Greer’s Yeshiva Building Ordered Transferred On Feb 1

Greer’s Yeshiva Building Ordered Transferred On Feb 1

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The Roger Sherman school building located at 765 Elm Street, that Mr. Greer purchased from the City of New Haven almost 40 years ago for a dollar will be transferred to the victim of Mr. Greer’s criminal activity on the date of February 1, 2022. The “law date” set for Mr. Greer is January 31, 2022, which is the date Greer has the right to pay the $20 million civil judgment and redeem his school building, which used to host an elementary school, a girl’s high school and a boys high school. If Greer does not come up with $20 million in cash by midnight of January 31st, the title to the building will automatically pass to the victim, who will be free to sell the property. Judge John Cirello signed the order setting the law date for January 31st. Greer has yet to file an appeal of that order, which could possibly delay the transfer, although it would be highly unusual for the Appellate Court to overturn a law date in a foreclosure case.

In other Greer news, financial records were submitted in the victim’s case looking to pierce the corporate veil of Greer’s non profits to reach the assets of those non profits to pay the $20 million judgment entered against Mr. Greer. The Yeshiva of New Haven was named as a defendant, and owns the school building, so the victim was able to foreclose against that property directly. The other non profits, that own 40 rental buildings, were never sued in the original case, the non profits were sued after the $20 million verdict entered against Mr. Greer and the Yeshiva of New Haven. That case is still pending. Recent court filings in the pierce corporate veil case indicate that Yedei Hagan collected $156,232 in rental income, Edgewood Village collected $683,996.00 in rental income, FOH collected $433,003.00 in rental income, and Edgewood Corners collected $53,444.00 in rental income, which adds up to $1,326,675.00 in annual rental income on 40 properties. Greer has no mortgages on these properties. Greer gets a reduced property tax rate from the City of New Haven because they are non profits. Greer puts very little money into repairs and upkeep. Greer has a secretary who deposits the rental checks. What does Mr. Greer do with $1.3 million each year that he collects in rental income? Greer’s non profits donate substantial monies to the Yeshiva of New Haven, which uses that money to pay Rebbetzin Greer’s salary. The Federal Court ordered that the Yeshiva of New Haven stop paying “Rabbi” Greer’s salary after he was incarcerated. Mr. Greer was recently transferred from his jail cell in Cheshire to a jail cell at the MacDougall Walker Correctional Facility in Suffield, CT. I do not know the reason he was transferred to Suffield. Mrs. Greer continues to teach at the Yeshiva of New Haven. Mrs. Greer claims that her duties for the Yeshiva are currently limited to teaching sporadic classes, both at the Yeshiva and remotely, and hosting occasional Shabbat dinners. Mrs. Greer is paid a salary of $62,359.20 and receives monthly retirement contributions of $4,585.00. Mr. Greer also uses his rental income to pay his attorneys. Greer paid the law firm of Carmody Torrance $54,847.81 from 2019-2020. Greer paid the Law Office of Richard Emanuel $22,000.00 over the same period of time. These law firms defended Greer in his criminal child molestation case. Willie Dow was the lead attorney defending Greer, but Greer did not disclose how much he paid Dow. Greer is trying to get most of his records of monies paid to his attorneys sealed from public view. The Federal Court has yet to rule on Greer’s motion to seal.

In other bizarre Greer news, coming out of Lakewood, NJ, a local Orthodox Jewish news reporter who moonlights as an elementary school crossing guard, known as Moshe Zeines, was recently arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, showing obscene material to a person under 18 to arouse himself and endangering a child by exhibiting a photo of a sexual act. Moshe got in a big fight with Lakewood real estate developers Chaim Gross and Moshe Tress over a development project that Moshe was against. Moshe criticized Gross and Tress on line, which caused them to scale back their multi million dollar project. Gross and Tress responded by getting a 15 year old boy to text Moshe with a proposal for intimacy. Moshe responded to the boy by texting the boy pornographic materials. Tress and Gross then blackmailed Moshe. They demanded that Moshe divorce his wife, leave Lakewood and surrender his cell phone. Moshe did 2 out of three. Moshe gave them his cell phone with his password and divorced his wife which was facilitated by friends of Tress at the Beis Hava’ad Rabbinical. The quickie divorce was done within 48 hours for less than $800. Moshe then contacted the Badatz Rabbinical Court, which is run by Rabbi Yirael A. Knopfler. Knopfler is the same rabbi who tried to intervene in the Greer criminal case and get Greer released from prison. Moshe filed a lawsuit against Tress and Gross in the Knopfler rabbinical court, claiming damages for the destruction of his marriage as well as damage due to the entrapment, blackmail, and eventual arrest. Tress and Gross went to the police after Zeines filed his lawsuit with the Knopfler court. The Lakewood police arrested Zeines, but he was released a day later. It sounds like a case from the tv show “To Catch a Predator.” Underfunded Police Departments may wish to employ volunteer citizens to help them solve crimes and take pedophiles off the streets. The problem with the Zeines prosecution is that the police were never involved with the initial sting operation, unlike the cops in the TV show “To Catch A Predator.” Zeines will claim entrapment as a defense against what is in effect a citizens arrest, but it doesn’t matter, even if the charges get dropped Zeines’ life is ruined. Chaim Gross is the principal of CSG Imports, located out of Lakewood NJ. CSG Imports was prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office in New Jersey and charged with hoarding and price gouging PPE items at the start of the pandemic. The US attorney seized 11 million items from Chaim’s warehouse in New Jersey, mostly N95 masks. KG Imports was also charged. I’m not sure who owns KG Imports. The charges were eventually dropped in 2020 after CSG and KG entered into deferred prosecution agreements with the US Government and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Nobody went to jail. In most cases the US Attorney only offers deferred prosecution agreements to major corporations and large banks. In this case CSG Imports was formed by Gross at the start of the pandemic for the sole purpose of profiting on the pandemic. Religious Jews in Lakewood seem to have taken the side of Zeines, see JNews link, with one commenter stating the following: “These developers are murderous Thugs who won’t stop at even murder to get rid of any in their way praise the one who kills and smashes them.”

Moshe Zeines

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  1. Please keep the articles coming. Its nearly impossible to find this information anywhere else. Fight the good fight.

  2. Definitely sounds like the developers wanted to get rid of Zeines and set him up. Question is how they knew he would fall for it, or maybe they just took a shot.

    1. They must have hired investigators to follow him around, hack into his cell phone / computer, I’m sure they were not just going in with a hunch

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