Inmate Greer Collects $90K Salary From Edgewood Elm Housing

Inmate Greer Collects $90K Salary From Edgewood Elm Housing

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Edgewood Elm Housing Inc. is a non profit organization that owns a number of properties in the City of New Haven. Convicted pedophile Daniel Greer is the President of Edgewood Elm Housing. Daniel’s wife Sarah Greer is the secretary. Daniel Greer is currently locked up in solitary confinement in the Cheshire Correctional Institution doing 12 years. Jay Brotman, pictured above in the pink shirt, is a partner at Svigals & Partners, a prominent architecture firm in New Haven. Jay is on the board of directors of Edgewood Elm Housing. Svigals was the architect that handled the renovation of the New Haven Jewish Community Center after a section of it was destroyed by a fire. Svigals designed the elementary school built in Sandy Hook after the town demolished the old school where 20 children were killed by Adam Lanza. It was a $50 million construction project funded by the State of Connecticut.

Why would architect Jay Brotman attach his name to a convicted pedophile who owes his victim Eli Mirlis over $20 million on an unpaid judgment on a child rape lawsuit? The other members of the Board of Directors includes Elizabeth McCormack, a former alderwoman who represented the Edgewood area where Greer’s properties were all located. Matthew Reinecke of Rockmere Road, Norwalk, pictured above, is also a member of the Board of Directors. George Bussman Jr. recently removed himself from the Board of Directors.

Two years ago Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” was ordered by Federal Judge Shea to pay $296 a week to the victim Eli Mirlis in the form of a wage attachment that was to be applied to the $20 million outstanding child rape judgment. The wages of convict Greer were supposed to be deducted from the weekly salary he received from Edgewood Elm Housing. President Goat never allowed Edgewood Elm Housing to deduct wages from employee Goat. The Goat received, and continues to receive paychecks from Edgewood Elm Housing while he is incarcerated. The Goat recently was ordered back into his jail cell in the basement at the Cheshire Correctional Institution. I can’t imagine what kind of work the Goat did for Edgewood Elm Housing while he was locked up in solitary confinement.

Eli Mirlis recently filed a motion asking that the Federal Court issue orders to force Edgewood Elm Housing to make deductions from the Goat’s wages. Why is Board of Director member Jay Brotman silently standing by while the Goat blatantly violates a court order to pay Eli Mirlis? Jay Brotman’s firm was hired by many Connecticut State universities to work on renovations and designs. Brotman was also hired to design most of the recently built elementary schools and magnet schools in the City of New Haven. Brotman obviously has some serious political connections to be able to land lucrative State and City contracts to design school buildings. Does Brotman owe his financial success to the Goat’s many political connections? The Goat employed Brotman to work on many projects in the Goat compound in the Edgewood neighborhood. Goat gold gushed into the greedy hands of the Goat’s protectors and enablers. Rabbi Notis was paid at least $50K to run the Goat’s school after the Goat was busted for child molestation. Notis recruited young men to the compound while the Goat conducted Yom Kippur services with an ankle bracelet attached to his paws.

The lawyer for Eli Mirlis stated in the wage execution motion that the Goat receives approximately $90K a year from his job as President of Edgewood Elm Housing. Inmates in State prison usually earn about 10 or 20 cents an hour working in prison jobs cleaning up the State highways. You aren’t going to find many pedophile inmates in State prison earning $90K “on the side.” Many white collar inmates in Federal prison have access to that kind of money. Violent criminals sitting in State cages are usually flat broke, unlike the Goat. The Goat is locked up in solitary which means he doesn’t even have to pay protection money to other inmates. If the Goat was locked up in general population he would have to pay the alfa inmate Goat gold in order to keep himself safe. This shouldn’t stop the guards from shaking down the Goat. If the Goat wants extra kosher food he is going to have to pay off a guard.

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  1. Did you not listen while Mr. Greer taught Masechta Kesubos? The wife’s income goes to the husband in return for his obligation to redeem her from captivity. He is keeping her out of captivity and so her wages are being paid to him. Wasn’t she a humble kindergarten teacher before she married it/him? Mr. Goat is staying healthy thanks to her good care… Perhaps she could get a job as a vet on a local farm.

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