Wealthy CT Jewish Mom Murdered By Greek Husband

Wealthy CT Jewish Mom Murdered By Greek Husband

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Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared from her mansion in New Canaan. Her ex-husband Fotis Dulos is the prime suspect in the murder. Police are searching for her body

Jennifer Farber Dulos is part of the $2 billion Liz Claiborne fashion family. Jennifer’s aunt and uncle founded Liz Claiborne. The company was named after fashion designer Liz Ortenberg. Ortenberg changed the name of the company to Liz Claiborne. Ralph Lifshitz named his company Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lifshitz designed high end clothing for the rich goyim, and for rich Jews who wanted to ape the goyim. Liz Ortenberg designed low end clothing for peasants of all races.

Jennifer married a Greek man she met at Brown University named Fotis Dulos. Fotis is named after Photius, the Patriarch of Constantinople and the Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church. Jennifer would have been better off marrying an Alexander. Jennifer and Fotis have five kids. The kids were all named after Greek Orthodox saints: Petros, Theodore, Christiane, Constantine, and Cleopatra Noelle Dulos. They attended a high priced private school in New Canaan. None of them are Orthodox. None of them went to Yeshiva, Cheder or day school.

The Farber family set up Fotis in business. Fotis became a successful home builder. Fotis borrowed millions of dollars from the Farber family. Fotis couldn’t manage all that money and started to default on his loans. Fotis got sued by the Farber family for not paying back on the loans. That case is still pending in court.

Fotis cheated on his wife with a South American woman named Michelle Troconis. Troconis is from Venuzuala. Troconis is a successful businesswoman who worked at an international ski resort in Argentina. Troconis was divorced from her husband who was an Olympian ski champion. Troconis has a daughter herself.

Jennifer Farber filed for divorce in 2017. The highly contested divorce case has been dragging on for two years with an army of lawyers representing the litigants and the children. Hearings have been sealed due to the nature of the allegations Jennifer has made against her husband. Psychiatrists appointed by the Court have found Fotis to be mentally unstable and a bad influence on his children. Trocanis was also found to be a bad influence on the children.

Less than a week ago Jennifer disappeared from her house after she left her kids off at a private school in New Canaan. Blood was found in her mansion in New Canaan. At the time of the disappearance Fotis was living with his girlfriend Michelle Troconis in Farmington, CT, in a $2 million mansion he was trying to sell.

Police have videos of Fotis and Troconis driving around the Hartford-Farmington area dumping large plastic bags containing items stained with Jennifer’s blood in dumpsters all over Hartford. Fotis forgot to turn off his cell phone while he was dumping the plastic bags, giving the police evidence of where he was when he was dumping the bags. Troconis stuck her head out of the window while they were driving to smoke a cigarette and was caught on videotape. The dumbest Bonnie & Clyde in criminal history. Goyisha kops.

The cops still haven’t found Jennifer’s body. Fotis is locked up on a $500K bond. Fotis can’t come up with $50K to get out, which would be ten percent of the $500K. Troconis made bond. Troconis had $50K to give the bondsman on her $500K bond. They were both charged with tampering with evidence, and hindering a prosecution in a murder investigation. The cops are closing in. Jennifer’s body will show up sooner or later. Bonnie & Clyde are too stupid to drive to Upstate New York and bury the body. They never watched one episode of the Sopranos.

If Troconis was smart she would rat out Fotis in exchange for pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. She should ask the State’s Attorney to agree to a ten year sentence. She has no prior record. She would be out in eight years. When the cops find the body Fotis and Troconis will get thirty years each.

This is another sad tale of an Ivy League graduate, Fotis graduated from Brown, going bad. Its high time to dismantle the Ivy League, skull & bones, meritocracy-aristocracy.

For G-d, for Country, for Yale, Moshiach Now!

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    1. Can you blame her for wanting her kids to have a decent hairline and semi straight teeth? lmgao

      I guess mama Estha never told her that …

      A tale follows about a Rabbi who visited every harlot in the world, crossing seven rivers to get at the last one. He is allowed to die in peace because he had not committed the unforgivable minuth (Christianity). (Talmud, Abodah Zarah l7a, Exhibit 180)

      THE “HOLY” TALMUD! lmgao

  1. Heartbreaking! But let’s not for forget Joel Steinberg and Need a Nussbaum! Two murderers and child abusers! Disgraceful!

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