Greer Trying to Settle Child Rape Case

Greer Trying to Settle Child Rape Case

(July 19, 2016)  The attorneys for Rabbi Greer and Plaintiff Mirlis recently submitted a joint case report before Federal Judge Shea.   In the case report the attorneys “certified” that they desire to attempt to settle the case before “undertaking significant discovery and motion practice.” This means that they wish to get together with a Federal Judge and try to settle the case before they spend large sums of money taking depositions of witnesses and filing motions and legal briefs.  Does this mean that Rabbi Greer is going to offer money to Plaintiff Mirlis?  If Rabbi Greer offers to pay Mirlis would this not be an admission on the part of Rabbi Greer?  An admission that he raped Plaintiff Mirlis, along with raping Rabbi Avi Hack?

In the joint case report Rabbi Greer indicated to Judge Shea that he does not have a problem having the case submitted to “Alternative Dispute Resolution,” or ADR as it is called in court lingo.  This means Rabbi Greer would be willing to meet with an arbitrator or mediator for a significant amount of time with his attorney in an attempt to try to settle the case.  Is Rabbi Greer trying to portray himself as a reasonable guy looking to settle?  This would be in sharp contrast to the real Rabbi Greer. Rabbi Greer has the personality of a mad dictator.  Ask Yankee the Greer family pet goat.  Yankee was slaughtered and eaten by Rabbi Greer for the capital offense of head butting Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer was not willing to negotiate with Yankee.  Rabbi Greer now wants to negotiate with Plaintiff Mirlis?  I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the joint case report Plaintiff Mirlis stated that Rabbi Greer was the “President” of the Gan School and the Yeshiva of New Haven.  But Rabbi Greer refused to admit that he was “President.”  Rabbi Greer stated in the case report that he “lacked sufficient information” about his role at the two schools, as it “varied” during the times mentioned in the Plaintiff’s complaint.  Rabbi Greer micromanaged the two schools for well over 30 years.  And now Rabbi Greer has the chutzpah to claim that he lacks “sufficient information” about his role at the Nightmare on Elm Street?   His role was always “Supreme and Exalted Leader” “His Royal Highness” and now,  “Head Chomo In Charge”

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