Jewish Candidates Fight For Seat In Congress

Jewish Candidates Fight For Seat In Congress

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Mary Glassman had to fight off Rabbi Shaul Praver, pictured above, for the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress in the Fifth District in Connecticut, which includes the City of Waterbury and surrounding towns.

The Democratic Party endorsed Mary over the Rabbi.  Rabbi Praver was the Rabbi of the only Jewish Congregation in Sandy Hook.  He was in the national media after the school shooting. Praver advertises himself for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and motivational speaking engagements.  Praver is also a professional spiritual lounge singer.  You can catch his latest hits on YouTube.  He is not as famous as Goat buddy Gary Lynes, but very few lounge singers reach the level of Lynes.

Mary Glassman has a long history in Democratic politics.  Mary ran on Goat buddy Mayor John DeStefano’s ticket for Governor, after King John lost to Jodi Rell.  Mary was the First Selectwoman for the rural town of Simsbury.  Simsbury has a sizable population of goats.  But goats can’t vote in Simsbury.

Democrat Jahana Hayes waged a primary challenge to Glassman, which is tomorrow.  Jahana claims that she was raised in a tough housing project in the City of  Waterbury.  If Mary and Jahana got in a street fight I would put all my money on Jahana.  As far as the primary is concerned, so far it is a close race.  Both candidates raised about $460K to spend on cheesy tv commercials and mailings.  Both candidates publicly declared that they won’t accept money from corporate PACs.  Yet they both lined their pockets with money from unions, trade groups, special interest groups and lobbyists.

Jahana’s claim to fame is that she was named Teacher of the Year by President Obama.  Jahana’s connection to Obama may hurt her in the election.  Or it could help her.  Either way, Jahana produced a copy of her birth certificate.  Jahana’s birth certificate has eyewitness statements to attest that she was born on a queen sized mattress in the Berkeley Heights Housing Projects in the City of Waterbury.

Jahana does not have a Muslim name, unlike Obama, nor is she affiliated with Muslims, Arabs or terrorists, unlike Obama.  The name Jahana is derived from the Persian word “Jahan” which means woman of the world.  Jahana was a popular name in the 1970s, but today nobody names their kid Jahana.

Jahana graduated from the University of Bridgeport.  The University of Bridgeport is more dangerous than the Berkeley Heights Housing Projects.  I graduated from the University of Bridgeport School of Law.  Robberies, car thefts and even rape were daily occurrences at the University of Bridgeport.  I got mugged at gunpoint.  Jahana must be one tough woman to have survived Berkeley Heights and the University of Bridgeport.

Jahana says on her campaign website that her family had addiction problems and she was a baby mama as teenager.  After she became an adult she sold out and married a cop.  It could be worse, she could have married a Federal prosecutor.  After she got married she moved out of Waterbury and now lives in the burbs.  She hopes that her home girls from the hood will come out and vote for her.

Whoever wins the Democratic primary in August will face Republican Manny Santos in the general election in November. Santos is an immigrant from Portugal.  Manny is the former mayor of Meriden and has nothing but praise for Donald Trump.   I am surprised Trump let this wetback sneak onto the ballot.  Trump should demand to see his birth certificate.

Mary Glassman has a long list of prominent Connecticut attorneys supporting her.  Norm Pattis, the attorney who won an acquittal for Yale student Saifullah Khan in a rape case, supports her. Mary is supported by attorney Hugh Keefe. Hugh’s firm is representing Avi Hack in his appeal of Judge Shea’s ruling that I get a copy of Avi Hack’s videotaped deposition.  That appeal is still pending before the Second Circuit.

Glassman has support from veteran Democrats such as Ned Lamont, Susan Bysiewicz, and Goat buddy John DiStefano.  Glassman has the gay vote locked up with support from lobbyist Joe Grabarz.  I don’t know if Rabbi Daniel Greer supports Glassman, but the goat does not consider himself to be gay.  The Goat believes in the sanctity of marriage and testified against gay marriage before the State Legislature.  The Goat believes that having forced sex with teenage boys is just a hobby.

The City of Waterbury, which is populated with Blacks and with Jews who wear black hats, will be a key battleground in this primary. Glassman has support from pro-Israel PACs.  Glassman supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinians, BDS, PETA, Al Sharpten, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Neturei Karta.  Hayes has not yet taken a position on Israel.  Dumb move.  Politicians are either pro-Israel or Anti-Semites.

Hayes has taken a position on pot.  Hayes wants to legalize marijuana.  Glassman is against the legalization of marijuana. Hopefully Hayes will support Israel once her marijuana buzz wears off.  Hopefully Glassman will get stoned and change her mind about marijuana.

Both candidates got big bucks from special interest groups, trade groups, corporations, unions and big money interests.  The medical marijuana industry is supporting Larry Noodles as a write in candidate.  I am not a pot smoker.  I am just against the Feds regulating a weed you can grow in your back yard.  The Feds might as well regulate dandelions.

I can’t vote in Waterbury so I could care less who wins.  I have never been a fan of politicians, lawyers, or teachers for that matter.  Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA the Goat is a lawyer, a teacher, a political operator, and a child molester.

Larry Noodles message to the black hats in Waterbury:  Support your fellow Jew Mary aka Miriam Glassman.  If you were not already aware, women are allowed to vote, so you can send your wives to the polls.  But they can only vote once, they can’t go back for seconds, this is not a kosher buffet.

Larry Noodles message to the Blacks in Waterbury:  Vote Early and Vote Often for Jahana

Larry Noodles prediction for Congress:  Miriam Glassman

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  1. If larry noodles doesn’t run for mayor… Then Fucking president of the united states of America..LARRY LARRY LARRY…OHHH WAIT NOODLE NOODLES NOODLES……

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