Inmate Greer Provided With Special Passover Meals

Inmate Greer Provided With Special Passover Meals

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Inmate Rabbi Daniel Greer recently filed a Federal lawsuit against the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections (DOC) requesting a preliminary injunction to force the State of Connecticut to provide inmate Greer with kosher for Passover meals during the eight nights of Passover. Inmate Greer argued in his motion that he will be forced to starve to death on Passover because the food provided by the State of Connecticut does not comply with Rabbi Goat’s strict kosher for Passover requirements. Inmate Greer submitted affidavits with the following instructions to the DOC on how to kasher the prison kitchen for Passover: “All leavened products must be removed, and the kitchen cleaned and kashered, a process through which surfaces and instruments used to prepare leavened products are made permissible for Passover use. Generally, this process requires cleaning, waiting 24 hours, and then applying heat by burning or boiling for a set amount of time. Pots, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, sinks and faucets, refrigerators, tables, kitchen gloves, towels, and countertops are all items that must undergo this process. Ovens, for example, must be cleaned, unused for 24 hours, and then heated to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Items with seams or cracks that trap food may need to be blowtorched. Utensils used to cook liquids with leavened products must be cleaned, left idle for 24 hours, placed in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds, and then rinsed in cold water. The utensils should be immersed one at a time, and the water must return to a boil between each immersion. The pot containing the boiling water should also be kosher for Passover. Some materials, such as ceramic, cannot be made kosher for Passover at all.”

The State of Connecticut just filed a reply to inmate Greer’s motion to kasher the prison kitchen for Passover and provide the depraved pedophile Goat with special Passover food. The State argued that it already provides kosher for Passover meals for the entire week of Passover for the 450 Jewish inmates locked up in Connecticut prisons. I had no idea that the State of Connecticut locked up so many Jews. I thought most Jewish criminal minds were locked up in Club Fed, such as Otisville, for complex, sophisticated financial crimes such as stock manipulation, theft of intellectual property, insider trading, and corporate fraud. I didn’t realize there were so many stupid Jewish degenerates locked up in Connecticut State prisons for possession of drugs with intent to sell, DUI, assault & battery, creating a public disturbance, breach of peace, public indecency, vagrancy, and shoplifting. Oy gevalt! Shanda!

The State argued in its response to inmate Greer’s motion that it already supplies each Jewish inmate with 6 boxes of matzohs and two seder plates. The State argued that it offers free instructions and training to each Jewish inmate by the prison chaplain on how to conduct a seder. I assume each inmate gets a Maxwell House Hagaddah. Inmate Rabbi Goat would never accept instructions from a Jewish prison chaplain on how to conduct a seder. I’ve never had the misfortune of attending a seder at Rabbi Goat’s abode, but I would assume that the Goat uses a Hagaddah that was handed down to him from some of the greatest Rabbis of all time. The Goat probably uses the same Hagaddah that was used by King David himself. No, I am mistaken, there is another Rabbi in New Haven who uses King David’s Hagaddah that was passed down to him.

The State of Connecticut printed a copy of the full kosher for Passover menu that is provided to Jewish inmates throughout the State of Connecticut. The menu is not what the Goat is accustomed to on the outside when his wife Sarah Greer, the Ewe, cooked for him while he raped students upstairs in their bedroom. You won’t find brisket, matzah ball soup, gefelte fish, kugel, roasted chicken, tzimmes, charosses, or any delicacies. The Goat will have 6 boxes of matzahs, almost one box a day, also known as the bread of affliction or the poor man’s bread. The Goat has never been a poor man. Nor has the Goat ever suffered affliction. The Goat was always the one afflicting others. The Goat was never poor. For many years the Goat scammed the City of New Haven out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, over the years when the Goat’s sleezey friends in City Hall gave the Goat lucrative contracts to plant and water trees in the Edgewood neighborhood. These sleezey mayors and politicians sold the Goat a school building for a dollar, and paid the Goat rent for a police substation that was located inside a Goat owned building. The politicians called the Goat the Mayor of Edgewood. The Goat raped children right down the street from the cop substation, just as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein raped girls while their buddy Bill Clinton was in charge of the Justice Department, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. Part of the Goat’s modus operandi was to intimidate teenage students with his connections to the Police Department. At one point the Goat was on the Board of Police Commissioners. At another point the Goat’s son Ezi was appointed to the Mayor’s Police Task Force Community Police Board. The State of Connecticut bankrolled the Goat for years with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in grant money over the years. The Goat had the assistance of Yale graduate Harold Hack and Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky in applying for the grant money. The IRS allowed the Goat to operate for many years as a non profit. To this day the Goat still operates his non profit entities even though the Yeshiva of New Haven has an outstanding $20 million judgment for child rape. The Goat has avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions in property taxes to the City of New Haven as he operated as a non profit.

