Hack Power Play at the Compound

Hack Power Play at the Compound

Mirlis was raped by the goat in 2004 and 2005.  He told Avi Hack about it.  Avi Hack was running the goat’s school at the time.  Avi didn’t report the rape of Mirlis to anyone.  At the time Mirlis was being raped Avi was having a homosexual relationship with the goat.

Fast forward to year 2011.  In 2011 Avi Hack formed the “New Haven Torah Center” with his father Harold Hack named as agent for service.  Avi was named President, Secretary and Treasurer of this new non profit entity.  Nobody else was listed on this organization.

A web site for the New Haven Torah Center was created in 2011.  You can still access this web site.  I am not sure who is still running the website, but you can log on and donate money if you want.  The website contains many pictures of Hack family members, Greer family members and little Gracks (offspring of the royal Greer – Hack marraige).

There is not one picture of the disgusting goat named Greer.  The goat remains conspicuously absent from the many photographs.  The goat is completely out of the picture.  Yet my face appears in one of the many pictures. I am in the red shirt. Why would the New Haven Torah Center post a picture of the dreaded Larry Noodles on it’s website and not include a picture of the old goat?  I guess Avi Hack didn’t want to break the camera.

This is what is written on the home page of the New Haven Torah Center:

“WELCOME TO NEW HAVEN TORAH CENTER A serious and inspiring davening, an embracing atmosphere and a wealth of events and learning opportunities make this our community’s Torah resource. Whether you are just passing through, visiting the area, or part of the community, we invite you to join us at the New Haven Torah Center.  New Haven is a lively and warm frum community. A beautiful Mikvah, approved by Rav Hillel David, shlita, as well as an eruv are among the many amenities. Schools and shuls abound and kosher food, including cholov Yisroel, is readily available. Only ninety minutes from Monsey or Manhattan and two hours from Brooklyn, New Haven is the out-of-town community just next door. For short term visitors, in addition to the area hotels, the shul maintains a beautiful two-bedroom hachnosas orchim apartment.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Shul.”

The New Haven Torah Center website has a list of community resources such as the mikvah.  The mikvah is listed as supervised by Rabbi Hillel David.  Rabbi David is the same rabbi Avi Hack turned to for advice a few years later when Mirlis threatened his lawsuit.  The lawyers in the Mirlis rape case have tried to get Avi to disclose what he discussed with Hillel David.  Avi Hack objected and claimed he consulted the rabbi as a parishioner and that all communications were confidential.

Reliable sources informed me that in 2011, Mirlis started to frequently visit the compound.  He would spend much time in the home of Ezi Greer, the son of the goat.

I recall in 2011 when the Yeshiva of New Haven changed its name to the New Haven Torah Center.  At the time I had no reason to check who registered and formed the New Haven Torah Center.  I assumed it was a name change initiated by the goat.  I figured the goat was trying to expand his operation beyond just a yeshiva, as his yeshiva never had more than a handful of teenage boy victims in any given year.  I had no idea that Avi Hack and his father Harold formed the New Haven Torah Center, and that they had completely shut out the goat.

Did Avi Hack form the New Haven Torah Center in order to wage a hostile take over?  Was this a power play? Did Avi and his father threaten the goat with a child molestation lawsuit if the goat did not heed Avi’s demands?

Was it just a coincidence that Mirlis started to show up at the compound in 2011, which was the same time that Avi formed the New Haven Torah Center?  Reliable sources informed me that Avi started to assert himself more at the compound in 2011, and acted like he was in control, and not the goat.

The goat claimed in his lawsuit, which was never filed, that Avi and Mirlis tried to blackmail him in the year 2015.  The goat claimed that Avi and Mirlis tried to take over the Yeshiva of New Haven.  The goat never mentioned the New Haven Torah Center in his lawsuit.  But in paragraph 4f of his complaint, the goat claimed that Avi tried to force the goat to “quitclaim any and all interest in the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc. to another company controlled by Aviad Hack.”  Was this other company the New Haven Torah Center?

Mirlis may have come to town in 2011 because he heard that Avi was threatening to sue the goat.  Mirlis came to town in order to discuss filing his own lawsuit with Avi against the goat.  There may have been other former students who were interested in filing a lawsuit.  A class action lawsuit against the goat.

But Avi wasn’t interested in suing the goat.  Avi, along with Avi’s father Harold and the two sons of the goat, wanted the goat to turn over the keys to the compound. The lawsuit was a bluff.  All blackmailers are bluffers. I have to give the goat credit for calling their bluff.

A few years later, around 2014, Avi and his gang realized that the goat was not going to turn over the keys to the compound.  The blackmail didn’t work. Surprise, surprise.  These guys are not very good at extortion.

When the extortion didn’t work, Avi started to look for another job.  Avi was getting ready to relocate to Baltimore. Avi eventually changed course and ended up in Rhode Island.  But Avi left Mirlis hanging.  Avi may have left other former students who wanted to sue the goat hanging as well.

Mirlis didn’t care about taking over the compound.  Mirlis hired a very reputable personal injury attorney.  Attorney Ponvert explained to Mirlis that he was entitled to just compensation for what he suffered.  There was no shame in filing a lawsuit against the goat.

Avi never hired an attorney. Avi was bluffing. The only thing Avi did was consult with Rabbi Hillel David for “spiritual advice” as he claimed.  Avi was under a tremendous amount of stress at this point.  He needed all the spiritual help he could get.

Mirlis told Avi that he was going ahead with the lawsuit alone, without Avi.  Mirlis told Avi that Avi would also be sued, as Avi was the principal of the school at the time the rapes occurred.  Avi was shocked.  This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go down.

Avi scrambled. Avi begged Mirlis not to file the lawsuit.  Avi enlisted the help of Rabbi Muroff.  Muroff didn’t know what to do.  Muroff consulted with Torah Umesorah.  Torah Umesorah told the goat to shut down the school.  The goat shut down the school for a day and then reopened it.   Avi met with the goat.  Avi begged the goat to settle.  In response, the goat kicked, spit, hissed and head butted Avi.  After all those childhood and adult years serving as the goat’s male prostitute, this is how Avi gets treated?

Avi saw he wasn’t getting anywhere.  Avi called in the rest of his gang, consisting of Harold Hack and the goat’s two sons, for a high level meeting.  The blind leading the blind.  This meeting happened just before Pesach of this year.  At the conclusion of the meeting the gang passed a resolution.  All gang members were on their own.  Every man for himself.  Everyone in the gang skipped town and scattered.  Except for Avi’s father Harold Hack.  He remained in New Haven.  He wanted to skip town but his wife wouldn’t let him.  He now has to sit in the corner every night as punishment.

Mirlis filed the lawsuit.  The rest is history.  This is my theory.  Just a theory.  I could be wrong.

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      1. yes.

        More significantly, in reviewing the image from the December 28 blog post, his head looks like a penis there also.

        Is this a pattern anyone else noticed at the time? Possibly my extensive medical training prepared me to make these incisive, and to me, obvious observations.

        Moshiach NOW!

  1. She gave up three years of her life to go back to school and get her Masters in Special Edticuaon so that she could become a better mom and teacher.

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