Greer’s Yeshiva Currently Offering “Limited Teaching Programs”

Greer’s Yeshiva Currently Offering “Limited Teaching Programs”

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On April 8th, 2021 Daniel Greer turned himself in to the Department of Corrections after his motions to stay out of jail were denied by Judge Alander, who had sentenced him to 12 years in jail. Judge Alander let him out for a couple of months so that Greer could get the COVID vaccine. Greer wanted to stay out even after he got his vaccine, but Judge Alander denied his last minute request.

Daniel Greer’s high priced lawyers at Day Pitney recently submitted an affidavit in Federal Court, which Greer signed on the date of April 7th, 2021, the day before he turned himself in to prison, in which Greer attested to the following: “The Yeshiva’s status as a top-tier learning institution is evident I believe, at least in part, from the success of my own five children, all of whom attended the Yeshiva. Four of my children attended Yale University while my youngest son outlier attended Brown University. My children’s educational success through the Yeshiva was by no means unique. Despite Covid-19, the Yeshiva continues to offer limited teaching programs.” See affidavit, below:

Greer’s reference to his youngest son, the “outlier” is Ezi Greer, who is known as “Rabbi Greer” in Waterbury. Ezi moved to Waterbury after the Federal civil lawsuit was filed against his father back in 2016. Ezi’s father in law, Harold Hack, joined Ezi in Waterbury not long after Ezi moved. Harold Hack’s son Avi Hack moved to Providence, RI. Dov Greer also moved out of town when his father got sued. Greer boasts in his affidavit, “In 1971 I married Sara Bergman, a Jewish day school teacher and we have five children and thirty grandchildren.” Greer failed to mention that his daughters left New Haven as soon as they got their drivers’ licenses and that none of his children or grandchildren ever visit him or his wife Sarah.

Greer’s affidavit contains a history of the different important people who served on the boards of Greer’s Yeshiva and other non profits over the years. Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger served on the Board for many years. Gettinger comes from a Rabbinical dynasty and ran the Young Israel of the Upper West Side. Rabbi Amos Bunim was on the board for some years. Amos was the son of Irving Bunim, a wealthy donor to Orthodox Jewish causes who was close with Rabbi Aharon Kotler of Lakewood, while Amos founded Orthodox Jewish schools. Rabbi J. David Bleich is a current board member at one of Greer’s non profits. Bleich teaches at Yeshiva University where he is considered an expert in Jewish ethics, while he also has served as Rabbi of the Yorkville Synagogue for over 45 years. Mordechai Biser, legal counsel to Agudas Israel, was on Greer’s board some years ago. Dr. Norman Fertel was on Greer’s board back in the 1980s. I never heard of Fertel. Attorney William Gallagher, who used to be a prominent member of the Connecticut bar, was also on Greer’s boards. After Gallagher passed away a few years ago clients discovered that he had stolen almost a million dollars from their accounts. Former New Haven Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, pictured with Greer above, is currently on a board, and has been on Greer’s boards for years. Richard L’Ecuyer, whoever that is, was on Greer’s boards for some years back in the early 2000s. Prominent New Haven architect Jay Brotman was on Greer’s board up until two years ago. Mark Roffman was also on Greer’s board. Mark is not a Rabbi or famous, as far as I know. Greer’s lawyers at Day Pitney mention in their legal memo that Connecticut Judge Matthew Frechette used to be on Greer’s board some years ago. The Greer was friendly with attorney Roger Frechette, the father of Matthew, some years ago, as Roger used to involved in New Haven politics. The Greer used to boast that Roger Frechette purchased his chametz on Passover. Greer’s lawyers failed to mention that the Frechettes stopped talking to Greer many years ago. Greer’s new accountant, ie., Matthew Reinecke, also submitted an affidavit in support of Greer’s motion to dismiss the civil complaint filed by Greer’s rape victim against Greer’s non-profits. Reinecke is a recently added board member to Greer’s non profits.

