Greer’s Unsavory Law Practice

Greer’s Unsavory Law Practice

(May 5, 2016)

I spoke with two old time attorneys who knew Rabbi Greer when he practiced law in New Haven for many years.  They said he had a reputation as being unethical and sleezy.  But before I get to that, here is a Facebook posting from an attorney who used to work for Rabbi Greer in his law practice:  Diana Mercer writes of Rabbi Greer: “This man was 1 of 3 bosses I had at my first law firm job. Those of you who’ve heard me talk about that experience will remember the firm I call ‘Shaft, Enema and Grief.’ Daniel Greer was ‘Grief.’  After 18 months I was given a poor performance review for a job which had no job description, no mentorship, no direction, no helpful supervision of any kind. Daniel Greer was a total creep to me, urging me to do unethical things (which I reported to the senior partner), ripping me off, and having me spend my time on stuff like his friends’ bookkeeping. From what I could see, he rarely bathed, was rude to everyone…..referring to me as ‘haserai’  and ‘traife’ to my face (trash, basically), not knowing I understood. I left that firm feeling like I’d made a grievous error in going to law school….”

I spoke with an older Milford closing attorney who told me that he saw Rabbi Daniel Greer submit a forged affidavit on the land records.  He said after that he completely avoided Rabbi Greer.  I spoke with another old timer litigator who knew Rabbi Greer when Rabbi Greer first moved to New Haven and opened up a law practice.  He said Rabbi Greer asked him how he could engage in “judge shopping” and other unethical practices, which Rabbi Greer said were routinely done in New York.  This lawyer also said that this was the first and last time he would speak to Rabbi Greer.

For many years Rabbi Greer was very close to a prominent New Haven attorney named William Gallagher.  Gallagher had an office a few blocks from the Greer compound on Ella Grasso Boulevard.  Gallagher helped Greer with his lucrative non-profit operations that avoided paying property taxes on his many rental units that Greer owned in New Haven.  Gallagher died on Christmas Day 2013.  After his death it was revealed that Gallagher was a criminal, having stole close to two million dollars from clients.

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