Jewish New Year Fundraising Not Going Well for Greer

Jewish New Year Fundraising Not Going Well for Greer


Mr. Greer is doing his annual fundraising at his asylum.  Every year just before Rosh Hashanah Greer sends out solicitation letters to people who Greer thinks are stupid enough to send him money.  This year is no different.  But this year I heard that Greer is not getting many checks.

The solicitation letter also includes a list of the times for Rosh Hashanah services, as if anyone is going to show up.  Nobody from his family will dare step into New Haven.  Greer’s has no friends left in New Haven, other than gremlins Zalman Alpert, Lou Goldberg, Jerry Paley, Bruce Altman, Quick Draw McGraw, Arnie Rogoff, and a few other local miscreants.

In his solicitation letter Mr. Greer asks for money to go towards the purchase of a new prayer book. The prayer books in the Greer asylum are old and dirty.  Scam artist Greer wants $50 or more to get a new prayer book.  Your name gets printed on the inside of the book indicating that you made the contribution.  But its all just a scam.  I have sent in money and Greer never put my name in any prayer book.  Others sent in money too and no new prayer books.

Greer doesn’t buy new prayer books with the money you send him.  If you are lucky con man Greer will put a new sticker on the inside cover of an old prayer book and plaster your name on a sticker on the inside cover. Greer pays Gremlin Lou Goldberg ten bucks to print each sticker. Goldberg must have brain damage from sniffing too much ink.  He still supports the pedophile predator named Greer.  If Greer had sodomized Goldberg’s children, that would be a  different story.  It was OK for Greer to sodomize the son of Goldberg’s friend Harold Hack.  As long as Goldberg gets the Greer gold, nothing else matters.

Goldberg might try getting a job printing advertisements for tobacco companies.  At least the cancer sticks sold by the tobacco companies put you out of your misery.  Getting sodomized by Greer leaves you a lifetime of pain and misery.

Mr. Greer is depending on the boys he pays from the Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens to make his minyan for Rosh Hashanah.  He pays a few of the local New Haven gremlins as well.  What do these gremlins see in this senile 75 year old tyrant?  It’s like volunteering to help Saddam Hussein.



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