Harold Hack Sells His New Haven Home to Rev. Williams

Harold Hack Sells His New Haven Home to Rev. Williams

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One week ago Harold Hack sold his home in the compound for $265K to Reverend Joshua Williams.  Rev. Williams is a chaplain at Yale University.  Rev Williams is married to a court clerk who works for Federal Judge Victor Bolden.  Victor Bolden used to be the corporation counsel for the City of New Haven. Bolden let off a former Federal prosecutor who stole $600 K from his client with a 30 day prison sentence.

The Goat got Harold Hack a job working for the City of New Haven.  Harold worked for the City for many years, until he retired with a generous pension.  All thanks to the Goat.

Reverend Williams haggled the Hack down from Hack’s asking price, which was close to $300K.  It was a significant drop in price.  Hack must have dropped the price in order to cut ties to the compound as quickly as possible.

The Goat helped out many people in the compound.  Yale University is one of the most competitive universities in the country.  Yale strives for geographic diversity.  Since the year 2008 Connecticut residents have only made up about 5% of the Yale incoming freshman class.  The graduate schools are just as competitive.

Yet Yale accepted a large percentage of kids from the compound.  Two Greer kids, two Hacks, no less than 3 Zelinsky kids, and 2 Siev kids all got into Yale.   There may be more out there that I am unaware. Elisha Hack was part of the infamous dead on arrive Yale Five case that put the Goat on the national map. How did Dov Greer, Batsheva Greer, Avi Hack, Elisha Hack, Nathan Zelinsky, Josh Zelinsky, Aaron Zelinsky, Jedediah Siev, and Joanna Siev Rogers all get into the most competitive university in the United States?  Other than Josh Zelinsky, it certainly wasn’t their innate intelligence that got them in.  Did the Goat have a paw on a homosexual lover who worked out of the admissions office?

One Zelinsky kid went to the Yale Law school and ended up clerking at the United States Supreme Court for Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy.  The Goat used to brag that if Jerry Brown were elected President then the Goat would be appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

Aaron Zelinsky has been working for the Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney since 2014, about the time I got sentenced to jail.  At that time I was on good terms with the Goat.  The Goat should have contacted Zelinsky to put in a good word for me to spare me a 20 month prison in a case where I netted a few thousand bucks in attorneys fees and didn’t steal a dime from anyone.

Instead, the Goat referred me to the Head of the Connecticut Innocence Project Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw, and her husband actor Mr. Robot.  They claimed to have a good relationship with my sentencing judge.  No wonder I got one of the highest sentences in my conspiracy.  I should have been a hedge fund scammer and made off with $46 million.  My sentencing judge gave Fairfield County resident and hedge fund scammer David Bryson 33 months.  I would have gladly spent another 13 months in the clink if I could have walked away with $46 million.

When Aaron Zelinsky was at Yale Law School he produced a law firm commercial in which he claimed to be a partner in the law firm of Zellinsky and Mills.  He was not yet a member of the Connecticut bar, yet he claimed to represent clients in such legal matters as “headaches, gas farting, bloating, decreased appetite, decreased sexual appetite, loose stool, dry mouth and habeas corpus.”  Throughout his commercial he tells viewers to call “1-800- SWEET – ASS – JUSTICE”  I tried to call that number and it connected me to the Goat’s personal phone line.  I didn’t want to get raped by the Goat so I hung up.

3 thoughts on “Harold Hack Sells His New Haven Home to Rev. Williams

  1. Did any of the Zelinsky or Siev kids stay past elementary school? I don’t think they did. In which case, it seems pretty absurd to imagine Greer had anything to do with where they got in to college, law school, etc. Don’t give the goat credit for things he didn’t and couldn’t do.

    1. I don’t think they stayed past elementary school, but the Goat was a partner with Ed Zelinsky for years, and Ed was a spokesman for the school. The Ewe was a partner in real estate with Doris Zelinsky for many years. The only witness the Goat disclosed from the compound, other than his Ewe and his secretary, was Dr. Moshe Siev. Siev ended up ditching the goat and didn’t show up to Court. Yale has always been known as the gay ivy: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/to-be-gay-at-yale-20011011
      I think the Goat had some connections with high powered gays at Yale and may have helped these kids.

      1. Thanks, but with all due respect for your efforts to expose the dirtbag goat, that is a huge stretch and not how universities work. The scenario is almost absurd: Zelinsky and Siev putting up the goat (years after their kids left the compound) to contact people in the administration at Yale, on the basis of their sexual orientation (which has nothing to do with child rape, by the way), and those people pressuring the admissions office to accept Zelinsky and Siev kids, all because the goat “had some connections with high powered gays”? Don’t mix nonsense with your accurate information and coverage; it makes it hard to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, and your blog has done a good job with some of the basic facts about the goat.

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