Jewish Mama’s Boy Billion Dollar Drug Empire

Jewish Mama’s Boy Billion Dollar Drug Empire

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Jonathan Braun used to run a billion dollar drug empire out of a three bedroom colonial of his unsuspecting Orthodox Jewish parents while he was in his 20s.  In the outer banks of Staten Island, of all places, Jonathan ran an international marijuana drug dealing operation.  Braun had Los Angeles street gangs and the Hell’s Angels smuggle marijuana through an Indian reservation on the New York – Canadian border and then distribute it all over the United States.  The New York Post referred to this young man as “Mama’s boy Braun.”

Braun’s operation raked in $6 million a week.  60 guys were arrested as part of the operation.  When the Feds were closing in, Braun fled to Canada, and then to Israel.  For some reason Braun returned to the United States and turned himself in.  I haven’t determined what made him return to the USA, as court documents and news websites offer no clues or explanation.  Braun would have been protected in Israel.  Israel provides sanctuary for Jews fleeing the long arm of American law.  Israel hosts a whole city of American rabbi pedophiles.

It’s possible that the Feds threatened to bust Braun’s parents, under the legal theory of “constructive possession”, the latest drug dealing arsenal that allows the Feds to bust just about anyone for dealing.  Many years ago the criminal laws required that the Feds prove that there was a “specific intent” to commit a crime.  The Federal criminal laws and statutes, such as the laws of conspiracy, have eroded the requirement of specific intent.  All the Feds need to prove is negligence, or even just stupidity.  That’s what my lawyer told me when the Feds charged me with conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud.  I told my lawyer that I knew nothing about false appraisals, doctored up income statements, and all the rest of the shenanigans that went on during the subprime mortgage boom.  Even the Feds conceded that I wasn’t involved in the loan application or the loan approval process.  My lawyer told me to forget it, all the Feds needed to prove was mere negligence.  I couldn’t even plead insanity. I must have been insane to get involved with guys like….

The Feds can argue that Braun’s parents should have known that Braun was running a billion dollar drug operation out of the bunk bed of his childhood bedroom.  How do you keep a billion dollar operation with at least 60 employees a secret?  Braun’s parents would not have the strength to fight the Feds against conspiracy charges carrying a thirty year jail sentence, while mama’s boy Braun is living it up in the Holy Land.

Trump buddy Michael Flynn did the same this week when he pleaded guilty to lying to the Feds. The Feds were threatening to bust Flynn’s son.  Flynn’s options were not very good.  He either pleaded guilty and avoided jail altogether, or the Feds would have charged him with violating everything from lying to the Feds to urinating on the Patriot Act.  Flynn would have ended up sharing a jail cell with his son for many years.

Trump was right when he criticized the Justice Department for destroying Flynn’s life for lying to an FBI agent, while the Hillary investigation got dropped.  Find me a politician who doesn’t lie.  If you locked up all the politicians who lie you wouldn’t have enough jail cells. Federal prosecutors have a power called “prosecutorial discretion,” which allows them to bust or not bust anyone they want at any given time.  This is why Flynn’s life gets destroyed while Hillary got to walk into the sunset with Slick Willie.  But this has been going on for years.  Nobody dared to criticize the FBI or the Justice Department, not until Donald Trump got elected President and Larry Noodles got released from prison.

After Braun came back to America from Israel, he got indicted.  The Feds seized about a million bucks in petty cash Braun had lying around the house and sitting in safe deposit boxes.  Braun’s friends and family posted $10 million in assets so that Braun could be out on bail.  Within a year Braun was negotiating a plea agreement.  Braun pleaded guilty in 2011, yet still hasn’t been sentenced.

While his case has been pending for the last seven years, there has been some talk that he has been cooperating with the Feds.  Usually when a case sits around for so long it is a good indication that the defendant is ratting out other guys.  If you want to avoid the time, drop a dime, as they say in the clink.  Sammy the Bull Gravano only got three years in jail after he ratted out John Gotti.  John Gotti died in prison.  John had a brother Gene who ran a multi-million dollar heroin operation.  Gene got a 50 year jail sentence, and is expected to be released in 2018.  I was locked up with a guy who claimed to be friends with Gene Gotti.  Guys in prison like to drop names so I didn’t really believe him.  When I got out of jail I looked him up, he worked for the Gambinos and also sold heroin, so it’s possible he knew Gene.

