Greer’s Unsavory Business Partner Attorney William Gallagher

Greer’s Unsavory Business Partner Attorney William Gallagher


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(June 6, 2016)  Rabbi Greer has been seen working out of a building that is located across the street from the Greer compound.  Greer used to rent this building to the New Haven Police Department, which was used as a police substation.  The City of New Haven moved the substation out of the Greer building after rumors surfaced that Rabbi Greer was a molester of teenage boys.

The New Haven Independent reported that Rabbi Greer was very mad, and indignant, that the Police Department no longer wished to rent from a child molester.  Rabbi Greer lashed out at the local community board that made the decision not to rent from Greer.  At the community board meeting Greer bellowed:  “The problem here is that Whalley Avenue Special Services District has been co-opted by two major slumlords… They’re piranhas. And they’re bottom-feeding on the neighborhood. You’re rewarding them!”  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

It was reported by the New Haven Independent that one of Greer’s non-profit entities, that is named as a defendant in the child rape case, moved into the Greer building that was vacated by the Police Department:  “Current landlord Greer said that he needs to move a new tenant into the first-floor substation space. The tenant is Edgewood Elm Housing, a not-for-profit housing group started by the Greer family in 1989 to restore neighborhood properties.”  Rabbi Greer is now “renting” this building to his non-profits.

It has been reported to Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer has two secretaries.  He has one secretary who works at his school, and another secretary who works at the old police substation.  Rabbi Greer spends some time in the school and then goes to the substation building to do charitable work on behalf of his many non-profits.

It appears that Rabbi Greer is the only person who works for the non-profit entities.  The people named as directors and officers of the non-profit entities are the following: Rabbi Greer’s wife, Attorney William Gallagher, James D. McAdam, architect Jay Brotman, New York Rabbi J. David Bleich, Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, Dr / Rabbi Hack Sr, the father of Rabbi Avi Hack, and a local cowboy.  Rabbi Greer’s wife was only on the board in order to insure Greer had a majority of votes.  Gallagher, McAdam and Rabbi Gettinger are deceased.  Dr. Hack no longer speaks with Rabbi Greer.  The famous Rabbi Bleich wouldn’t be seen with a child molester rabbi.  None of Larry Noodles’ sources have reported ever seeing Jay Brotman or the Cowboy enter the police substation to conduct business with Rabbi Greer.

Rabbi Greer’s former partner at Edgewood Elm Housing was attorney William Gallagher.  After Gallagher died three years ago his estate was liquidated to pay off his creditors.  It was discovered that Gallagher had been robbing clients for years, to the amount of a million dollars.  The Gallagher law office, which was located a few blocks from the Greer compound was recently foreclosed.  It is being listed with realtor Levy Maretz & Miller for $575,000.00.  The bank did not do a good job cleaning out the place.  Gallagher’s garbage was thrown all over the street.

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