Hassan Nemazee Breaks Out of Federal Prison

Hassan Nemazee Breaks Out of Federal Prison

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Hassan Nemazee with Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia, and former Chair of Democratic National Committee, co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign & chairman of Hillary’s 2008 Presidential campaign

Hassan Nemazee filed a request for early release from the Bureau of Prisons back in late 2018 under the First Step Act, prison reform legislation recently signed by Donald Trump. The BOP sat on his request for many months. Hassan then filed a motion for early release in January of 2019 asking Judge Stein of the Second Circuit to order the BOP to release him. The Feds strongly objected. Hearings were held. Legal briefs were filed. As Nemazee watched his lawyers and Department of Injustice lawyers argue and bicker in Federal Court legendary Jewish inmate Mshulum Jacobowitz walked out of front door of the A-1 lobby at Otisville under the same provision of the First Step Act that the Feds were fighting Nemazee. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman argued to Judge Stein: “There is no merit to Nemazee’s urging the Court to intervene immediately.”

On March 12th I wrote a blistering blog lambasting the Office of Injustice for stonewalling 69 year old Hassan Nemazee’s request for early release to home confinement. I wrote: The Feds have vigorously objected to Nemazee’s request to spend the remainder of his sentence on home confinement. The Feds would rather waste your tax dollars keeping an old man locked up, waste your tax dollars paying the salary of assistant US Attorneys, who are churning out memorandums and objections, and waste your tax dollars with lengthy court hearings staffed by clerks, judges, lawyers and court reporters. Cost-benefit analysis obviously doesn’t apply to the Department of Injustice.

Nemazee even submitted a letter of support signed by United States Congresswoman Betty McCollum, a Congresswoman who helped pass the prison reform legislation. US Attorney Berman strongly objected to the letter signed by Congresswoman Betty McCollum. Berman derisively referred to the Congresswoman’s letter: “The Court should reject Nemazee’s attempt to contradict the plain statutory language based on a letter from an individual member of Congress…”

On the date of March 13th, one day after my blog posting, the United States Department of Injustice withdrew their objections to Nemazee’s request for immediate early release. On the date of March 13th the Feds approved Nemazee’s release and are letting him go home this week. See letter filed by the Feds with Judge Stein below:

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7 thoughts on “Hassan Nemazee Breaks Out of Federal Prison

  1. I bet Larry won’t be writing a blistering blog post supporting The Goat’s early release when that time comes, but congratulations to the incomparable Mr. Noodles on convincing the Justice Dept of the error of its ways.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. If the Goat gets convicted I don’t think he will live long enough to make it to early release to home confinement. He is 79 years old. If his trial comes up in the next year and he gets convicted he will be looking at five or ten years in the slammer. American jails are not substitutes for nursing homes or mental hospitals. Unfortunately most American nursing homes and mental hospitals are just as bad as jails, they drug the patients and strap them to beds and have them watch tv all day. The Goat should be confined to a goat farm. My grandmother always used to say to me, “Don’t get old.”

    2. Why would anyone want to write an letter to a didler scumbag child molester dirty old jew ….what u just wrote everyone one who read it is now DUMMER no way in your rambling incoherent way did that make any sence ..I give u no points AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL…….LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR AND CORRUPTION MUST BE STOP DOWN WITH THE FEDS

  2. Larry,
    I’ve heard that nothing is allowed to be brought in from the outside for Otisville inmates. Is that true? Nothing at all? No kugel, tzimmes, blintzes, chopped liver? Nothing?

    1. The rule is that nothing from the outside is allowed to be brought into the prison, the same rule you will find in almost all American prisons, but as I learned in Otisville, rules are made to be broken. The guys from Jewish prison non profit organizations get approval to have special kosher holiday food brought into the prison, but the food is brought into the prison warehouse and examined in the warehouse by the guards, where I worked, and then eventually made its way into the Otisville medium, where Rubashkin was locked up, and the Otisville camp, where I resided. Inmates have always been able to smuggle food, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes into the camp through various creative means. Eventually guys get caught and thrown in the SHU (solitary) for a while and then sometimes shipped to Fort Dix prison. I would reveal these smuggling techniques but some of these smuggling operations are protected by patents and copyrights, and I don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement.

  3. Way to go Noodles! Namazee was another daycare inmate who had no business being in prison. I hope he writes a book about the corrupt couple he made billions for. Let’s pray he doesn’t catch an irreversible case of Clinton suicide.

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