Greer’s affidavit also disclosed that Sarah Greer earns $62K a year, while Greer earns $88K in yearly salaries. I’m not sure how Greer is able to collect a salary when he is locked up in prison.


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4 thoughts on “Greer’s Yeshiva Currently Offering “Limited Teaching Programs”

  1. I’ve never understood how the Greer and Hack kids got into Yale. None of them was especially outstanding or accomplished in any way – either before or after college. What kind of arrangement did Greer have with Yale? Something shady definitely went on there.

    1. back in the 1980s and 1990s the admission rate at Yale was over 20% at one point, with 12K students applying for 2,500 spots. The most recent class, the class of 2025, accepted at Yale had 46,900 applicants vying for 2,169 spots, a 4.6% acceptance rate. Yale sets aside spaces for “legacies”, ie., students who have parent or parents who graduated from Yale. These legacies usually have lower GPAs and SATs than the average Yale accepted student. Daniel Greer graduated from Yale so his kids would be entitled to special consideration in admissions. I have seen many cases of multiple children in an Orthodox family get accepted to Yale because they had a parent or parents who graduated from Yale. Legacy set asides have been criticized as a way Yale keeps the Asian / minority population down by rejecting high scoring applicants from China, or as a way to reduce the amount of minority students in the class pool, as every spot is valuable, and its a zero sum game, when you let in a Greer you displace another student, Yale has its own secret algorithm as to who gets in and who doesn’t. A student from China with high scores doesn’t have the same birthright as an American student who by sheer luck was a Yale offspring. Most legacies are going to be products of Yalies who graduated many years ago when Yale was mostly White wealthy men. I believe Harold Hack or his wife got a degree at Yale in one of the graduate schools, which doesn’t really carry much weight, as the grad schools are much easier to get into than the undergrad. 2 Hack kids got into Yale and Greer’s three daughters and son Dov got in. Yale may have set aside a certain number of spots for Orthodox Jews at the time, who knows. I know that the Orthodox student body at Yale is small compared with Harvard, and the Orthodox students have been known to reach out to day schools to try to attract Orthodox students to Yale. Yale also sets aside a certain number of spots for New Haven residents. Greer’s aggressive in your face personality may have played a factor, as he was involved with Yale in setting up the kosher kitchen and hosted fundraisers at Yale buildings. Greer was also heavily involved in New Haven politics and close with Mayor DiStefano for many years. My son was in the Greer day care at the same time Avi was at Yale. I occasionally gave Avi a ride to the campus. He was very quiet and secretive. Little did I know he was being raped by Greer at the time. I asked him if he had plans to move out of town after he graduated, as he didn’t fit in at Yale, he wore the yeshiva uniform at Yale, white shirts and black pants, tzitzis, and giant black velvet yarmulke. He put a big grin on his face and said he was planning on staying in New Haven after he graduated, he liked it so much. I also remember Dov at the time, who was also a Yale student. I remember Dov was constantly harassed by his father in the yeshiva building. His father screamed his name constantly, and yelled at him all the time, it was scary, I felt really bad for Dov, as he had a twitch and he always looked nervous and frightened. I can only assume he was also raped by his father. At one point Dov left new haven and settled in lakewood, but then he came back and never left, which was also bizarre. sometimes victims of child molestation end up becoming abusers themselves. I don’t know if Dov abused his children, but I remember the Greer and Hack grandchildren were not normal kids, they were not exposed to anyone other than their cousins and their parents were very strict. Greer constantly put them on his lap and had them go into his private office where he closed the door. They were socially awkward to say the least.

  2. Who did the greer girls marry and where are they living? And Dov is back in the hood? Who did he marry?

    1. EG married a wealthy Russian hedge fund guy and lives in NY I believe. BG married her first cousin and lives in Lakewood, CG is still single. Dov Greer lives in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, he married a Tiefenbrunn girl many years ago.

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