Greer Trying to Get His Homeowner’s Insurance to Pay for his Crimes

Greer Trying to Get His Homeowner’s Insurance to Pay for his Crimes

May 26, 2016

Rabbi Greer’s attorney just filed a “Motion for Extension of Time”.  Greer’s attorney is looking for more time to file a response to the child rape case.  Greer’s attorney needs to have a good reason as to why he is seeking an extension of the Federal Court deadlines.  Greer’s attorney provided the following reason:  He needs “additional time to explore insurance coverage of the new defendants.”  That means Greer is looking to have the insurance companies that insure his buildings pay for any claims made in this child rape case.

Greer is looking to “pass the buck.”  In most cases insurance companies only pay claims which involve negligent actions on the part of the policy holder.  Insurance companies do not insure policy holders for intentional acts, such as the sexual assault of minors.  Rabbi Greer could sue his insurance companies to pay the Mirlis claim on the grounds that the non-profit entities were not solely owned by Rabbi Greer.

Rabbi Greer’s non-profits listed a number of people who were named as officers, such as Rabbi Greer’s wife and Attorney William Gallagher, a now deceased attorney who stole almost two million dollars from clients.  Greer also lists a guy by the name of James D. McAdam as an officer.  Larry Noodles cannot find any information about James D. McAdam, other than there was a James D. McAdam from Branford who died on March 18, 2015. Greer lists New Haven architect Jay Brotman as an officer.  Rabbi Greer listed Prominent New York Rabbi J. David Bleich, an authority on Jewish law and ethics as a director.  Greer listed Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, a prominent Rabbi who led the Young Israel synagogue in New York City, now deceased, as a director.  Rabbi Greer listed Dr / Rabbi Hack Sr, the father of Rabbi Avi Hack, whom Rabbi Greer raped as a child, as a director.  Rabbi Greer also listed a local cowboy as an officer.  Not sure how this herdsman got involved with Greer.  Rabbi Greer does keep farm animals in his garage / barn.

None of the people named as directors or officers of the non-profits were ever accused of child rape, but as officers, they may have been negligent in the operation of the Greer non-profits, not taking enough steps to secure the buildings and prevent Rabbi Greer from raping children in the buildings.  In such a case the insurance companies for the non-profits would be liable to pay for the negligence of the non-profits.  The insurance companies could end up paying Mirlis a large sum of money in a settlement, with Greer getting off the hook.  This would allow Rabbi Greer to keep his beat up old car that has a bungee cord holding up the back bumper.

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