achievement Award for Community Service” at the Greer 2008 fundraising dinner.  An attorney who recently stole $2 million from his clients.  Greer  and his wife earn about $150K a year in salaries from these non-profits.  Hopefully the Federal child rape case will stop this flow of money into the hands of this child molester, and encourage more victims to come forward and shut down his operation.

Rabbi Greer has recently been using his non-profits to hide his personal assets.  The Mirlis lawsuit names Rabbi Greer personally and the Greer school as defendants.  If Mirlis wins his lawsuit he can only collect from Rabbi Greer or the Greer school.  Mirlis will not be able to attach assets owed by the many Greer non-profits. Rabbi Greer must have seen the Mirlis lawsuit coming as far back as 2014. Rabbi Muroff, who taught at the Greer house of horrors, leaked news about the potential lawsuit well over a year ago.  Greer and Mirlis were probably engaged in private settlement negotiations over the last couple of years in order to avoid having to file a public lawsuit.

In 2014 the Greer gang transferred 559 Winthrop Street into a Greer controlled entity called “Lishmor, LLC.”  A few months later the Greer gang transferred 33-35 Pendleton Street into a Greer controlled entity called “Maya Wheel, LLC.”  Towards the end of 2014 Rabbi Greer unloaded his personal stake in 784 Elm Street for the sum of $95,000.00.  His interest was dumped into a Greer non-profit called ‘Edgewood Village Inc.’ In 2015 Maya Wheel, LLC signed a contract to purchase 54 Vernon Street, New Haven.

Why were Greer properties being placed in Maya Wheel LLC and Turning Wheel LLC?  These two entities were owned by Greer family members and one non-family member:  Rabbi Avi Hack.  Avi Hack is referenced in the Mirlis lawsuit as being another child molested by Rabbi Greer many years ago.  When Rabbi Greer put properties into entities owned by Avi Hack, was this hush money?

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