Greer’s Pal Gallagher the Gonif Works With Greer Attorney to Defend Student Rapist

Greer’s Pal Gallagher the Gonif Works With Greer Attorney to Defend Student Rapist


Greer’s close pal and business partner Attorney William Gallagher was a crook, having died on Xmas Day 2013 leaving a million dollar hole in his clients’ trust accounts. Gallagher worked with Greer’s current attorney William Ward defending a guy by the name of Adam Benedict, a substitute teacher who was convicted of sexually assaulting a student at the Litchfield High School.

Ward has his office located on a country road in the rural farm town of Litchfield.  Ward normally defends guys accused of sexually assaulting farm animals. But farm animals do not make for good witnesses at trial.  Farm animals are hard for juries to understand.  The courts do not have anyone to translate.  Plus farm animals usually do not come across as sympathetic witnesses.  Ward usually wins those cases.

Ward defended substitute teacher Benedict in his criminal sexual assault trial and lost. Benedict had to go to jail.  Greer too should go to jail, but Greer’s case is civil, and Greer will only have to face monetary losses.  Greer is hoping Ward does a better job in his case than he did defending Benedict.

Ward worked with Greer pal William Gallagher defending Benedict.  Gallagher filed the appeal.  The case kicked around for almost ten years in the appellate courts.  The wheels of justice are very slow.  Eventually the conviction was upheld on appeal.

During the criminal trial of Benedict the prosecutor wanted to present evidence that Benedict’s screen name for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace was “Smooth Criminal.”  Ward objected to this evidence being shown to the jury. The prosecutor said it should be allowed in as character evidence, as Ward was trying to bring in Benedict’s pastor to attest to his good character.  The trial court allowed it in.  The Appellate court ruled that the trial court should have left it out.  The case was sent back to the lower court, appealed again and again, but eventually Benedict had to go to jail.

It will be interesting to see if Ward brings in any character witnesses to defend Greer at trial.  Greer has no friends left.  Greer’s family has abandoned him.  Ward may want to bring in Benedict’s pastor as Greer’s character witness.  Or Ward may want to bring in one of the Greer goats to attest to Greer’s good character, unless Greer raped them too.

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