Homeless Drug Addicts Recruited By Atty Marc Elefant to Stage $31M In Fall Downs

Homeless Drug Addicts Recruited By Atty Marc Elefant to Stage $31M In Fall Downs

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Yeshiva University graduate Attorney Marc Elefant lives with his wife and kids in a spacious $1.7 million mansion in Woodmere, Nassau County, Long Island, ie., The Five Towns. It wasn’t long ago that Elefant was getting sued by his credit cards. In 2009 Elefant was sued by American Express. In 2010 he was sued by FIA Card services. In 2012 he was sued by Midland Funding. In 2003 Elefant was living in an apartment with his wife in Forest Hills. In 2016 Elefant moved into his million dollar mansion at 260 Hewlett Neck Road. How did Elefant go from living in an apartment in Queens to living in a mansion in the Five Towns?

Elefant was busted yesterday for his role in a massive $31 million conspiracy involving lawyers and doctors to recruit homeless and drug addicts to stage slip and fall accidents, undergo surgery, and collect on accident insurance policies. Dr. Sady Ribeiro and Dr. Andrew Dowd performed the surgeries.

Elefant recruited potential accident victims at homeless shelters. He offered them free food to stage an accident. He took them to a location with a crack in the sidewalk and told them to fall down and call an ambulance and fake their injuries. He then hired a sleezy lawsuit funding company to advance monies against the case. Lawsuit funding companies typically charge 50 – 100% interest on lawsuit loans. At the end of the day Elefant, the doctor, and the funding company split the proceeds while the homeless person, or drug addict, or homeless drug addict, got zilch. Just another day at the office for Attorney Elefant.

Elefant and his gang of greedy, sleezy thieves paid the homeless a thousand bucks for each unnecessary shoulder, knee and back surgery. Some of the drug addicts and homeless underwent multiple surgeries to make more money. The homeless clients couldn’t afford to pay for buses or subways to get to doctors’ appointments. Elefant paid a driver to pick up the clients and cart them all over New York for unnecessary medical appointments. Dr. Dowd performed unnecessary knee and shoulder surgeries. Dr. Ribeiro performed back surgeries and provided the patients with pain management after the surgeries. Dr. Ribeiro prescribed drug addicts opioids to ease their pain after surgery. Sickening!

Elefant will be joining the few remaining frum Jews who reside in Otisville very soon. Not too soon! Lock him up NOW he needs to do teshuva ASAP! Moshiach NOW!!!

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“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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7 thoughts on “Homeless Drug Addicts Recruited By Atty Marc Elefant to Stage $31M In Fall Downs

  1. I guess there is no presumption of innocence anymore? You have published this man’s photo and address, as well as his legal history and the value of his home. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you won’t be.

  2. You are an asshole looking for coverage and posts.
    You post things about people you have no idea about. Just to get followers and attention.. while having zero concern for the people that you try and trash.
    I just hope we never meet in person, you narcissist asshole.
    Pathetic .

  3. Jeff:

    What Larry has published is all a matter of public record.

    Keep in mind that the presumption of innocence is primarily a rule to ensure that the prosecution dots all of its I’s, crosses all of its T’s, jumps through all of the hoops, skates around all of the barrels, and honors all of the accused’s Constitutional rights. It has little application outside of the courtroom.

    As bad as the prosecutorial excesses now are, they would be even worse without the presumption of innocence.

    Because Assistant District Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys are effectively evaluated based upon the numbers of convictions they rack up. There is much room, then, for abuse at the prosecution table.

  4. Jeff , you are mistaken. presumption of innocence belongs in the courtroom, so that people are not jailed without irrefutable evidence. It does not apply to the court of public option. If it did, this would kill investigative journalism and freedom of the press. For years Larry Noodles was blogging about child sexual abuse by Greer. He helped uncover these crimes, which ultimately were tested in the court of law and proven beyond reasonable doubt. This is an invaluable service to the society. Good on Larry!

    To be politically correct and avoid legal responsibility, the press often uses the words like ‘allegedly’, as if this somehow mitigates the damage to the reputation of the accused. But the damage from Larry’s tiny blog is so small that he does not need to use such niceties and can tell things Ike they are – or like he sees them.

  5. Larry, did they indeed performed surgeries or just faked them? Real unnecessary surgeries sounds too cruel, and is a violent crime, which should result in very long sentences over and above the fraud charges. Besides, it is more work. Hope they were faked.

    1. You are correct, doctors who perform unnecessary surgery should be charged with assault and battery, but I suspect that would be too outside the box for Federal prosecutors. If you are over 50 years old, overweight and worked in physical labor, you probably are walking around with a lumbar disc bulge, a herniated disc, or torn rotator cuff without even knowing it. If you lived on the streets chances are you have multiple physical problems. Arthroscopic surgery on a rotator cuff is usually an outpatient procedure and is the least invasive surgery. Discectomy is surgery for a herniated disc, the portion of the disc that is causing the pressure on your nerve root is removed. A surgeon today can use a less invasive procedure called a microdiscectomy which can be performed outpatient. These surgeries can be performed without much risk to the patient and will add many tens of thousands of dollars to the value of a personal injury case. If the surgery does not help the patient, or causes more pain, the doctor will perform another surgery to correct the last surgery. I have seen this done in countless legitimate cases.

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