Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewish Gal Pal Ghislaine Maxwell Busted

Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewish Gal Pal Ghislaine Maxwell Busted

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Think Yiddish dress British. Ghislaine Maxwell is the youngest daughter of deceased British media magnate Robert Maxwell, formerly known as Hyman Binyamin Hoch. Hyman Binyamin was born in a little Orthodox Jewish village in the Ukraine in 1923. Hyman Binyamin’s parents were Mechel Hoch and Hannah Slomowitz. Robert spoke fluent Yiddish and was raised eating Jewish culinary delights such as bailys, chicken schmaltz, smoked herring, and noodle kugel.

Hyman Binyamin joined the Czechoslovakian army at the outbreak of World War II. Hyman Binyamin, along with other soldiers from various defeated armies in Eastern Europe, was recruited by the British army. Hyman was a fearless fighter. Hyman sought to avenge the murder of 300 of his family members by the Nazis. Hyman stormed a Nazi machine gun nest and was awarded the highest military honors by the Brits.

After World War II Hyman Binyamin was offered full British citizenship in recognition of his bravery. Hyman Binyamin quickly changed his name to Robert Maxwell and married a hot French aristocrat named Elisabeth Jenny Meynard, who studied law at the Sorbonne. Hyman Binyamin married a shiksa (non-Jew)! A shanda! Elisabeth Meynard gave birth to 9 children with Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine was the runt of the litter. The children were raised in the Anglican tradition and attended the Church of England. They were very frum. Ghislaine never had a bat mitzvah at her father’s mansion in England. Ghislaine suffered from anorexia as a child. What do you expect? Ghislaine’s father was a ruthless Jewish media magnate who was involved in British politics and espionage, at one point accused of being a spy for the Mossad, while her mother, a Gentile, spent her life writing journals on the Holocaust.

When Ghislaine was 31 years old her father died after he drowned in 1991 after falling off the Lady Ghislaine, a super yacht that he named after his daughter, which was cruising off the Canary Islands. Robert received a Jewish burial in Jerusalem. Ghislaine was very close to her father at the time of his death. Ghislaine was being groomed to take over his media empire. She traveled with him throughout the world and hobnobbed with the rich and famous. Ghislaine believed that her father’s death was no accident. She publicly stated that he was murdered.

Robert Maxwell’s empire crashed after his death. It was discovered that he had embezzled almost a half a billion dollars from his media company pensions. Two of his sons were charged with fraud. British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was now broke. The Maxwell name was mud in the British Empire. Ghislaine decided to move to America, the land of opportunity, the streets paved with Jeffrey Epstein gold.

Ghislaine Maxwell used her connections with the rich and famous to get a job in real estate and an apartment on Central Park in Manhattan. Ghislaine hobnobbed with Donald and Ivana Trump, the mother of Jewish convert Ivanka Trump. Ghislaine socialized with Iranian and Saudi royalty. Ghislaine was close with the Saudi billionaire Khashoggi. Ghislaine hooked up with an abusive Italian Count named Gianfranco Cicogna, a hotel magnate. Gianfranco told Ghislaine how to dress and how to cut her hair. After four years the Italian Count dumped Ghislaine for a younger woman. Ghislaine was devastated. Ghislaine found comfort in the arms of Jeffrey Epstein. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Jeffrey Epstein was busted in Florida in 2006 by the Florida cops. The Feds took over the investigation and told the Florida cops to stand down. The Feds offered Epstein a sweetheart deal. Epstein was represented by Alan Dershowitz. Epstein only had to do a few months in a Florida prison, and was allowed to leave prison every day in order to go to “work.” The sweetheart deal granted immunity to 8 of Epstein’s co-conspirators, 4 named and 4 unnamed. Its not clear if Ghislaine was one of the unnamed co-conspirators in that case. Ghislaine’s lawyer may raise immunity as a defense in her criminal case.

Ghislaine was busted by the Feds in her mansion in New Hamsphire, where she was “hiding out” according to the Feds. Ghislaine Maxwell is currently sitting in a Federal prison cell right now. Ghislaine will not be able to enjoy the fireworks tomorrow. The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York filed a motion to detain Ghislaine in her jail cell until trial.

The US Attorney wrote in the motion: “Maxwell has three passports, large sums of money, extensive international connections, and absolutely no reason to stay in the United States and face the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. The defendant has been in hiding for approximately a year, since an indictment against Epstein was unsealed. Thereafter, the defendant – who had previously made many public appearances – stopped appearing in public entirely, instead hiding out in locations in New England. Moreover, it appears that she made intentional efforts to avoid detection, including moving locations at least twice, switching her primary phone number (which she registered under the name “G Max”) and email address, and ordering packages for delivery with a different person listed on the shipping label. Most recently, the defendant appears to have been hiding on a 156-acre property acquired in an all-cash purchase in December 2019 (through a carefully anonymized LLC) in Bradford, New Hampshire, an area to which she has no other known connections.”

If Ghislaine has “three passports and large sums of money” to flee, why hasn’t she fled? She has had a year to move to France or England, yet she stayed in the United States, “hiding in New England.” Are the Feds that stupid that they cannot locate someone they have been investigating, who is spending the summer in New Hampshire? If Ghislaine wanted to hide from the Feds she should have moved to a different location every day. It takes the FBI several weeks, if not months, to locate an individual in hiding. It then takes a few weeks for the FBI to write reports and memos to US Attorneys at the Justice Department. It takes a few weeks for the US Attorneys’ Office to review the FBI reports and send instructions to the FBI telling them what to do about the person in hiding. You can avoid the Feds for years just by moving into a different motel room every other night.