The Goat will not be provided with any meat on his Passover menu. The Goat’s food will mostly consist of matzah, eggs, cheese, tuna fish and potatoes. The Hagaddah requires one to recount, and reenact the exodus experience during the seder, as if one personally left Egypt, and left slavery. The Goat is enslaved, so he will only do half of the Passover mitzvah while he is incarcerated. When the Goat is released from prison in 12 years he will be a free man, and he will be able to experience his redemption from bondage.

The Goat’s Passover menu consists of the following:

Breakfast: Boiled Eggs (2) Matzo (3) Butter Pat (3) Orange Juice (4 oz.) Fruit, Apple (1) Milk (1)

Lunch: Cheese (8 slices) Celery & Carrot Sticks (4 oz.) Baked Potato (1) Butter Pat (3) Matzo (3) Fruit, Orange (1) Milk (1)

Dinner: Tuna (3 oz.) Celery & Carrot Sticks (4 oz.) Baked Potato (1) Matzo (3) Butter Pat (3) Fruit, Banana (1) Orange Juice (8 oz.)

The State of Connecticut argued in its response to inmate Greer that it provides Jewish inmates with prepackaged kosher for Passover foods under strict kosher supervision: “The DOC provides a special for Jewish inmates who wish to keep Kosher for Passover, and these meals offered to Jewish inmates who sign up for Kosher for Passover meals are unique and are different than the Common Fare meals provided during the other weeks of the year. All the food items on the 2020 Passover menu are Kosher for Passover and have been reviewed by Rabbi Praver. Additionally, all Passover items are stored separately and are prepared in a completely locked and separated area within the kitchen, and extreme precautions are taken and maintained during the perpetrating of these Passover meals to ensure that everything is separated. Moreover, each Passover meal is served to the plaintiff, and other Jewish inmates observing Passover, in Styrofoam, closed clam shell containers, which are wrapped four times with clear plastic in each direction so that the meals could not possibly be contaminated by anything non-Kosher. These specially wrapped meals are then separately placed and delivered so that nothing could cross
contaminate these items.”

The State addressed the Goat’s claim that he will starve to death unless he receive Passover food prepared by the Aleph Institute: “there is no basis in fact to claim the meals are not appropriate and Kosher for Passover. Even more absurd is the plaintiff’s exaggerated claims that he will be forced to
choose between starving for the eight days of Passover or violating his sincerely held religious beliefs. Greer demands not only Kosher for Passover meals, but rather particular meals, prepackaged from a preferred vendor, the Aleph Institute, without following any proper state bidding procedures and in violation of strict security and food safety procedures that requires that all meals must be prepared by DOC food services staff. Greer’s entire lawsuit is based on fear, speculation, and a lack of knowledge of the facts regarding the provision of Kosher for Passover meals in the
DOC. The Kosher for Passover food items obtained from already existing established contracts hired and vetted in accordance with state contracting laws is both consistent with the Second Circuit’s long-standing rule enunciated in the Kahane case…”

The State argued in its memorandum that if inmate Greer’s motion in any way can be interpreted as a request to form a Passover communal seder with other inmates, FUHGETABOUTIT! The State argued the following: “Inmate Greer does not seek in his prayer for relief a demand for communal Seder meals. However, in an abundance of caution the State addresses this point because in the body of his complaint inmate Greer makes allegations concerning an ability to celebrate a Seder meal, ie., demanding provisions for two ceremonial Seder dinners, consistent with his religious beliefs. To be clear, in this time of COVID-19 emergency measures, it is extremely unlikely there will be a communal gathering for a Seder meal. Prisoners do not have the right to congregate when and where they wish. The practicalities of running a prison, require that approximately 1,200 inmates get three meals a day, go to sick call, get phone calls, showers, and other operations consistent with the COVID-19 contagion protocols. It would simply be impossible to run all these activities, in effect, impossible to run the prison, if plaintiff’s demands were accommodated. Such an accommodation would clearly have an adverse impact on public safety.”

The Goat is still trying to get out of prison on the grounds that he will catch the coronavirus and die due to his preexisting medical ailments and advanced age. The State of Connecticut submitted an affidavit from a prison APRN who stated the following: “I am familiar with inmate Daniel Greer, inmate number 433222, as he is currently an inmate at Cheshire, and I have spoken with him on or about February 25, 2020. On this occasion, I saw him in order to ask him to re-consider his refusal to go to a urology appointment at UCONN. He still declined to go to the appointment. Based on my review, Mr. Greer has several current medical conditions and issues, however these are all chronic and stable conditions, which Mr. Greer is receiving medical treatment for, including medication and medical monitoring. Mr. Greer had his blood work done most recently on December 5, 2019, and nothing in the results from this blood work indicates that Mr. Greer is suffering from any nutritional deficiencies. Based on my knowledge of Mr. Greer’s medical status, including my review of his medical records, Mr. Greer is not presently facing any imminent or life-threatening medical conditions.”

The stubborn Goat needs to see his urologist and stop complaining about prison food. If he wants a good meal all he has to do is bribe a guard. How hard can that be? The Goat has plenty of money. The Goat has probably spent more than a million bucks on his wet dream team of attorneys in the last couple of years, which includes Alan Dershowitz. Stupid Goat.


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