Jewish Bonnie & Clyde From Beverly Hills On The Lam

Jewish Bonnie & Clyde From Beverly Hills On The Lam

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Dr. David Morrow was a big time plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills who had a busy practice at the Morrow Institute that he founded.  David’s wife Linda was the executive director of the Morrow Institute.  The Morrows used to be prominent members of the Orthodox Jewish communities of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.  They have four married children and many grandchildren.  The entire mishpacha loved Dr. Morrow.  Everyone endearingly referred to Dr. Morrow as “Abba.”

Everyone loved Dr. Morrow because he was very generous with his ill begotten gains.  Dr. Morrow made almost a hundred million dollars overcharging insurance companies for plastic surgery and other medical procedures.  Dr. Morrow eventually got busted by the Feds.  Linda Morrow also got busted by the Feds for filing false tax returns.

Dr. Morrow and his wife pleaded guilty and signed a plea agreement, and awaited sentencing.  A few days after Dr. Morrow signed a plea agreement he sold his Beverly Hills mansion for close to ten million dollars.  Dr. Morrow wired the money to an off shore account.  Dr. Morrow failed to report this financial transaction to the Feds.

When you sign a plea agreement with the Feds you promise to fully disclose all of your assets and keep the Feds appraised of your current financial condition.  You have to submit financial worksheets.  You have to agree not to run up new lines of credit.  I spent days putting together a financial affidavit for the Feds when I got busted.  My attorney told me to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I didn’t want to get in trouble with the Feds.

The Morrows, on the other hand, lied to the Feds, and purposely failed to tell them about the ten million dollar sale of their mansion.  The Feds assumed that the Morrows would be honest.  The Department of Justice should know better than to trust criminals.  How does a convicted felon sell a $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills without setting off red flags within the powerful army of the Federal Government?  Apparently the Feds were too busy interrogating porn stars in DC to know what was going on in Beverly Hills.  By the time the Feds figured out what was going on with the Morrows, Bonnie and Clyde were long gone.

A month before the Morrows were scheduled to be sentenced in Federal court they went on the lam.  They didn’t have time to say goodbye to their many children, grandchildren, friends or relatives, who submitted hundreds of character letters to the sentencing judge.  Bonnie & Clyde made their exodus right after Passover, in May of 2017.

The Morrows royally pissed off the Feds when they didn’t show up in Federal Court in May of 2017.  Not only did they pull a fast one with the sale of their Beverly Hills mansion, but they added insult to injury by skipping town.  This is what a United States Attorney wrote in a memo to the sentencing Judge:

“Rather than face his victims and this Court later this month for sentencing Dr. Morrow and his wife instead have become fugitives from justice. To make it worse, the government recently uncovered that before slinking away, they had wire-transferred millions of dollars, most likely to fund their flight and disappearance. Last, leading up to his becoming a fugitive in May 2017, defendant provided false information to U.S. Probation – an arm of the Court – multiple times, including failing to report the sale of his Beverly Hills residence for $9,450,000, and his involvement in many trusts.”

Do the Feds actually believe that the Morrows cared about their victims.  The only entities victimized by the Morrows were multi billion dollar health insurance companies and Medicare.  The patients got their plastic surgery on the government’s dime and the dime of the insurance companies.  Dr. Morrow was a modern day Robin Hood.  The insurance companies make their billions by denying claims and forcing patients and doctors to fight to pay for the most minor of procedures.  Most patients give up and die at home while insurance company executives laugh all the way to the bank.  Dr. Morrow turned the tables on the insurance companies and got them to pay for tummy tucks, boob jobs and nose jobs.  Dr. Morrow made people in California look and feel better about themselves.  Dr. Morrow performed a valuable public service.

The Federal prosecutor who referred to the Morrows as fugitives who “slinked” away is Attorney Charles Edward Pell, a Gentile.  To slink away is to move stealthily like a fox.  Throughout history Jews have been stereotyped as clever and devious, and red like a fox.  In Europe red hair was a Jewish trait and identified with Judas.  During the Spanish Inquisition those with red hair were singled out as Jews.  In Italy Judas was depicted as red-haired in Italian art. Writers from Shakespeare to Dickens gave Jewish characters red hair.

If a drug dealer skipped out on the Feds do you think that Attorney Charles Edward Pell would refer to the drug dealer as a clever, slinking fox?  Attorney Pell would refer to the drug dealer as just another criminal who skipped bail, it happens every day.  But when a rich Jew skips out on bail, the Jew is portrayed as a wretched, miserly, devious red animal who refuses to “face his victims in Court.”

As a fellow criminal, I have to give the Morrows credit, its not easy to hide from the Feds these days in the digital age with Big Brother watching you on every corner, even with millions of dollars at your disposal.  But is it worth it to never to see your family again?  I would rather go to jail than spend the rest of my life on the lam completely cut off from my friends and family.  Dr. Morrow had a large community of friends and family that revered him.  It must have been very difficult for Dr. Morrow to go on the lam.  My circle of friends and family are not as large as the Morrow family, I only got a handful of character letters when I was sentenced.  Plus my friends and family do not revere me, in fact I think most of them hate me, but I would still go to jail rather than sit on some beach on an island in the middle of nowhere sipping Pina Coladas all day.

