Greer’s Yedidei Hagan Inc. Worth Over a Million Bucks

Greer’s Yedidei Hagan Inc. Worth Over a Million Bucks


Daniel Greer formed Yedidei Hagan Inc in 1984.  Daniel Greer is listed as president, treasurer & director.  Sarah Greer is listed as secretary & director.  Mark Roffman is listed as Director.  Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, deceased, is listed as Director.  The stated purpose of Yedidei Hagan is to “support an educational institution and provide low income housing.”

Yedidei Hagan supported Greer’s now defunct elementary school and yeshiva.  Yedidei Hagan purports to offer “low income housing.”  The rents in the Greer compound are not listed at below market rental rates.  Just because Greer owned properties in a low income area allowed him to set up a non-profit that provides “low income housing.”  It also allowed him to avoid paying high New Haven property taxes.

Yedidei Hagan is Hebrew for “friends of Ha-Gan” or “Friends of the Gan.”  The Gan was the name Greer gave his now defunct elementary school.  Gan means garden in Hebrew.  Daniel Greer was the sly, degenerate, treacherous, slimy serpent who slithered the halls of the Gan school, exploiting his position of trust in order to prey on young boys.


Daniel Greer also formed a non-profit called F.O.H., Inc.   F.O.H. is short for “Friends of Hagan.”  Greer purchased properties in the name of FOH, Inc. and in the name of Friends of Hagan, Inc.  But there is no corporation named Friends of Hagan, Inc. registered with the Secretary of State. Why did this slimy serpent purchase properties under the fictitious name of Friends of Hagan, Inc., and not put them under the real name “F.O.H. Inc.?  And why did this slimy serpent create three separate entities, all with the same name, all doing the same thing?

According to 2013 Yedidei Hagan tax returns,  Yedidei Hagan received $12K in cash donations from Edgewood Corners, Inc., $163K from Edgewood Village, and $118K from F.O.H., Inc.  What kind of shell game is this degenerate serpent playing with the IRS?

Yedidei Hagan took in $295K in donations from the serpent’s other non-profits.  Yedidei Hagan raked in $160K in rental income.  Yedidei Hagan donated most of this money to the Yeshiva of New Haven.  Whatever was left over went to pay costs of maintaining the rental properties, such as taxes, insurance, legal fees, accounting, utilities, etc…  Yedidei Hagan did not receive a dime in donations from anyone other than non-profits owned by the slimy serpent.  At the end of 2013 Yedidei Hagan reported a loss of $6K.  The slimy, slithering serpent has been playing games with the IRS for years, and getting away with it.

Yedidei Hagan lists its real estate as having a value of $947K.  If you add up the value of all of Yedidei Hagan’s properties as appraised by the City of New Haven, ie., 196 Norton St., 792 Elm St., 786 Elm St., 781 Elm St., 787 -789 Elm St., & 826 Elm St., you will come up with the grand total of 1,148,000.00.  Greer thus under reported the value of Yedidei Hagan’s properties to the IRS by the amount of $200K.  Plus the serpent took a Trump sized half million dollar depreciation deduction to further reduce his tax liability, which is minimal anyway because he is a non-profit.

Yedidei Hagan paid about $20K in New Haven property taxes on real estate that was valued at over a million bucks.  If the snake were not a non-profit, he would have paid almost double that.

Mark Roffman and Rabbi Gettinger are listed at directors at Yedidei Hagan, Inc.  Rabbi Gettinger passed away before the child rape case was filed.  People at the compound are saying it was a good thing that Rabbi Gettinger checked out of the physical world before the snake was exposed.  Rabbi Gettinger probably didn’t even know that his name was on the paperwork.  But Director Mark Roffman still supports this degenerate, treacherous, slimy, slithering snake.

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