Harold Hack Leaving the Compound

Harold Hack Leaving the Compound

Local realtor Nancy Peniston of Betty Grauer Real Estate has recently listed Harold Hack’s house located at 42 Hobart Street for sale for $289,000.00.  You can view pictures of the house on the Betty Grauer web site listing.  The house is not worth $289K.  Hack would be lucky to get $230K. The pictures of the inside of the house are very detailed.  You can even see a copy of Harold’s 1971 Cornell yearbook.  Every man in the compound had to have an Ivy League degree.

What is missing from the pictures of the Hack house is the collection of  miniature boat models Harold constructed.  Harold also constructed a miniature model of his house at 42 Hobart.  He had a party to celebrate the construction of this miniature house.  I don’t recall whether the Goat was at this party.  The Goat never participated in an event in which he was not the center of attention.  The model house was also missing from the pictures.  Nancy Peniston must have deemed these miniature models unhelpful in selling the Hack house.  She probably thought they were too old fashioned.  She is looking for a young hipster to move into the compound. Harold must have been highly insulted when Nancy told him to hide his collection of models.

Harold and his wife purchased their house on July 11, 1977 for $37K.  They have lived in this house for 40 years.  He put down $7,400.00 and took out a mortgage for $29,600.00.   And now he wants to sell?

Harold Hack is not telling anyone why he is leaving the compound or where he is going.  He has children living in New Jersey and in Rhode Island.  He and the Goat were never big fans of Lakewood, NJ.  The Goat never fit in with other religious Jewish groups.  The Goat wanted to create his own cult of Judaism, strict in every way except when it came to child molestation and sodomy.

Harold may end up in Rhode Island.  His son Avi lives in Rhode Island.  Harold has a daughter who also lives in Rhode Island.  At this point Harold’s wife is probably calling all the shots.  After the Mirlis rape case broke one year ago, Harold’s wife was devastated. Harold Hack wasn’t shaken in the least when he heard that his son was raped by the Goat.  It was as if he knew all along.  The Goat’s wife, Sarah, also wasn’t fazed when she was told of the child rape lawsuit. It was business as usual.  You can observe her today going about her business smiling and chatting to people at the local grocery store Edge of the Hood.  She even chatted it up with my son, who used to work behind the cash register at the Walgreens pharmacy in the compound.  The Goat claimed credit for forcing Walgreens to knock down their run down building and construct a fancy new building.  She smiled and chatted with the son of Larry Noodles, who at the same time was blogging about her husband the Goat.  I wonder if the Goat would have approved.

I don’t think Harold’s wife knew about the Goat or the many secrets of the compound.  When Harold and his wife came to New Haven 40 years ago they didn’t know anything about the Goat.  Harold, along with many others, befriended the Goat. But most friends of the Goat did not last long.  The Zelinskys left the Goat many years ago.  Many others abruptly yanked their kids out of the Goat school, in the middle of the school year, never to return.

Harold stayed at the compound, even while his son was getting raped by the Goat.  One of Harold’s daughters married the Goat’s son Ezi.  Ezi and Harold’s daughter had a number of Greer – Hack children, who were called “Gracks.”  Harold’s other children left the compound as soon as they became adults.  The Goat’s children, other than Ezi and Dov, all left the compound as soon as they got their driver’s licenses.  Dov even abruptly left the compound for a year or so at one point.  He came back, hoping that he would some day take over the compound from his father the Goat.  Ezi and Dov left New Haven after the Mirlis child rape lawsuit was filed.

Harold’s wife was kept in the dark for years.  She was too busy raising the children.  She trusted that her husband would make the right decisions for the family.  He failed miserably.  He was one of the last to stop going to the Goat shul.  He sat within 10 feet of the Goat in the Goat shul.  When he finally left the shul he told his friends that he left because “his attorney advised him to leave.”  His attorney told him to leave the Goat synagogue.  His wife told him to get out of Goatville.




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  1. By Harold. Remember when you complained about the high school dorm on Hobart to the City. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it.

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