Jerry Brown Celebrates Purim With the Goat

Jerry Brown Celebrates Purim With the Goat

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On March 27, 1992 the New Haven Jewish Ledger ran a front page article titled, “Canditate Brown Shares Purim Seudah in New Haven.”  Above the article was a picture of the smiling Goat standing with Presidential candidate Jerry Brown.  Also in the picture was Assistant Principal and current attorney for Agudath Israel, ie., Mordecai, Gershon Vogel, and Eliezer Greer.  The Goat is referred to as “Chairman Greer.”  The caption below the picture reads: “The holiday meal, hosted by the Gan School and Tikvah High School for Girls, developed an exciting aspect when the Democratic candidate decided to dine with his former college roommate, Rabbi Greer.”

The article reported, “School Assistant Principal Dr. Mordecai Biser told the LEDGER the visit was a total surprise:  ‘At about 5 pm on Purim Day, after the Seudah was well underway, Rabbi Greer received a personal phone call from Brown.  The candidate said he was in New Haven and asked if he could stop by for dinner.  Few of the many guests present actually believed this would happen until Governor Brown walked into the house.'”

Since when did Attorney Mordecai become a doctor?  He graduated Yale Law School in 1987.  He never attended medical school.  Since when did the Goat become “the Chairman?”  Is the Goat trying to emulate Kim Jong Un, the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)?

The LEDGER quoted the Goat: “I wasn’t surprised to hear from Jerry Brown since we have remained in close contact over the years, but his dropping by in the middle of our lively seudah certainly added to the Purim spirit.”  Jerry Brown didn’t look so impressed by the Goat in the photo.  The Goat always gets super drunk on Purim.  The Goat probably tried to corner Brown in the goat barn.  This was the last time Brown was ever seen publicly with the Goat.

The Ledger reported:  “The candidate’s campaign entourage joined him at the meal, which took place at the West Park Avenue home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Greer and their family.  Also at the festive occasion were students of Tikvah High School for Girls and guest and friends of the Greers.  Bridgeport resident Steve Lazanov said, ‘no one will believe me tomorrow when I tell them that I was at a Purim meal with Jerry Brown.”

The Ledger continued:  “Many friends and neighbors dropped in to greet the governor, as news of his visit spread quickly throughout the Edgewood Park neighborhood.  Others were convinced that the news was a Purim joke and found the next morning that the joke had been on them! reported Dr. Biser.”

The Ledger reported:  “Brown then delivered a one minute campaign speech in which he quoted from Isaiah – ‘where there is no vision, the people will perish.'”  A couple of years after Jerry Brown had his visit with the Goat, reporter Paul Bass had a vision.  Paul Bass had a vision that the Goat was pure evil.  Paul the Prophet reported this vision in the New Haven Advocate.  Unfortunately Paul backed away from his vision and never followed up to investigate the Goat.  A teenage boy almost perished because of it.  One teenager who was raped by the Goat was committed to a Long Island psychiatric hospital after he attempted suicide.

The article ends with a quotation from a Tikva girl:  “This will be a Purim meal I shall always remember,” commented Tikvah junior Naomi Lake of Bridgeport.”

Since this blog was first posted I tracked down Attorney Mordecai Biser and was able to speak with him.  Biser is special counsel to Agudah Israel.   Mordecai Biser worked for the Goat back in the 1980s. I spoke with him on 9/27/18. Attorney Mordecai told me that working for the Goat was “the worst experience of my entire life.” Mordecai Biser said that the compound was “abusive.” He said that had he known that the Goat was raping children he would have called the police and had the Goat locked up years ago. Mordecai said that he put a mortgage on a Goat property for $50K because the Goat owed him $50K in back salary. The Goat claimed that he was having cash flow issues and could not make regular payments to Mordecai. Mordecai agreed to defer his salary. Eventually Mordecai was advised to put a lien on the Goat’s real estate. Mordecai was also advised by a New Haven Rabbi who ran a local shul for 30 years, Bikur Cholem, to leave New Haven. Mordecai told this Rabbi about the abuse he suffered under the thumb of the Goat. The Rabbi told him to leave New Haven as soon as possible. Many people who lived in the compound left for the same reason. The Goat started two Kollels in the compound. Each Kollel was disbanded by the Goat. The Kollel rabbis were forced to leave after the Goat refused to pay them. Countless Jewish families have lived in the compound, only later to be driven out by the Goat.






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