Jay Brotman Resigns From Edgewood Elm Housing

Jay Brotman Resigns From Edgewood Elm Housing

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The picture above is from the archives of local antifa leader and reporter Paul Bass. Actually Paul is not the current leader of the New Haven chapter of the antifa movement. Paul is just a humble reporter who runs the New Haven Independent. Paul covered a Daniel Greer fundraiser back in 2008 and took a picture of Jay Brotman, a partner at Svigals & Associates. Jay was honored by “Rabbi” Daniel Goat with the “Community Service Award.” See article.

Jay’s firm has received countless lucrative contracts over the years from the State of Connecticut and the City of New Haven to build schools. Rabbi Goat employed Jay to do work for the Goat’s many non profits over the years. Jay also was the architect on the rebuild job at Sandy Hook elementary school after the school was torn down after the tragic shooting.

Jay Brotman was named a director at Greer’s non profit Edgewood Elm Housing in June of 2018, one year after rape victim Mirlis was awarded a $20 million verdict in Federal court against the Goat. Jay was added as a director along with two others, ie., Matthew Reineke and George Bussmann. I have been blogging about these three stooges ever since they were named directors. George Bussman Jr. resigned from the Goat’s board on August 17, 2020, but remains on the Board at Edgewood Village. Matthew Reineke is still on the board of Edgewood Elm Housing, along with former Edgewood alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, who has been on the board for years. If the Goat was the Mayor of Edgewood then Elizabeth McCormack was the Goat’s Chief of Staff.

Jay Brotman resigned from the Board on September 4th, 2020, one day after I sent the following email, with supporting documentation, to the Mayor of New Haven, each alderman of the City of New Haven, the State legislative leaders, New Haven State legislators, the New Haven Independent and the New Haven Register: “Jay Brotman is listed as a Director of Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc., the lead defendant in the case of Eliyahu Mirlis v. Edgewood Elm Housing, a case brought by Mr. Mirlis to pierce the corporate veil of said corporation, and other Greer non profit corporations, to recover a $20 million outstanding civil judgment obtained against Daniel Greer, who is currently incarcerated and doing 12 years for molesting Mirlis as a child. The Federal Court just froze the assets of Mr. Greer’s various non profits in this case, which consist of his multi family properties in the Edgewood area. The State of Connecticut awarded countless contracts to Svigals & Partners over the years. I believe Mr. Brotman should remove himself from any association with Mr. Greer, or future contracts should be awarded to a minority owned architecture firm. Mr. Brotman recently was awarded a contract to reconstruct the Jewish Community Center of Woodbridge which was damaged by fire. Mr. Greer’s attorney, ie., Jeffrey Skarlz, is the President of the Jewish Community Center, and has been active in local politics with his father Mark Skarlz for many years. Mr. Brotman should explain his connection with Mr. Greer and why he has remained on the Board of Edgewood Elm Housing, an entity controlled by an incarcerated pedophile, while he has been awarded numerous contracts with elementary schools, including Sandy Hook.”

Brotman resigned from Edgewood Elm Housing a couple of days ago and resigned as Director at Edgewood Village back in January. Why did Brotman resign from one and remain on the other? The Goat must have lied to him and told him that he was being removed from all of the Goat’s non-profits. Brotman didn’t personally file his resignation. The Goat’s attorney, ie., Stuart Margolis filed the resignation paperwork. Margolis conveniently “forgot” to remove Brotman from Edgewood Elm Housing. In Federal court Goat victim Eli Mirlis alleged that the Goat quickly added new directors to his non profits in order to give the non profits credibility in court. The non profits were controlled exclusively by the Goat and his wife Sarah Greer for many years. The Goat had to show that the non profits were legit.

George Bussman Jr. resigned as a Director at Edgewood Elm Housing last month, but he still remains on the board at Edgewood Village. The Goat probably lied to him about being removed from all of the Goat’s non profits. Bussman probably doesn’t even realize that he is a member of the Board of Directors at Edgewood Village. What a putz!

Matthew Reineke is a Director on the Board of both Edgewood Village and Edgewood Elm Housing. Matthew is an even bigger putz than Bussman! They are useful idiot for a elderly pedophile locked up in solitary confinement in Connecticut State prison.

Matthew Reineke, who remains a Director on the Board of Edgewood Village and Edgewood Elm Housing after Jay Brotman resigned. He looks like he belongs in prison with his master the Goat.

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