Greer Forces Mirlis to Look to Serve Hack With a Subpoena

Greer Forces Mirlis to Look to Serve Hack With a Subpoena

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The child molester named Greer has forced Mirlis to look for Avi Hack to serve him with a subpoena to compel Avi to appear in Federal Court on May 10 for the child rape trial.  Court documents indicate that a Federal marshal is currently looking for Avi Hack in order to serve Hack with a Federal subpoena.  The Goat won’t agree to allow Mirlis to introduce Avi’s videotaped deposition in lieu of his live testimony.  This has forced Mirlis to send out a marshal with a subpoena to drag Avi into court.

Attorney Ponvert, who represents Mirlis, has asked Judge Shea to exempt Hack from having to appear at the child rape trial.  Ponvert would rather have the jury watch Hack’s videotape deposition than force Hack to relive years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse perpetrated by madman Greer.

The madman named Greer tried to intimidate Hack during Hack’s videotaped deposition by having a marshal serve Hack with a State court lawsuit alleging blackmail and extortion.  This made up lawsuit was served on Hack in the middle of Hack’s deposition. The attorneys for Hack and Mirlis should have refused to let the Goat’s marshal into the building.  Let the marshal leave papers on Hack’s front door, as is normally done.  If Ward tried to complain to the Federal Judge about refusing to let his marshal into the building, it would be Ward who would end up getting sanctioned.  Ward never even ended up filing the lawsuit anyway.  The Goat, who is also a Connecticut licensed attorney, is teaching Ward every sleezy trick in the book.

During Hack’s deposition Ward asked Hack all kinds of questions that had nothing to do with the child rape case, in order to intimidate Avi.  Ward asked personal questions about Hack’s family.  Ward wanted to know their home addresses.  Ward even asked Hack whether he had sex with his own sister.  Hack’s sister is married to the Goat’s son. It is no wonder the Goat’s entire family left New Haven, and have refused to acknowledge that this goat is their father.

Hack Sr. is also on his way out of the compound.  I heard that he is in the process of purchasing a home in Waterbury.  The only people left in the compound are public defender Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw, actor Bruce Altman, Mark Roffman, music man Gary Lynes, and pediatrician Dr. Moshe Siev, who volunteered to be on the Goat’s witness list, along with the Goat’s wife Rebbetzin Ewe, also named on the Goat witness list.

3 thoughts on “Greer Forces Mirlis to Look to Serve Hack With a Subpoena

  1. since hack is a major source of support for mirlis’s accusations, i think he should be compelled to testify at the trial. hack’s deposition has many holes especially concerning his own role in facilitating and condoning the sexual abuse of mirlis and quite likely subsequent boys. i do not for a moment believe that hack did not know about the reporting laws. hack would have gone on and on and only turned because his hide was on the line.

    1. Even if Hack is just as guilty as Greer, Hack is not on trial, the judge will only allow the jury to hear evidence relevant to whether Greer raped Mirlis. Whether Hack condoned it, facilitated it, or failed to report it, may not be relevant to what Mirlis has to prove at trial.

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