As part of his condition for bail, Mama’s boy Braun was stuck in time out at his parents house.  While he was on home confinement in Staten Island, Braun knocked up a young attractive female.  Braun is no longer called mama’s boy, now he is called baby daddy.  Since Braun is a man of honor, he proposed to the young woman.  The Feds just gave Braun permission to leave his boyhood bedroom in order to announce his engagement at his future in-laws house.  The Feds also gave him permission to attend a vort (engagement party), permission to go to the Ohel (the Rebbe’s crypt in order to receive a blessing from the Rebbe), permission to travel to the Diamond District to help pick out the wedding ring, permission to get fitted for a tux, permission to go to the sheva brachos, permission attend Lamaze classes with his baby mama, and finally, permission to go house hunting with his young eishes chayil.  Braun doesn’t want to sleep in his bunk bed with his new wife anymore.  He wants his own house with a king sized bed fit for a drug kingpin.

Why would the Feds allow this mensch all this freedom when he is supposed to be facing 30 years in jail?  And more importantly, why would the Feds allow this snag to visit the Ohel?  There should be a law against that.

Whatever happened to Braun’s buddies who got busted along with Braun?  Co-defendant Brian Guariglia got killed in a mysterious motorcycle accident in Staten Island.  Guariglia was hit by a Camaro in Staten Island that was driven by a guy who refused to give his name to the police.  Guariglia’s death was ruled an accident by the Staten Island police.  Sounds like a Tony Soprano hit made to look like an accident.  Another co-defendant, a young Jew named Akiva Saltzman, was found with a bullet in his head inside of his torched automobile in Los Angeles.  Akiva didn’t survive the bullet or the explosion.  Both guys were rumored to be rats, as they were facing very little jail time for their roles in this billion dollar drug operation.

Did Braun order these hits?  Or is Braun going to be next on the hit list?  Did Braun watch too many episodes of Baby Faced Finster?  How is Braun Jr. doing? Is he, or she, going to take over the drug operation when, and if, Braun Sr. goes to jail?

Braun is small time compared to the Jewish drug dealing family named the Sacklers.  This family of Jewish doctors owns Purdue Pharma, the producer of OxyContin, a company that has reaped them $14 billion in wealth.  Braun may have killed off a few rats who spoke to the Feds, but he never killed off his customers with marijuana. How do you overdose on marijuana?  The Sacklers, on the other hand, have been leaving body bags all over the country for the last thirty years. The incompetent Feds, who enabled the Sacklers to create the drug epidemic, are finally shutting down Sacklers operation.  But the Sacklers have decided to follow the business model of big tobacco, and hawk their product overseas, where the markets are largely unregulated.

If you have any information as to why Braun still has not been sentenced, after almost seven years, please do not contact the FBI, the CIA or the KGB.  Please contact Donald Trump and Larry Noodles immediately.








4 thoughts on “Jewish Mama’s Boy Billion Dollar Drug Empire

  1. Braun runs a company called Richmond Capital, ripping off merchant with usurious loans not sure how this guy gets away it or have or how he has so much loot still, I’m sure the feds have no idea what is doing, just another illegal business right under their noses.

  2. He destroyed my business, with this loan stating that I defaulted I never did, I proved it yet he laughed and told me he knew I had the money he wanted from me . It’s unbelievable no one can’t do anything as I hire an attorney in NY and was able to nothing. He basically destroyed my business by Levied my account and getting 100% of the initial 24,999 loan he got 56,000 from my account and the people who work for him are as crook as he is . He is well protected that’s why he is able to even use judges and marshals to do this type of business. Sad how this man is not behind bars but little kids are getting killed and deported for doing minor infractions or no crimes at all.

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