Greer Unloads Real Estate for $90K

Greer Unloads Real Estate for $90K

(August 29, 2016)  A couple of months ago the Greer Family sold off one of their properties in their vast real estate empire in New Haven.  Greer is not a property flipper or wheeler dealer.  Greer likes to hold onto his properties for the long term.  He gets tax write offs on properties that are owned by his non profit entities.  He gets a steady stream of cash from his rentals from the State in the form of Section 8 vouchers.  And he gets to apply for all kinds of government grants to “improve” his neighborhood, and increase the value of his many properties.  The taxpayers have been subsidizing the Greer empire for years.  Mayor DiStefano has been a fan of the Greers for the last twenty years that he was mayor.  The new mayor Toni Harp is also in bed with the Greers.  Although Greer prefers to sleep with teenage boys, he makes an exception when it comes to sleezy politicians.

Greer transferred 559 Winthrop Avenue for the sum of $90K to a limited liability company.   The property was appraised at $70K by the City of New Haven Tax Assessor.  Greer made a good profit. He didn’t have a large mortgage on the property.  The property was owned by one of the many Greer entities, this one was called Lishmor, LLC.  Lishmor, LLC was not one of the entities that was sued by Greer rape victim Mirlis in his Federal lawsuit against Greer. Greer must need the money in order to fund his legal defense in the child rape case.  Even though Greer didn’t hire a big name lawyer, the legal bills can pile up.  Greer rape victim Avi Hack recently testified in the case.  After he testified he moved to Virginia, where he will be far from Greer.  He should have left for Virginia 20 years ago.  Why this poor man continued to work for psychopath Greer year after year is a mystery.

It has been reported that Greer had eight young guys in their late teens / early twenties, who stayed for several weeks at the compound over the summer in order to help Greer make his quorum of ten men for his daily prayers.  It is not clear what is going to happen to the Greer elementary school and boys high school.  There are rumors that a few kids may enroll in the elementary school, but the two boys who were in the high school are not coming back for the fall.  Greer has burned all his bridges in New Haven.  He is persona non-gratis.  His own children left Dodge many months ago.  Most of his friends left him.

Greer still has a few holdouts who continue to support him at the compound.  Every martyr has his disciples. Jim Jones had a significant following, before he convinced them to drink the cool aid.  Jones was a voracious reader and studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler and had an intense interest in religion, because he found making friends difficult.  Childhood acquaintances remembered Jones as being a “really weird kid” who was “obsessed with religion”  and “obsessed with death” and he frequently held funerals for small animals on his parents’ property and had stabbed a cat to death.  Jim Jones sounds a lot like Greer.  Greer’s personality  was much like the dictators whom Jones studied.  Greer was also obsessed with killing animals.  Just ask Yankee, the Greer family pet goat, whom Greer had killed because it head butted Greer.  And “Rabbi” Greer is also obsessed with religion.  Religion allows Greer to run a cloistered all boys Jewish Yeshiva whom Greer can victimize.

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