Hartford Child Rape Case Similar to Greer Case Settles For $1 Million

Hartford Child Rape Case Similar to Greer Case Settles For $1 Million


It was reported today that the Archdiocese of Hartford settled a child rape case for close to a million bucks.  The attorney who represented the plaintiff who was repeatedly raped by Reverend Ed as a teenager stated the following:  “We settled this matter without a single deposition, which saved our client the extreme emotional distress and burden that would have come with being deposed and reliving his painful experiences, we are not celebrating this outcome because when you represent a victim of childhood sexual abuse, there are no true victories, by bringing this case the plaintiff wanted to show other abuse survivors that they do not have to keep their own victimizations secret.”

According to the lawsuit, Rev Ed caused the teenage boy to suffer “panic attacks, extreme anxiety, depression, nightmares, loss of his religious faith, difficulty with human relationships and intimacy, and poor school performance.”  Sounds a lot like the Greer case.

The Plaintiff in the Rev Ed case was able to keep his name out of public view.  The case was filed under the name “John Doe.”  The plaintiff in the Greer case chose not to hide his name.  Or he may have been unable to hide his name.  Hopefully plaintiff Mirlis will give others the courage to come forward and report Greer’s criminal activity.  A crime spree that went on for decades and continues to this day, with Greer paying teenage boys to sleep over at the compound every weekend.

The parties involved in the Rev. Ed lawsuit settled without subjecting the victim to the extreme emotional distress at having to relive his experiences with Rev Ed during a deposition.  Unlike the Greer case.  Greer is subjecting his victims to the overly aggressive tactics of his attorney, with threats and intimidation.  Greer’s attorney arranged to have a marshal show up at the deposition of rape victim Avi Hack and serve him with an extortion lawsuit.  But he was bluffing.  The attorney never ended up filing the lawsuit.  The child rape case is just a one big sick game for Greer and his attorney.

In other news, the dean of the Yale Law School has decided to resign.  Over the summer I posted about how child rapist Greer had arranged to have his annual fundraiser at the Yale Law School.  After my posting, the annual fundraiser was moved to the Betts Mansion, a haunted house that was a location proposed to film the Addams Family movie.  And now the dean of the Yale Law School, who may have had a role in allowing a child rapist conduct a fundraiser at the Yale law school, has called it quits.  Is this just a coincidence?




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  1. Great article. The Archdiocese has deep pockets and can just pay out that kind of money to make things like this go away silently in the night. Hopefully in this case they won’t relent and take every penny from that old miser who couldn’t even give his kids a house to live in and had them live in cramped apartments. Imagine all that money and all that real estate and you don’t make sure your kids have a house to live in.



    The old man doesn’t live in an apartment:


    So all you jerks who are supporting the minyan of a rasha gamur, ask why such a wealthy man would cram his kids and their families into apartments while he lives in a large house and why his kids fled New Haven,

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