Greer’s New Website Reviews an HP Laptop Computer & a Children’s Catholic Prayer Book

Greer’s New Website Reviews an HP Laptop Computer & a Children’s Catholic Prayer Book



Greer’s new listal website, has the old goat offering a review of an HP laptop computer and a children’s Catholic prayer book.  It is not clear who the old goat is using to create his website.  This person obviously knows nothing about the old goat.

The old goat never owned a laptop computer, or any computer for that matter, in the entire 75 goat years of his life.  The old goat never read a children’s Catholic prayer book, or any Catholic prayer book for that matter, in his entire life.

The old goat is still posting pictures of himself smiling in front of a fire truck.  There is a new grainy black and white picture of the old goat.  It looks like a picture of the old goat from the old country.

The old goat has always tried to create the persona that he is a holy rabbi from the old country.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Many years ago the old goat was a very modern, clean shaven young man living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  He grew his beard many years later.

Reliable sources from the old goat’s past have informed me that the old goat was a very sought after young bachelor after he graduated law school and was working for a law firm in New York City. The old goat never spoke about why he left this law firm after a very short period of time.  After the child rape case broke a woman by the name of Diana Mercer posted this comment about the old goat and the law firm where he worked:

“This man was 1 (of 3) bosses I had at my first law firm job. Those of you who’ve heard me talk about that experience will remember the firm I call “Shaft, Enema and Grief.” Daniel Greer was “Grief.” This article drove home the point that if things aren’t working out for you, maybe, just maybe, it’s not YOU. It is actually THEM. After 18 months I was given a poor performance review…for a job which had no job description, no mentorship, no direction, no helpful supervision of any kind. Daniel Greer was a total creep to me, urging me to do unethical things (which I reported to the senior partner), ripping me off, and having me spend my time on stuff like his friends’ bookkeeping. From what I could see, he rarely bathed, was rude to everyone…..referring to me as “haserai” and “traife” to my face (trash, basically), not knowing I understood. I left that firm feeling like I’d made a grievous error in going to law school. I thought I’d never be a good lawyer and that there was no way to become a good lawyer, and that I may as well give up. I blamed myself. In reality, the firm was just very poorly managed. No one was tasked with showing me how to be a lawyer…which is key because law school certainly doesn’t teach you how to become a lawyer. I was left to drift and then reprimanded when I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I left after that performance review and landed at a law firm which had great mentors and I became the lawyer I’d dreamed of being. No thanks to this creep. I’m glad I didn’t get literally sodomized by him and feel horrible for the young people who apparently did. He did nearly sodomize my career, though. I hope he gets what he deserves.”

After working for the New York law firm, the old goat went to work for the Lindsay Administration.  After a short period of time the old goat left the Lindsay Administration.  It is not clear why he left.  According to a reliable source from the old goat’s past, he was kicked out.

After the old goat was run out of New York, he moved to Israel.  A reliable source advised me that the old goat got a job managing hotels.  But the old goat knew nothing about managing hotels, so he was once again given the boot.

After getting kicked out of Israel the old goat set his eyes on New Haven. New Haven hasn’t been the same since this degenerate child molester arrived some thirty years ago.  My theory is the old goat chose the city of New Haven to start his small high school in order to attract boys, mostly boys with behavioral problems, from New York City.  These boys would be far from their parents.  They were under the complete control of this despicable man.

The old goat looks like a serious sicko child molester smiling in front of a fire truck in his website.  I copied and pasted some items from the Greer website:


A Private School
Each and every laptop has its own own Feature and Specification. But according to me HP is best Laptop.

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