Greer Trying to Use Avi Hack To Help Him Get Out of Jail

Greer Trying to Use Avi Hack To Help Him Get Out of Jail

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Convicted pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer is once again filing motions to get out of prison. Greer has about 10 more years to go on his 12 year prison sentence. Mr. Greer is hoping for a Chanukah miracle with the help of his victim Avi Hack, whom Greer groomed as a teenager for sexual molestation at age 16, which continued until Avi got married at age 28. Avi was hauled into Greer’s civil trial and testified on videotape, which was played before the jury. The jury awarded Greer’s victim Eli $15 million. Eli is still trying to collect on the judgment. The State’s Attorney tried hauling Avi into criminal court to testify against his former mentor and molester, but Avi avoided service of process, going so far as to run out of a classroom of children he was teaching when the marshal showed up at the public school where he teaches in Rhode Island. Avi figured this would be the last time he would ever hear from Mr. Greer. Avi was mistaken.

Mr. Greer has asked Judge Alander to conduct a new criminal trial on the grounds that Greer has newly discovered evidence to introduce at trial. Greer’s new evidence is Avi Hack. Greer has claimed that Avi Hack will appear in a new criminal trial and testify that Eli was not molested before he reached the age of consent, ie., 16. In his videotape deposition submitted in the civil trial Avi testified that he knew that Eli was being raped by Greer either at the end of Eli’s 10th grade or early in the 11th grade. The average tenth grader is either 15 or 16 years old. There is no way Avi can help Greer get out of jail if Avi wasn’t even clear when Eli was raped by Mr. Greer. The only way Avi could definitively say that Greer did not rape Eli back in the 10th grade is if Avi was Eli’s human shadow and followed Eli around 24/7 while Eli was in high school. Greer’s motion is dead on arrival.

Greer has been hauling Avi Hack into Rabbinical Court in order to pressure him to give statements that Greer can use in civil and criminal court. Avi went to great lengths to avoid getting served in the Connecticut civil and criminal courts, yet freely submitted to the jurisdiction of a Rabbinical Court in Monsey without a fight. Avi’s wife even protected Avi and told the process server she didn’t know the whereabouts of Avi when the process server showed up at her door. Avi Hack was hauled into the Kollel Harabonim Beit Din Rabbinical Court, as a defendant, by Daniel Greer. Mr. Greer claimed that Avi violated Jewish law by testifying against him in the secular court cases. Greer also claimed that Avi had a “cooperation agreement” with Eli in which Eli agreed not to sue Avi in exchange for Avi testifying against Greer. Somehow this cooperation agreement also violated Jewish law. The Rabbinical court is run by Rabbi Shmuel Judah Landesman and Rabbi Leibie Landsman out of Congregation B’Nei Yeruushalayim, 6 Elaine Place, Monsey / Spring Valley NY.

Greer has been counseled by Rabbi Yisrael Knopfler with regard to the Rabbinical court procedings. Rabbinical court proceedings are not open to the public. I don’t know all the details about the Rabbinical court procedings. Greer sued Avi in Rabbinical court in order to use Avi’s statements in Greer’s motions to reopen the civil and criminal cases. Avi is also a Rabbi. Some litigants completely ignore being summoned into Rabbinical Court. Rabbinical Courts don’t have much power. A Rabbinical court can ex-communicate a litigant, but even that is a joke. An order of ex-communication from a Rabbinical Court in Monsey will not be honored by Jewish sects that have nothing to do with the sect that issued the order. Orders of ex-communication are regularly issued against husbands who refuse to give their wives bills of divorce. It is not unusual for a defendant in a Rabbinical court case to have his friends form their own Rabbinical Court and issue orders of ex-communication against the other party. Rabbi Milton Balkany did this to a guy who hauled Milt into Rabbinical court and got an order of ex-communication. Balkany had his buddies form their own court and ex-communicate the guy who had Balkany ex-communicated. Rabbi Avi doesn’t want an order of ex-communication from a Rabbinical Court in Monsey, regardless of whether anyone will care in the Jewish community in Providence, Rhode Island, where Avi lives.

