Greers Support Embattled New Haven Police Chief

Greers Support Embattled New Haven Police Chief

(August 4, 2016)  The people of the City of New Haven are looking to put the Police Chief’s head on a stick.  He is a man out of control.  He was just sued by a police officer named Patricia Helliger.  Ms. Helliger is a 20 year decorated officer, and the first female African American who was promoted to Captain in the New Haven Police Department.  Helliger claims that Esserman was part of ongoing harassment directed against her by the Police Department.  In her lawsuit Helliger says that she was referred to as “Mrs. Butterworth.”  Helliger claims the Police Department subjected her to multiple Internal Affairs investigations, which all found nothing.

The Greer gang has supported Esserman even while the police union is calling for his head.  The Greer gang says that Esserman has done a great job as chief and he should be “thanked for all he has done for the city.”   The Greer gang said that Esserman “has control of the Police Department.”

One June 11, 2013 the Greers honored Esserman at their annual fundraising dinner at Berkley College at Yale.  Rabbi Greer gave a long, rambling speech at the dinner in which he referred to Esserman as “Police Chief Par Excellance.”    Larry Noodles was at this dinner and witnessed firsthand the rambings of  Rabbi Greer.  Larry Noodles recorded this speech on his cell phone camera.  Greer sounded drunk when he gave this speech.  Greer said Esserman, “delineates special altruism, achieving blue ribbon status, bears the batons of benevolence, guns for goodness for the jury of justice, squad cars of security, intelligence gathered from the beats of the past, dispensing handcuffs of harmony.”  Did Rabbi Greer dispense handcuffs of harmony when he forcibly held down children and sodomized them?

The local New Haven media rags have quoted Mayor Harp as saying her Top Cop has been suffering from “personal issues.”   And what are these “personal issues”?

Larry Noodles decided to conduct his own investigation and find the answer to this question.  The “personal issue” that the Top Cop suffers is the following:  On the date of June 3, 2016 the New Haven Superior Court Family Division issued a contempt citation for the Chief to appear in court for failure to pay his ex-wife $105,000.00 pursuant to a divorce settlement.  When Larry Noodles was sentenced to prison the prosecutors argued to Judge Hall: “Because attorneys are sworn to uphold the laws, and not flout them, anything less than a consequential prison term sentence would undermine the public’s confidence in attorneys.”  Isn’t the Chief of Police also sworn to uphold the law?

Why is the Mayor, a minority woman, defending a man who is trying to stiff his ex-wife, also a minority woman, out of $105,000.00?  Where are all the minority women’s rights groups when you need them?  Where are all the protests?  The contempt citation says that the Police Chief was supposed to appear in Family Court on the date of July 20, 2016 to answer this charge of contempt.  Larry Noodles could not tell from the Court file what happened on July 20th.  It is possible that the court date was rescheduled.  It is possible that the Chief paid the money.  Or it is possible that information from the file has been sealed to protect the Chief.

Larry Noodles is now concerned for his personal safety.  The last time an attorney reported about the personal failings of a New Haven Police Chief was Yale Sappern.  Yale Sappern was a New Haven Family Court law clerk back in the late 1990s.  It was rumored that Sappern released information to the press on then New Haven Police Chief Pastore, the man who started community policing in New Haven.  There was a sealed Family court file for a case in which Pastore was paying child support for a child he fathered out of wedlock with a prostitute. Not long after this information was released,  Sappern tragically died after he fell from the top of the eighth floor of the New Haven Court House.  The cops said it was suicide.  The locals know what really happened…  Larry Noodles is a hardened criminal and spent time in the Big House.  Larry Noodles will not be intimidated by child rapists like Greer, a Police Chief with a Bad Attitude or a Mayor who defends a man who treats minority women like dirt.

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