Guilty Greer Creates Website, Blog & Facebook Page

Guilty Greer Creates Website, Blog & Facebook Page

When asked whether he he had sexual relations with boys under the age of 18, rather than answer the question with a simple yes or no, the Greer declined to answer the question on the grounds that his answer could cause him to incriminate himself.  The Guilty Greer invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the Federal child rape case.

Within the last few weeks the Guilty Greer has tried to salvage his reputation as a degenerate child molester and career criminal.  The Guilty Greer has created a website, blog and Facebook page touting some of the “good deeds” he has performed over the years.

The Guilty Greer did not hire an expensive web designer to design his website and blog.  Nor did he use such popular web platforms as WordPress, GoDaddy, Weebly or Squarespace.  The Guilty miser of a Greer used an unknown free website builder from China, called Strikingly, to launch his presence on the world wide web. This is the link to his website and blog.  This is the link to Greer’s Facebook page.  Greer has no friends.  What a surprise.

The Guilty Greer is not the one who built his website.  The Guilty Greer doesn’t own a cellphone, let alone a computer.  The Guilty Greer must have hired one of his gremlins to download pictures, create links and type content.  This Gremlin created a website and blog that is so bad it looks like it was put together by one of the Greer’s goats.

For many years the old goat never allowed anyone to take his picture.  Yet the website contains a number of pictures of the old goat posing for the camera.  But most of the pictures were taken at a recent New Haven fireman union rally protesting the closing of a firehouse in the compound.  I blogged about Greer making a speech at the rally a few weeks ago.  Greer had one of the Gremlins take pictures of him at this rally so that the photos could be used in the Guilty Greer website.

Below  is a picture of the old goat in front of a fire engine.  Notice the big smile on his face.  The old goat never allowed anyone to photograph him, and here he is smiling for the camera.  He would not smile for me when I tried to take his picture in front of Federal court.


Next to this picture the blog says: “In the 1980’s, Rabbi Daniel Greer of the Yeshiva at New Haven had the Yeshiva and its affiliate non-profits apply for a grant from the City of New Haven for infrastructure development.”  That’s all that is written.

Another picture has the old goat at the rally talking with the fireman:


Next to this picture the Gremlin wrote:  “More than two decades ago, Rabbi Daniel Greer of the Yeshiva at New Haven.”  What does this sentence even mean?

Another picture has Greer posing with the fireman and a young man in red:


Next to this picture is written:  “When he realized that the City of New Haven had put aside finances to help infrastructure development in the City of New Haven.”  Is this a complete sentence?  And who is the young man in red?  Once again, the old goat never allowed anyone to take his picture, and here he is posing for the camera.

My favorite picture on the Guilty Greer blog is this one with the old goat watering a tree with a bucket:


Next to this picture it reads:  “Rabbi Daniel Greer is a resourceful man who, about two decades ago, figured out how to ensure a tree planting exercise was not held back by the absence of plentiful rainfall.”  What is this all about?  This picture was not taken 20 years ago.  This picture was taken a few weeks ago to be used for the Guilty Greer blog.

Further on in the blog, Greer’s Gremlin wrote:  “Rabbi Greer has spearheaded tree-planting initiatives, aided in part by a grant from the City of New Haven. And while the grant enabled the rabbi to source local landscapers, planting labor and tree seedlings, he has gone the extra mile to ensure the trees are watered on a daily basis.”  The old goat is proud that the City of New Haven paid him to go around the city and water trees with a bucket.

The Guilty Greer blog quotes the words of the goniff William Gallagher, Greer’s partner who stole $2 million dollars from his client’s trust accounts:  “‘Without him, this neighborhood probably would have gone to hell,’ a resident by the name of William Gallagher is quoted in a September 2000 article in the New Haven Register on the Rabbi’s work in the community.”   Greer would never publicly utter the words, “gone to hell.”  Greer’s Gremlins are making a mockery of the old goat’s website.

The Guilty Greer Blog continues:  “Raised in New York City, Greer moved to New Haven in the 1970s, and what he found was an unsafe city. Drug dealers showed no fear of law enforcement, and residents – including the Orthodox Jewish congregation – were routinely harassed while going about their daily business. In Greer’s mind, all this had to stop.”   What “had to stop” was Greer’s harassment and molestation of young boys.

The blog goes on to talk about how Greer secured grant money to plant trees.  He got money to plant trees, and he got money to water the trees that he planted:  “He had in mind the purpose to plant trees in the Edgewood Park neighborhood. The grant was successful, and Rabbi Greer set about selecting the right landscapers and the type of trees to plant.”  The old goat billed the City thousands of dollars for the time he spent deciding what type of trees he should plant in the City of New Haven.

Here is another picture of the old goat watering a tree.  This picture was not taken two decades ago.  In the background is the old goat’s minivan that he purchased two years ago:


The Guilty Greer has a link on his blog to a really weird one minute new age sounding song.  The name of the song is “I Love You.”  The caption of the song says:  “If you say ‘I love you’ to someone over and over will it lose its meaning?”  The old goat never loved anyone in his life.  He used and abused people on a regular basis, and the word “love” did not exist in his goat vocabulary.

Here is a picture of the old goat filling up his bucket with water:


This picture was also taken a month or so ago.

Here is a cute little picture the Greer Gremlin posted on the Guilty Greer blog:


How appropriate.  Nothing is going right for the Guilty Greer.  Its time for Greer to go left, past go, and right to jail, where he belongs.


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