Epstein’s Fake Passport Used To Fake Out Jew Haters

Epstein’s Fake Passport Used To Fake Out Jew Haters

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Epstein had fake passport made for Islamic airplane hijacker Jew haters like this guy from Libya

The Department of Justice has worked hard to convince the Federal Judge to keep Epstein locked up at Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan until his trial date. It only took the DOJ 10 years to finally crack down on this pedophile pimp. Epstein openly operated a pedophile brothel right under the nose of Federal and State law enforcement agencies for years. When you have friends in high places the cops look the other way. When you are a small time shmucky real estate Jew lawyer like myself the Feds lock you up in Otisville for two years for the crime of stupidity. Guys like Epstein get to rape and pillage for years before they are finally brought to justice.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman added Columbia Law grad Alison Moe to his team of prosecutors which includes James Comey’s daughter Harvard grad Maurene Comey and NYU Law grad Alex Rossmiller. In the entire history of the Justice Department there has never been a Cooley Law School graduate in its elite ranks. The Justice Department frequently brings lawsuits against businesses, cities, towns, country clubs and universities for a lack of diversity in hiring, yet the Justice Department is the biggest offender. Everyone hired on Team America is either an Ivy League graduate or a son or daughter of a prominent politician who got into Yale through the Yale legacy and VIP set aside program.

Pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein added a few more Jew lawyers to his wet dream team of attorneys. His lead attorney is Jew lawyer Reid Weingarten, who is being assisted by attorneys James Brochin, Marc Fernich, Martin Weinberg, Michael Miller, and token goy Michael Scavelli. These sharks will bill Epstein millions of dollars in legal fees. This is a billing bonanza. There will be many penthouse partner parties to celebrate. Some years ago I was friendly with a Yale Law School student who was a summer clerk at one of these white shoe law firms in Manhattan. She took me to a few of these penthouse partner parties. If you are going to live in Manhattan I would highly suggest living in a penthouse apartment, everything else is just a slum. The lawyers in these white shoe boy law firms work around the clock. They work in cubicles and have their meals delivered to them in their office. They get a limo that drives them to the office at 9 AM and drives them back to their apartments at 10 PM, or later. The firm stays open all night. Most of the lawyers cannot maintain a normal family life and end up sleeping with each other in the office. It is not uncommon for an attractive female associate to sleep with an older married male partner. It’s a win-win situation for both parties to this legal transaction. The overworked male partner has no time to sleep with his wife. The young female associate is stuck in the office all the time and has no time for a boyfriend. Plus sleeping with the partner allows the female to break the glass ceiling. Once the female gets promoted to partner she will be able to sleep with a younger and more attractive male associate. I’ve always aspired to live such a lifestyle but I didn’t graduate from Yale Law School so I will never be hired by one of these white shoe Jew boy law firms. Plus I have a criminal felony record, which also works against me.

The Feds argued to Judge Berman today that Epstein is a risk of flight because they found a fake Austrian passport in his house when they executed their search warrant. Epstein’s lawyers argued that the passport expired 32 years ago: “As for the Austrian passport the government trumpets, it expired 32 years ago. And the government offers nothing to suggest – and certainly no evidence – that Epstein ever used it. In any case, Epstein – an affluent member of the Jewish faith – acquired the passport in the 1980s, when hijackings were prevalent, in connection to Middle East travel. The passport was for personal protection in the event of travel to dangerous areas, only to be presented to potential kidnapers, hijackers or terrorists should violent episodes occur.”

It’s not unusual for wealthy Jewish men who travel internationally on business to have multiple passports. I had a wealthy Jewish client who had a separate passport just for his trips to Israel. He didn’t want Israeli stamps showing on the passports that he used to travel to the Middle East or Africa. The Harvard and Yale graduates who work at the Department of Justice are too ivory tower to know these things. They live in a bubble. The Department of Justice should hire more Cooley Law street lawyers and less Yale Law School spoiled Canadian Goose brats.

Epstein’s lawyers argued that younger brother Mark Epstein was willing to post a bond equal to his entire net worth of $100 million in order to guarantee that Jeff will not flee. Defense Attorney Weingarten wrote to Judge Berman: “To the extent the government complains Epstein lacks meaningful domestic ties, we clarify and emphasize that his brother Mark, a U.S. resident, stands prepared to co-sign and secure a release bond in the full amount of his own net worth, which exceeds $100 million – tangible proof of his certainty that Epstein will appear as necessary.”

Weingarten argued that the Feds, who let Epstein come and go for the last ten years, all of a sudden want Epstein to stay locked up in his cell down the hall from El Chapo and Paul Manafort. Weingarten argued: “To be sure, wealthy defendants do not deserve preferential treatment. But they certainly shouldn’t be singled out for worse treatment – in effect, categorically disqualified from bail, on the basis of their net worth.” The entire memo drafted by Weingarten:

Weingarten’s arguments didn’t fly with Judge Berman. Epstein will have to enjoy his Meal Mart kosher tv dinners down the hall from El Chapo and Manafort until his trial date. Epstein can trade his gefilte fish for El Chapo’s chili beans. Epstein may want to contact the Jewish prison chaplain now in order to make sure that special kosher holiday meals are served to him for the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. The Bureau of Prisons hired a new Jewish rabbi chaplain, long time chaplain Rabbi Avrohom Richter left the BOP recently. Richter maintains a Chabad House in Howard Beach. Sources have told me that Spike Lee is a frequent Shabbos guest of Rabbi Richter. I heard that Spike davens with kavanah.

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark Epstein owns extensive real estate holdings in New York City. Mark is the owner of Ossa Properties. So far no evidence has been released that Mark was involved in any business relationship or business dealings with his brother Jeffrey, unlike former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who was caught on videotape entering the Epstein mansion. So far there is no evidence that Mark was ever on the Lolita Express private jet that shuttled prominent men, such as Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, to Jeffrey’s private island in the American “Virgin” Islands. So far there is no evidence of any videotapes of Mark and Jeffrey partying with drunk cheerleaders, unlike the 1992 NBC videotape of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partying at Mar A Lago like it’s 1999 to the tune of the Romantics, “What I Like About You.” In those days Trump wore a pink power tie. Who would have known back in 1992 that Trump’s power tie would morph into a pussyhat today. The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders partying with The Donald and The Pedophile Pimp sported bleached blond 1980s frizzy haircuts with lipstick shmeared on their gigantic teeth. Mark Epstein wasn’t at the party. Mark needs to loosen up. What’s the point in being rich if you can’t score with NFL cheerleaders with big teeth? Mark probably preferred Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. The Cowboys always had the most attractive cheerleaders.

In 1992 Donald Trump partied with pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein & Buffalo Bills cheerleaders who were too short to make the cut with the Dallas Cowboys. What a putz.

For G-d, For Country, For Yale, For Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Moshiach Now!

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