Dr. Morrow had access to a huge stash of cash.  He could have lived like a king in the Big House.  He could have paid off guards, inmates, even the warden.  Morrow would have had access to cell phones, computers, food smuggled in from the outside, furloughs every weekend, you name it.  Morrow probably could have arranged to have one of his grandchildren have his Bar Mitzvah in the Big House.  The Blues Brothers could have provided the entertainment.

If Morrow stuck around for sentencing he probably would have got ten years, more or less.  He would have been out in eight.  He would have got plenty of weekend furloughs to spend with his family and act as gabbai at his Palm Springs shul.  I knew many guys doing ten years.  It’s not easy, but what are the alternatives.

Ten years is a long stretch, but at least Dr. Morrow wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder all the time waiting for the Feds to close in.  The insurance companies could hire investigators and mercenaries to hunt him down.  The Morrows would have to live way under the radar.  They wouldn’t be able to trust anyone while living on the lam.  They would have to live the rest of their lives in their self imposed prison in the middle of nowhere.

Dr. Morrow admitted that he submitted millions of dollars in claims for procedures that he certified were medically necessary but really were cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, nose jobs and boob jobs.  Patients underwent procedures they did not want in exchange for promises from Morrow that he would perform nose jobs and tummy tucks. Tummy tucks were billed as hernia repair or abdominal reconstruction surgeries, rhinoplasties (“nose jobs”) were billed as deviated septum repair surgeries, and boob jobs were billed as “tuberous breast deformity.”  Dr. Morrow changed “Abdominoplasty” (tummy tuck) by covering up the word and handwriting “umbilical & ventral hernias” on top of it.

Dr. Morrow submitted hundreds of character letters of support from family, friends and members of the Jewish and medical community.

Dr. Arielle Morrow, who works in internal medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, wrote “My father taught me and all his children to be a “mensch” and to stand for integrity. Every person I help live or help die with grace and without suffering, is a tribute to my father’s legacy to truly provide humanistic medicine.”  Does Arielle practice euthanasia on the side?

Arielle continued:  “My father has simple wishes, he does not shop for clothes, shoes, watches, etc…, his great pleasures are to sit around the Shabbat table with his children and grandchildren for a home cooked meal, to give my mother a foot massage while they watch reruns, engage his children in deep discussion, and go for a nice long walk.”  Is it permissible to give your wife a foot massage while watching reruns on Shabbat?

Arielle concluded:  “Judge Staton, I respectfully beseech you.  The man awaiting your judgment is not perfect and he has made many mistakes.  Please, grant him a merciful sentence.”  I think Arielle copied this line from Artscroll’s latest publication, “How To Write a Character Letter When Your Father Is About To Be Sentenced To Federal Prison.”   Dr. Morrow was sentenced to twenty years, in absentia, by Judge Staton.  He would have got half the time had he showed up to court.

Dina Morrow, another daughter wrote:  “As a dermatological cosmetic surgeon, specializing in faces, my father was acutely aware of the sun’s harmful rays.  Walking to synagogue on Saturday morning, we were bedecked with gargantuan hats, which made seeing two inches in front of my face nearly impossible.”  Most Jews are darker than the goyim, and can handle the sun.  Sunblock 10 would have been sufficient for Dina, she didn’t need to wear a giant hat and walk into telephone poles while walking to shul on Shabbat.

Dina continued:  “My father’s cornerstone is his bedrock faith in Judaism.  He’s instilled in me a profound trust in G-d’s ways.  My father’s favorite saying was, ‘We don’t know what the future holds, but we known Who holds the future.’  When I only responded with nominal interest, he asked me if I remembered that he learned that quotation from a screensaver I had on my laptop in high school….”  Dr. Morrow’s sage advice he had for his children was the result of many years of studying Torah, screensavers and Hallmark cards.

Dina complimented her father on his culinary skills:  “My father made omelets for us, lovingly called ‘kitchen sink omelets’ since every available vegetable was tossed in, creating a colorful masterpiece, providing us with the necessary nutrients for a day of fun with dad.”  Dr. Morrow was a Picasso in the kitchen.  That should count for something with Judge Staton.

Dina Morrow continued:  “I remember when I was growing up in our synagogue in Palm Springs, which my parents helped found, there were a few people who dressed inappropriately or behaved a little oddly.  I remember specifically a gentleman who had emitted an offensive odor.  My father, as the gabbai, always made it a point to invite them in and give them an honor to make them feel welcome.  He would converse with them at the Kiddush and generally make them feel valued.”  A shul that welcomes members who emit offensive odors is my kind of synagogue.  Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat, may wish to join this synagogue.

