Greer Trying to Delay Child Rape Lawsuit

Greer Trying to Delay Child Rape Lawsuit

May 27, 2016  Federal Judge Michael P. Shea granted Attorney Ward’s Motion for Additional Time to respond to the child rape case.  Greer’s Attorney claimed in his motion that he needed additional time to “explore insurance coverage of the new defendants.”

Attorney Ward also filed documents notifying the court that he will be representing all of the non-profit entities, which list Greer and others as officers. Ward’s representation of the non-profit entities may not be for very long.  There is a conflict of interest for Attorney Ward to represent Rabbi Greer and represent the interests of the non-profit entities at the same time.  The non-profits will say Rabbi Greer is the sole culpable party and they had no knowledge that he was raping Mirlis in the buildings. They cannot be liable for whatever Greer did to Mirlis.   Ward cannot make claims against Greer on behalf of the non-profits and defend Greer at the same time.

The attorney for Mirlis will probably file a motion to disqualify Attorney Ward from representing both Greer and the non-profit entities.  If the insurance company agrees to defend the claim on behalf of the non-profit entities, the insurance company will hire insurance attorneys to represent the interests of the non-profits.  The insurance company wouldn’t hire Ward to continue to defend the non-profits.

It takes time for an insurance company to review and process a claim such as this and decide whether to accept the claim.  The insurance company will review the case and their policy, and determine whether they believe they have a duty to defend the non-profits.  Insurance companies usually do not have a problem paying for an attorney to defend, but they may balk at paying out on a verdict.  They usually issue a “reservation of rights” letter to the policy holder in which they assert that they do not believe they are liable to pay out on a claim based to the terms of the policy.  They “reserve their rights” to deny the claim, even though they are paying for the defense.  If they refuse to pay out on a verdict, Rabbi Greer could sue his insurance company and claim that his insurance policy requires the company to pay Mirlis.

If the insurance companies defend the non-profits and end up settling the case and paying Mirlis, it will be justice unserved.  Greer will still be a free man, free to molest other children. New Haven has a very high crime rate and Rabbi Greer would not be at the top of the police radar.  New Haven is safer than only 6% of all the cities in America.  New Haven is ranked on the top ten list of most violent small cities in America .

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