Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Greer’s Crimes

Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Greer’s Crimes

(July 24, 2016)  It was previously reported in this blog that Rabbi Greer transferred real estate into non-profits that he controls, which would shield his personal assets from a judgment in the Federal rape case.  After Larry Noodles reported  on the transfer of assets, Plaintiff Mirlis amended his lawsuit and added the non-profit organizations as defendants to the lawsuit, seeking to hold them liable and get after those assets.  Larry Noodles reported that Rabbi Greer could tap into the insurance companies that insure the buildings and the non-profit companies, and get these insurance companies to pay Mirlis.

Recent court filings reveal that Rabbi Greer sought to have his insurance companies pay for his crimes.  Unfortunately for  Rabbi Greer, his insurance companies denied coverage.  Rabbi Greer’s attorney wrote to Judge Shea: “the defendants are seeking representation from various insurance companies that have declined to pay coverage to date…”

You can’t blame Rabbi Greer for trying to get his insurance companies to cough up some money.  But Rabbi Greer cannot get insurance companies to reimburse a policy holder for criminal activity.  Rabbi Greer was engaged in criminal activity in these buildings.  Homeowners insurance companies only pay for acts of negligence, such as when someone trips on snow and ice that was not shoveled by the homeowner.  What Rabbi Greer did to Mirlis was not acts of negligence, they were intentional criminal acts.

The deposition of Avi Hack will reveal more details about the criminal activities of Rabbi Greer.  According to court paperwork filed by the attorneys, Rabbi Avi Hack  knew Greer was raping Mirlis, and Avi Hack was also raped by Rabbi Greer.  I hope that Mirlis sends a copy of the deposition to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Avi Hack  is a eyewitness to two crimes committed by Rabbi Greer.   A copy of the deposition should be more than enough evidence for the State to bring criminal charges against Rabbi Greer.

Deposition are not open to the public.  They are conducted in private in a law office.  There is thus no way for Larry Noodles to see the deposition of Avi Hack or get a copy of the deposition transcript.  Larry Noodles respectfully requests that Rabbi Greer provide him with a copy of the deposition.  Larry Noodles hopes that Rabbi Greer will put aside whatever anger and hostility he has towards Larry Noodles and deliver a copy of the deposition to 516 Ellsworth Ave, New Haven, CT 06511.

Short of Rabbi Greer providing a copy of the deposition to Larry Noodles, Larry Noodles makes a public appeal to anyone with access to the deposition to drop off a copy to the blogging offices of Larry Noodles, no questions asked, anonymous or not anonymous. Larry Noodles never ratted out anyone after he got indicted by the Feds, even after the Feds put the squeeze on Larry Noodles to rat out New Haven attorney Larry Levinson and his law office.  The Feds should have known that Larry Noodles would never rat out a guy with the name “Larry.”  Plus Larry Noodles believes that the Feds were really after a big New Haven client of attorney Larry Levinson.  Larry Noodles thinks that the Feds tried to put the squeeze on Larry Noodles, who would rat out Larry Levinson and get Levinson indicted.  Then the Feds would put the squeeze on Larry Levinson to rat out his client.

Whoever provides Larry Noodles with a copy of the deposition will be doing a public service for the rape victims of Rabbi Greer, promoting the moral, legal and ethical principals of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and providing a service to this country in the way JFK wanted: “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  Plus you would be helping to get Rabbi Greer locked up in jail where he belongs.

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