Dr. Morrow’s sister in law wrote:  “The David Morrow who I know is devoted to family, the
Jewish community, and the greater Palm Springs community. Along with helping to build a more vibrant and observant Jewish community, David and Linda also volunteered their time and provided financial support to a variety of charitable organizations, including being key sponsors of Women Running Wild, an annual 5K Run/Walk fundraising event to raise
funds for cancer research.”  Women running wild scares me. They should stay on the West Coast.

Attorney Aryeh Guttenberg, of Baltimore, wrote:  “David grew up with a strong secular background but without any formal Jewish education.  After he met Linda they both became committed to their religion as a lifelong undertaking, they constantly study the ethical teachings of their faith.  David has sustained Jewish educational institutions in the United States and in Israel.”

Putting aside the millions of dollars fraudulently billed to insurance companies, David Morrow is clearly a righteous Jew, a tzadik, possibly the Moschiach, who should receive a Presidential Medal of Honor, or at least a Presidential pardon.  Does The Donald have any pardons left for Yidden up his sleeve?  The Donald recently commuted the 27 year jail sentence of kosher slaughterhouse king Sholom Rubashkin.  A couple of days ago the Donald pardoned Scooter Libby, a Jew raised in the City of New Haven who graduated magna cum laude from Yale University and Columbia Law School.  Rubashkin was raised in Brooklyn and graduated magna cum latke in shechita from Agriprocessors University in Postville, Iowa.  Scooter and Sholom are rumored to have met at Trump University when they enrolled as non-matriculating students in the 1980s.

Michael Novack wrote:  “I have a close relationship with my father in law, whom I call “Abba” which means father in Hebrew.  I know Abba as a man of integrity and regularly seek his advice in my personal and professional life.  Abba and I attend the same synagogue in Beverly Hills and he is well respected and beloved by his community.  Whenever Abba is in town for the Sabbath or a Jewish holiday the regular gabbai steps down and affords Abba the honorable position as gabbai.  My son gets so excited and looks forward to spending special time with Abba in the synagogue.”   Abba will not get to see his children, grandchildren or the rest of his large mishpacha while he is on the lam.

Another son in law, Attorney Barak Kamelgard, wrote: “I have known Abba for three years. Dr. Morrow is the antithesis of the flashy cosmetic surgeon one may expect from the stereotype depicted on television and in the movies.  I have rarely seen him in anything but a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, or scrubs.  He does not drive the newest cars or have the latest season’s fashions.  He never takes vacations or does anything for himself.”  Hawaiian shirts?  Cargo shorts?  Dr. Morrow must be a big fan of MASH, which went off the air in 1983.  What’s the point in stealing $100 million if you can’t spend the dead Presidents on hoes, booze, sports cars, gold teeth, a new crib and the latest threads?  What an idiot.

Dr. Morrow and his wife are considered fugitives from justice.  If you have seen this couple they may be armed with a sharp scalpel, a stethoscope, and rolls of sterile bandages.  Use extreme caution when approaching them.  They could stab you with their scalpel, choke you with their stethoscope and tie you up with their bandages.  Whatever you do, do NOT turn them into the Feds.  I want to be the first to interview them.  Plus there is no reward on their tuchoses so whats the point in ratting them out?  I will offer a reward of one freshly baked noodle kugel if you bring them back to me dead or alive, but preferably alive, I cannot interview them if they are dead.

4 thoughts on “Jewish Bonnie & Clyde From Beverly Hills On The Lam

  1. I love Dr. Morrow. 20 years ago, he “lifted” my upper eyelids and I paid cash. Wish I had known earlier… maybe I could have gotten my insurance to pay for some needed treatments…

  2. Larry Noodles you make fun of a family disaster.
    A man because of greed ruined his life and his wife’s life and will be behind bars for the rest of his life. At 72 what how much longer will he live. He billed insurance for cases he did. He didn’t bill for not doing a case. He worked hard and has operated on many people and those people received a service performed by him and paid by insurance companies. At 71 he didn’t retire.
    Life goes on. He and his wife will settle down in jail. One day after another. His example teaches to be kind, and great full the feds did put you in jail Mr. Noodle

    1. The fact that he was a hard working fraudster who cost the government millions of dollars is nothing to be proud of. He should have retired early and moved to Miami Beach, he would not have cost the government so much money. He and his wife will never “settle down” in jail. Nobody settles down it the American gulag. If he was in Europe he would probably have avoided in effect a life sentence. The Feds already put me in jail, and I was the butt of Bill Maher’s jokes, which didn’t bother me, What makes the Morrow case interesting is the fact that he ran off to Israel, which used to be a sanctuary for Jewish criminals. Not any more. I don’t believe that jail has any impact on white collar criminals. I can see jail for guys who are violent or child molesters, society has to be protected, plus jail time will encourage other victims to come forward and not feel that the system is useless. Financial crime can be dealt with in the civil realm, ie., the SEC brings enforcement actions, and stockholders have the right to sue, but a victim of violent crime suffers more than just a loss of money.

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