Hollywood Producer Scams Millions To Pay Casinos

Hollywood Producer Scams Millions To Pay Casinos

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Hollywood film producer David Bergstein produced “Spartan” starring Val Kilmer, “Laws of Attraction” with Pierce Brosnan, “The Whole Ten Yards” with Bruce Willis, “The Wendell Baker Story” with Will Ferrell, “Chaos” with Wesley Snipes, “Bordertown” with Martin Sheen, “Five Dollars A Day” with Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone, “Father of Invention” with Kevin Spacey, “Love Ranch” with Joe Pesci, and a number of other films.  Bergstein was part of a group that bought Miramax for $650 million back in 2010.

Bergstein raked in millions by misrepresenting business assets to investors and hedge funds in order to secure loans.  It took the New York jury in the Southern District two hours to convict Bergstein.  Bergstein’s co-defendants Albert Hallac, Keith Wellner and Paul Parmar all cooperated with the Feds and ratted him out during trial.  Hallac even wore a wire to record his conversations with Bergstein.  Poor Bergstein.  Even his friend Pierce Brosnan couldn’t save him from the Federal mafia.

Bergstein was recently sentenced to eight long years of incarceration.  The Feds wanted double the time.  Bergstein is currently sitting in Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan.  There are no windows at MCC.  Florescent lights shine night and day.  You don’t know whether it is night or day at MCC.  It’s like being locked up in a casino.

Bergstein was sentenced by Federal Judge Peter Kevin Castle, a good Catholic and graduate of St John’s University and St. John’s Law School.  Castle grew up not too far from Donald Trump in Queens.  Castle was appointed by George Dubya Bush.

You can read Bergstein’s sentencing memo by clicking the link below:


Bergstein’s attorneys played the sympathy card as much as possible.  His attorneys provided a long detailed narrative of the Bergstein family history. Bergstein’s attorneys told Judge Castle that Bergstein’s father fled his home in Poland during the Second World War.  The Bergstein men settled in frigid Uzbekistan.  While in Uzbekistan Bergstein’s father’s arm froze off and his grandfather froze to death.

Bergstein’s attorneys made sure not to leave out Bergstein’s mother Sarah.  Sarah “came from a family that was victimized by the carnage of World War II and the pogroms against the Jewish people. Originally from Morocco, her family fled to what is now Israel as part of a mass exodus in the early 1940s as the slaughtering of Jews became horrifyingly normal. Because of their dark complexion and native origin, Sarah and her family, who are Sephardic Jews, faced discrimination from other Jewish communities.”  Jews discriminating against other Jews?  Impossible.  Jews only discriminate against the goyim.

Bergstein’s parents settled in Brooklyn, where Bergstein grew up.  According to his attorneys, Bergstein’s childhood was “horrifyingly tragic.”  Bergstein was forced to attend public schools with shvartzes and live in a public housing project with shvartzes.  What could be more horrifying than that?

Bergstein’s attorneys wrote to Judge Castle:  “Mr. Bergstein, along with his older brother Shalom and his younger sister Ethel, was born and raised in Brooklyn. His family lived in a public housing project. Mr. Bergstein recalls their building being locked at night with an extra steel door, and high fences surrounding the perimeter; gangs hung around outside and fought over turf. Mr. Bergstein attended elementary school at PS20 and was one of only a handful of Caucasian students in the entire school. Corporal punishment in the school was common and often sanctioned by the principal. Racially and culturally, Mr. Bergstein and his siblings were quite isolated in school and the community. However, his family lived within walking distance to the Temple and, seeking acceptance, they often attended services.”  Charles Bronson stood outside the Temple with a gun to protect the Bergstein family from Black gang members.  Just kidding, I made that part up.

Bergstein didn’t have anything positive to say about his father Leonard Bergstein.  Whatever happened to the commandment of honor thy father?  Bergstein’s attorneys wrote to Judge Castle:  “Whenever Leonard was home, he was extremely controlling towards his wife and family. Leonard was a frugal man and kept Sarah on a modest budget and strict allowance, and no one could do anything without his approval. Leonard was ‘extremely frugal and extremely hard on mom. He yelled a lot, called her names, would not let her see her family or drive a car.’ As David grew older, he would take on small jobs without his father’s knowledge, and secretly give his paycheck to his mother.”

Eventually David’s father Leonard started to make some money and was able to afford to move out of the hood.  The Bergstein family settled in Teaneck, NJ, the hometown of  “Teaneck Trouble” a former friend and inmate I knew from Otisville Federal prison.  Moshe was also a gambling addict and stole millions to feed his habit.  I never encountered gambling addicts until I was locked up in Otisville Federal prison.  Its a terrible addiction, just as bad as any hard drug.  Guys lose total control of themselves and destroy their lives and take everyone down with them.