The US Attorney argued to US District Judge Alison Nathan, an Obama appointed Jurist: “The defendant appears to have no ties that would motivate her to remain in the United States. She has no children, does not reside with any immediate family members, and does not appear to have any employment that would require her to remain in the United States. Nor does she appear to have any permanent ties to any particular location in the United States. There are no bail conditions that could reasonably assure the defendant’s continued appearance in this case. Home confinement with electronic monitoring would be inadequate to mitigate the high risk that the defendant would flee, as she could easily remove a monitoring device. At best, home confinement with electronic monitoring would merely reduce her head start should she decide to flee.”

Give me a break. If Ghislaine fled to England or France she could have jammed up the Feds in Court for years with extradition hearings. If she really wanted to hide out in the States she would have had plastic surgery, dyed her hair blond, closed her Facebook account and moved around every few days.

Ghislaine’s only hope is to hire Orthodox Jewish Attorney Ben Braffman, of the Five Towns, the criminal defense attorney of choice for high powered white collar Jewish criminals. Braffman will negotiate a deal that will spare Ghislaine years in jail in return for Ghislaine ratting out all her high powered friends, and snitching on whoever murdered her father, whether it was the FBI, KGB, MI6, Mossad or some other organized crime syndicate.

For G-d, For Country, For Ben Braffman, Moshiach Now!

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9 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewish Gal Pal Ghislaine Maxwell Busted

  1. You ask: “ Are the Feds that stupid that they cannot locate someone they have been investigating, who is spending the summer in New Hampshire?”. The answer is obviously no. They are not that stupid as they arrested her easily when they needed to and probably have never lost their sight of her. She has successfully managed to hide from journalists but clearly not from the law enforcement.

    A more interesting question is why she had not fled to France. The same question as with Dan Greer but even more pertinent as her case is much more high profile and thus she is unlikely to be able to lawyer her way out. Possibly she was fearing that she would be arrested if attempting to leave the country. She might have had an illusion that her whereabouts were unknown to FBI.

    1. How would she be able to flee to France without being noticed on an airplane? I guess she could take a private jet but the pilot could report her. She wouldn’t have many places to hide in France, as France would have had her eventually extradited to the United States. Roman Polanski has been hiding in plain view from California prosecutors for years in France but his case is different, there are old court orders denying the extradition request and California hasn’t aggressively pursued him lately.

      1. France and a number of other countries will never extradite their own citizens. Roman Polanski has been a French citizen since the 60s, so forget it.
        By the way, at least France respects own citizens.

        1. France extradited US citizen Ira Einhorn who was charged with killing his girlfriend. France turned over a French citizen to Spain who was accused of being a Basque separatist, which sparked protests in France in 2012. In 2015 France denied the extradition request of a Rwandan charged with genocide and crimes against humanity She should have fled to France. Obviously she got very bad legal advice, or she would be a free as a bird right now.

      2. Yes and on top of that her case is more notorious in more than one way, not to mention that the times have changed as well.

  2. Ghislaine was brought up Anglican, he mother was French Huguenot and her father was Jewish..


    1. Austin- You need to read behind the lines. Ghislaine was raised in elitist, snobby, racist England. Why do you think Hyman Binyamin Hoch changed his name to Robert Maxwell? All the money in the world will not change the fact that Robert Maxwell will always be considered a lowly Jew in England. Ghislaine grew up the daughter of a money grubbing hook nosed Jew. Her tall fair skinned Anglican grade school classmates, with pure English lineage, threw pennies at the short, swarthy Ghislaine. Why do you think Ghislaine was anorexic? Ghislaine was taught in her Anglican Church that her father killed Christ. The snobby English do not particularly like the Frogs, so her mother’s nationality didn’t help. In summary, Ghislaine grew up being told that she was a lowly half Jew half Frog mutt. After her father died Ghislaine booked the first flight out of England to America and cashed in on her connections with with wealthy Saudis in Manhattan, as well as Jeffrey Epstein, all Semites. Ghislaine will break down in prison. Everyone breaks in prison. The truth will come out very soon, you will see. Over and out Houston.

  3. Britain’s colonial past has the greatest influence on its racist attitudes. Anything non English was viewed as subservient. Even the Scots and Welsh were subject to it. A justifiable jingoistic narrative to excuse the crimes of imperialism. A defeat to the British army usurping another country – recorded as an act of heroism in the history books. People were brought up with these racist views and although it may seem a contradiction, some seemingly nice people who would not consciously harm another individual, held these views. They would socialise, do business, be friends even with them but still refer to them “as the old jew boy”, “paki” or “wog”. You`d often find racism, not just against Jews I might add, to anyone labeled and perceived as different, Irish, Black, Indian, especially if those around them were impoverished. The blame had to lie somewhere other than the feudal run British system. The English have always been “subjects” to the crown, not citizens, as in many democratic countries.
    But the early Jewish successes were hidden behind a conversion to CofE and baptism in the higher echelons of society in the 19th century. Clearly parents didn’t want then known as Jewish, publicly.
    But anyways, you’ve always been able to buy into the British establishment and nobility. Those bunch of inbred family lines don`t have much brains and rely on new money, whatever the religion. As Maxwell Snr did. Business success to political success. The nobility`s family estates were crumbling after WW2 and cost a fortune to run. But you’re right, the nobility in the private schools would not have let her forget she wasn’t one of them. Money only gets you so far and his money was stolen from hard working British workers. But when exposed, fuels the narrative against the Jewish in general.

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