Greers Try to Thwart Criminal Investigation

Greers Try to Thwart Criminal Investigation

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New police chief Anthony Campbell was recently appointed in the City of New Haven.  A big gathering was held at City Hall yesterday to honor this man.  Guess who was there to curry favor with the new police chief?  None other than Ezi Greer, the son of the Goat, who is currently under police investigation for raping children.  During the civil trial Mirlis testified that Ezi Greer banged on the door of a double locked room where the Goat was raping Mirlis.

Campbell replaces the Goat’s buddy, former Police Chief Esserman, who resigned amid controversy.  His ex-wife filed contempt of court proceedings against him for failing to make good on a six figure divorce settlement agreement.  Esserman quickly settled his domestic dispute after Larry Noodles blogged about it.  Esserman has refused to ess lokshen since my blog posting.

None of the local rags would go near the Esserman story, including the New Haven Independent, which is run by veteran “investigative” reporter Paul Bass.  The hard hitting investigative reporting days have long passed for Paul Bass. Paul is now just a cheerleader for Mayor Harp, Esserman and the Goat.

Ezi Greer, loyal son of the Goat, left the compound after the Goat got sued for child rape in 2015.  Ezi pledged allegiance to the Republic of Waterbury.  His New Haven passport has expired.  Someone should report Ezi to ICE.  Ezi’s former New Haven residence is abandoned.  Nobody lives there.  I wonder if the Goat is paying the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and insurance.

Yesterday the New Haven Independent covered the swearing in ceremony of the new police chief.  One of Paul Bass’ underlings took the photo of Ezi Greer shaking the hands of the new police chief, and captioned the photo, “Policing activist Ezi Greer stopped by to offer his congrats.” Ezi Greer is referred to as a “Policing activist.”  Ezi is only a policing activist when it comes to catching criminals who do not have the name Greer.

Where was Paul Bass for this swearing in ceremony?  Why wasn’t Paul Bass there to hobnob with Ezi Greer?  Why has Paul Bass distanced himself from the Greer family?  Paul was the man who wrote the explosive article about the Goat’s crimes some twenty years ago.  Paul Bass is obviously embarrassed at having dropped the ball with the Goat.  Ezi and Dov Greer befriended Paul over the years.  Paul was blinded by this phony friendship. Larry Noodles has now picked up the ball that Paul dropped.

Larry Noodles will not sleep until the Goat is in handcuffs heading off to Brooklyn, CT, the correctional center where the State Department of Corrections houses sex offenders.  Or the Goat may end up in Niantic, where the State houses the alta kockers, ie., crotchety, fussy, ineffectual old men.  The Goat can start up a kosher kitchen in prison.  On his web site the Goat claims that in 1962, while he was at Yale Law School, he practically invented the Yale kosher kitchen.  The Goat boasts that he frequently ate there with his roommate Jerry Brown.  The Goat will never get Jerry Brown to visit him behind bars and eat in the Goat jailhouse kosher kitchen.

It is about time powerful guys from Yale get treated the same way as the local townies.  For many years the Yale educated Goat avoided jail time because of his many connections with powerful Yalies.  The Goat is no different than serial pedophile Sandusky, who got away with his crimes because of his connections with the powerful men at Penn State.

Former Goat comrade Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky is currently getting sued for stealing a million bucks.  Ed’s son Aaron Zelinsky is also a Yalie and a current assistant United States Attorney. If Ed and the Goat were just local townies like me, they would be picked up by the Feds in a New Haven minute.  The Feds would make grand public announcements about crackdowns on crime, and seek maximum prison sentences.  I should know, I ended up in jail while Yale educated Wall Street bankers with powerful Federal connections got away scot-free.

Former Police Chief Esserman, a buddy of the Goat and a Yale faculty member, avoided any consequences for contempt of court proceedings filed against him by his ex-wife for failing to make good on a six figure divorce settlement.  Esserman was able to resign with honors and land a lucrative job at a local college, ie., Quinnipiac University. The contempt of court proceedings didn’t even get published by the press.  Talk about connections.  Esserman recently got canned from his job at Quinnipiac after less than a year, and has no job prospects in sight. Esserman will have to ess the humble lokshen and work for the Larry Noodles blog.  There is always an opening for a former New Haven chief of police.

The new police chief Anthony Campbell is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Divinity School.   Campbell is listed as a member of the faculty at the Yale Divinity School.  Paul Bass is also a Yale graduate.

New Haven townies need to call Police Chief Anthony Campbell and tell him to throw the book at the Goat.  Townies need to tell Campbell that powerful Yalies should not be given a free pass while townies get hauled off to jail every day.  Townies need to tell Campbell that he should not be honoring Ezi Greer, a man who knew that his father raped children, and yet failed to do anything about it.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell
Contact Number: 203-946-6333


2 thoughts on “Greers Try to Thwart Criminal Investigation

  1. The Goat could also end up in a Federal prison (he would no doubt demand Otisville, comfy by prison standards) if the FBI looks into him forcing minors to hitch goat rides with him across State lines to be violated at Motels. Or is it Motor Inns? If the Special Agent doesn’t get that exactly right in his affadavit, the Goat will of course move to demand dismissal of the charges based on such a “crucial” misidentification.

    Have you heard by the way that one of the Goat spawn, Dov (which is Hebrew for the non-goat species bear), has landed a staff position at the Philadelphia Community Kollel? That kollel is also at the center of huge corruption scandal with sexual overtones. It involves a married woman who paid off some corrupt rabbis to let her marry a second husband without being divorced from the first. They are also trying to destroy the first husband who did nothing wrong & even she told everyone initially that he is a very kind man & was good to her. This kollel is one of the institutional actors in the scandal which is of enormous proportions since it creates Mamzer, something that destroys Jewish lineage. The corrupt rabbis behind this could be getting grunts or queues from the Goat being that like the Goat, they lie about everything, or at least when the leading rabbis around the world who are alarmed try to question them about it.

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