It’s possible that Moshe  and David Bergstein crossed paths at the casinos.  I tried to Facebook friend Moshe in order to ask him but he refused to accept my friend request.  He is worse than Tad.  But Moshe has an excuse, he may still be on probation.  The probation office does not approve of former inmates consorting with each other on the outside, its a potential conspiracy in the making.

Tad has no excuse for refusing my facebook friend requests.  Tad never did time in Federal or State prison.  Tad is not on probation.  But Tad may have been locked up in a dorm room for an extended period of time at Phillips Academy by the student body and teaching staff. Tad may also have been locked up and tortured in a dorm room by Natalie Portman when they were students together at Harvard.  I believe this is what prepared Natalie for her future S & M roles in the movies V for Vendetta and Black Swan.  Unfortunately Tad got no movie credits.

I got on a Tad tangent, I apologize, back to David Bergstein.  Bergstein’s lawyers described to Judge Castle about how excited Bergstein was to move out of the hood and into the White Jewish neighborhood of Teaneck:  “In Mr. Bergstein’s adolescence, his family moved out of public housing and into a suburban home in Teaneck, New Jersey. Mr. Bergstein considers this move one of the best and exciting things to happen in his entire life. He remembers how his brother and sister were in shock that the neighborhood kids would leave their bikes and baseball bats in their yards, and that houses had lawn furniture that remained outside. Mr. Bergstein’s family came from a part of the city where if anything was left out, it was stolen in minutes.”

Bergstein’s lawyers boasted about how young outgoing Bergstein networked in his Teaneck shul.  Bergstein’s networking landed him a job on Wall Street with Solomon Brothers.  Bergsteins lawyers boasted that during the day Bergstein worked on Wall Street while at night he attended law school.  Bergstein went to law school at night so he could learn how to lie, cheat and steal during the day on Wall Street.

Bergstein eventually made his way to California when he was offered a job that paid $250K a year in the real estate business.  Bergstein was a real estate speculator throughout the 1980s. Bergstein’s lawyers wrote to Judge Castle:  “Through the 1980s Mr. Bergstein worked tirelessly seven-days a week, continuing to develop, buy, and sell real estate. After branching out and trying to make it on his own in the real estate world, Mr. Bergstein realized that he enjoyed the “’art of the deal.'”  Bergstein’s attorneys are hoping that Judge Castle voted for Donald Trump.

It’s not clear how Bergstein got into the movie business after he left real estate.  Bergstein’s lawyers don’t mention anything about his success in Hollywood.  By the time he got indicted by the Feds his film companies were all in bankruptcy and he was getting sued for squelching on millions in gambling debts by Mandalay Bay, Steve Wynn and the Sands.  The bankruptcy litigation dragged out for years with accusations by the bankruptcy trustee that Bergstein and his partners engaged in fraudulent transfers of assets, perjury, backdating documents and hiding assets.  Bergstein also got sued by the SEC.

Bergstein’s lawyers spoke about Bergstein’s devout religious faith.  His lawyers wrote:  “Rabbi Naparstek notes that ‘David was always the first to give back the community. David’s motto has always been to take responsibility for those less fortunate.’  Rabbi Sanowicz echoes similar sentiments. He spent significant time with Mr. Bergstein in study sessions and sees Mr. Bergstein as a ‘deep-thinking man motivated by a genuine desire to learn and to grow.’ When the rabbi offered to have a plaque affixed noting Mr. Bergstein’s contribution, Mr. Bergstein declined, preferring to keep his donation anonymous.”

Bergstein even submitted character letters from priests and ministers.  His lawyers wanted to cover all bases.  His lawyers wrote:  “Mr. Bergstein’s actions have touched leaders in other faiths. Edwin Martinez, an ordained minister, writes: ‘I have a deep and profound relief in redemption. David Bergstein is a good man. He is not a perfect man. But then no one among is.'”  Minister Martinez obviously has never met a Federal sentencing judge.

Bergstein donated a Torah scroll to his local Temple shortly after he got indicted.  The picture above shows the dedication ceremony.  Bergstein’s last ditch effort at repentance donating the Torah scroll worked.  Bergstein only got 8 years when he easily could have got 20 years in the slammer.

Bergstein is probably gambling at MCC with other inmates at this very moment.  With his good mazel he is probably up three packages of tuna fish.

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