Because Avi avoided service of a subpoena in the criminal case against Daniel Greer, the State’s Attorney asked Judge Alander to permit the jury to see Avi’s videotape deposition from the civil trial. Judge Alander denied the State’s request. The State then asked Judge Alander to allow the jury to see a copy of the transcript of Avi’s deposition testimony. Judge Alander denied that request as well. The jury thus convicted Mr. Greer based solely on the testimony of the Eli, as well as the testimony of Rafi, who told the jury that Greer tried to molest him as well. Judge Alander’s rulings, looking in hindsight, were very beneficial to the State. Had Judge Alander allowed the State to introduce the videotape deposition of Avi Hack, Greer would have a stronger argument to reopen the case and bring Avi into court to testify in person. A conviction based on live testimony is appeal proof, unlike a conviction based on a videotape or a court transcript.

Rabbi Yisrael A. Knopfler has been helping Greer behind the scenes with the Rabbinical Court. Knopfler is also helping Lakewood Jewish news reporter Moshe Zeines, who was recently arrested and charged with showing obscene material to a minor. Moshe picked a fight with Lakewood real estate developers Chaim Gross and Moshe Tress over a development project. Moshe caused them to scale back their multi million dollar project. Gross and Tress responded by getting a 15 year old boy to set up Moshe. Moshe texted the boy pornographic materials. Tress and Gross then blackmailed Moshe. They demanded that Moshe divorce his wife, leave Lakewood and surrender his cell phone. Moshe gave them his cell phone with his password and divorced his wife which was facilitated by friends of Tress at the Beis Hava’ad Rabbinical Court. Moshe then contacted the Badatz Rabbinical Court, which is run by Rabbi Yirael A. Knopfler. Moshe summoned Tress and Gross into the Knopfler rabbinical court, claiming damages for the destruction of his marriage as well as damage due to the entrapment, blackmail, and eventual arrest. Tress and Gross went to the police and had Zeines arrested, but he was released a day later. Zeines has a strong entrapment defense. Chaim Gross is the principal of CSG Imports, located out of Lakewood NJ. CSG Imports was prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office in New Jersey and charged with hoarding and price gouging PPE items at the start of the pandemic. The US attorney seized 11 million items from Chaim’s warehouse in New Jersey, mostly N95 masks. KG Imports was also charged. I’m not sure who owns KG Imports. The charges were eventually dropped in 2020 after CSG and KG entered into deferred prosecution agreements with the US Government and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Nobody went to jail. In most cases the US Attorney only offers deferred prosecution agreements to major corporations and large banks. In this case CSG Imports was formed by Gross at the start of the pandemic for the sole purpose of profiting on the pandemic. Religious Jews in Lakewood seem to have taken the side of Zeines, see JNews link, with one commenter stating the following: “These developers are murderous Thugs who won’t stop at even murder to get rid of any in their way praise the one who kills and smashes them.”

The crime committed by Zeines occurred in May of 2019, yet Zeines was arrested over two years later on November 14, 2021. Its not clear what was going on between Zeines and these developers for two years. JNews was the only website that reported about Zeines being blackmailed by the developers. I verified the JNews information with a credible source. JNews is also a credible source, their website covers national and international news, as well as Jewish news in a number of major cities as well as news from Israel.

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3 thoughts on “Greer Trying to Use Avi Hack To Help Him Get Out of Jail

  1. Dude you really believe that this guy zienes was set up? What rock do you live under get a grip. You claim to put child molesters away well then stop saying lnn news is credible they aren’t. This guy is a real predator who you don’t want your kids alone with. I have first hand knowledge of his abuses Do some more research.
    Take that part of you article down. Your losing any credibility you might have had keeping this up. Nobody was setup and hopefully he sits in jail for his crimes amd is never allowed around children again.

    1. I am not defending Mr. Zeines, he would not have been arrested if the police didn’t think they had enough evidence to bring charges. The question will be whether the charges hold up in court. Its not clear what happened with regard to the circumstances that led to the arrest, if he goes to trial or if he enters into a plea agreement some of the facts will come out, depending on how much information the prosecutor and the defense attorney disclose at court proceedings. I can’t see why JNews would risk getting sued by the developers for defamation by posting that Zeines was set up by the developers, there must be some truth to it. I also heard that he was set up from a reliable source independent of JNews. I believe pedophiles should be set up for arrest, but the set up should be done in cooperation with the police department, so that the charges hold up in court.

  2. Follow up-edit I’m not talking about lnn newsthsy was a typo. I’m talking of your linked article to Jnews. They are not credible especially after that far fetched article.

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