Hero Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Busted By the Feds

Hero Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Busted By the Feds

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Back in April of 2019 Rabbi Goldstein’s finger was blown off by an Anti-Semitic Presbyterian at a synagogue in Poway, California. Goldstein and a soldier from Israel, ie., Almog Peretz, saved a room full of children. Almog and Almog’s niece were both shot, but survived. A few days after the shooting Rabbi Goldstein met with Donald Trump in the White House, where Goldstein led a national prayer service. Goldstein and the Donald prayed together as Goldstein nursed his two hands, which were wrapped in gauze and casts. Donations to Goldstein’s synagogue skyrocketed. I’m not sure why both of Goldstein’s hands were in casts, only his finger on his right hand was blown off. Goldstein’s fingers on his left hand were not shot. Was Goldstein faking his own injuries in order to get more donations?

A month after the shooting Almog Peretz sued Goldstein’s synagogue for failing to provide adequate security. Peretz alleged that Goldstein got $150K in a Federal grant that wasn’t used to beef up security. The money got re-routed into Goldstein’s personal checking account. Surprise surprise.

Four months after the attack Goldstein traveled to Brooklyn where Dr. Sam Heifetz fitted Goldstein with a fake finger. Dr. Heifetz replaced Goldstein’s blown off finger with a fake finger in a procedure known as a “high definition silicone restoration.” The fake finger is molded from Goldstein’s good finger and then painted by Dr. Heifetz to match Goldstein’s skin color. The fake finger is completely useless. You could smash Goldstein’s finger with a hammer and he wouldn’t feel a thing. Dr. Heifetz stated that the finger is not meant to be worn 24/7. Goldstein is supposed to remove his fake finger at night before he goes to sleep and put it next to his dentures.

On November 15, 2019 Goldstein’s co-conspirator 44 year old Alexander Avergoon, an Eastern European Jew, probably Russian or Ukrainian, was busted in Latvia and extradited by the Feds where he was accused of running a massive $12 million fraudulent real estate scheme in California. On November 16, 2019 Rabbi Goldstein was defrocked and retired from the Poway synagogue. Goldstein’s son took over.

Avergoon’s case dragged on for a number of months until he decided to plead guilty the other day. The plea agreement is sealed from public view. The young Avergoon must be affiliated with the Russian-Ukrainian Jewish mob. Avergoon must have agreed to take down Goldstein and Goldstein’s wealthy American Jewish buddies, mostly immigrants from Iran and Eastern Europe.

A day after Avergoon decided to plead guilty the Feds busted Goldstein along with his four alte cocker co-conspirators. Alte cocker is a Yiddish word which means “an elderly person prone to complaint or disruption, as in a fogey, curmudgeon or old fart.” The Feds busted 63 year old Bijan Moossazadeh, 74 year old Yousef Shemirani, 83 year old Boris Shkoller, and 74 year old Dr. Bruce Baker, pictured above. They all pleaded guilty as soon as they were taken in by the Feds. Their plea agreements are completely sealed from public view. None of them is incarcerated. They must all be ratting out others as part of an even bigger conspiracy. Is the Donald involved? Jeffrey Epstein? Barack Obama? Joey Buttafuocco? Time will tell.

Is Goldstein any less of a hero? Rabbi Goldstein saved Jewish lives from the gun of deranged Presbyterian Anti-Semite John Timothy Ernest. The Donald was baptized in the Presbyterian Church. Goldstein prayed with the Donald in the White House even though the Donald and the shooter were Presbyterian brothers. Talk about humility! Mr. Ernest recently had a falling out with the Donald. Ernest called the Donald a “pro-Zionist traitor.” Ernest is awaiting a trial date in California. Courts are still closed because of the coronavirus. Ernest will never run into Goldstein in prison. Ernest was busted by the State while Goldstein was busted by the Feds. Goldstein will never do time anyway. The first to drop a dime does no time!

For G-d, for Goldstein, For Freedom!

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  1. Amazing schemes! I wonder how they are related? The donations tax fraud scheme is geniusly simple. I would be surprised if it wasn’t practiced widely.

    On the other hand, The real estate scheme is notoriously complicated. I mean the idea is simple but implementation requires forging so many documents! And in the end, to be sustainable abergoon needed to invest the money wisely. Why not into real real estate?


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