Jewish Reporter Accuses Yale Daily Editors of Heeb Hatred

Jewish Reporter Accuses Yale Daily Editors of Heeb Hatred

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Yale Daily News reporter Avigayil Halpern resigned from the newspaper because she said the editors were anti-Semites

On June 19th Yale Daily News opinion reporter Avigayil Halpern accused her editors at the Yale Daily of being Jew haters. She stated that her editors were “real” anti-Semites, not the fake anti-Semites who post comments on this blog. Most of Avigayil’s Yale Daily articles are about her personal experiences as a religious Jewish girl living at the elite institution of higher education known as Yale University. Her articles are similar to my blogs which describe my experiences as a Jewish man living in the elite Federal correctional institution known as Otisville. Avigayil’s experiences as a Jewess living on the Yale campus are far more traumatizing and dehumanizing than any of my experiences living in Otisville.

Avigayil did not pay off the soccer coach to get into Yale. Avigayil was a product of affirmative action. Avigayil’s father graduated Yale in 1995. This means that Avigayil is the product of good breeding. Yale gives special consideration to applicants who have good pedigrees. This legacy set aside program is no different than Yale accepting shvartzes under it’s affirmative action program. The only difference between Avigayil and a shvartze is that nobody will ever question Avigayil’s Yale degree, except for me of course. Avigayil’s father was not just any ordinary Yalie. Avigayil’s father was a Jewish activist who blazed trails for future Orthodox Jews, such as his daughter Avigayil. Avigayil wrote an article about how her father petitioned Yale to provide keys for Shabbat observant Jews so that they would not have to use the electronic locks on the Sabbath.

My spot at the exclusive Otisville Club Fed prison was not the result of good breeding, affirmative action, paying off the Warden, or a legacy set aside. I am not a shvartze or a Native American. My father never did time in Otisville. My father has never been arrested in his entire life. I earned the right to be incarcerated in Otisville on my own merit. I committed a crime, I got caught, I got indicted, I pleaded guilty, I got sentenced, I self-surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and I got caught stealing spiral pasta while I was incarcerated. All Avigayil did to get into Yale was fill out a ten page application form, submit a writing sample and write a check for $100.00. Avigayil never stole any noodles. The Feds are still demanding that I write a check for $400,000.00 as restitution. The Feds seem to think I made $400K from 7 closings and stashed the money in an off shore account. I’m not that smart. I didn’t graduate from Yale.

I conducted a thorough background investigation of Avigayil Halpern and determined that she once got arrested by the New York City cops. She even admitted her crime in one of her articles. Avigayil wrote in the Yale Daily: “In July, I was arrested protesting outside the home of Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase. The arrest, technically for blocking traffic on Park Avenue, was part of a protest involved in a strategy to push JP Morgan Chase to stop financing the private prison companies imprisoning parents who had been separated from their children. I have long been unsure about how to best talk about my arrest. It was a risk, of course, but a small one: I am a petite White woman, I have the financial means to pay fines I could have incurred and I was supported by my community and the justice organizations who put on the demonstration. I had access to a lawyer and the ability and time to travel to court for my appearance. Even so –– I was terrified.”

Even though she got busted by the cops, Avigayil will never have street cred. Avigayil didn’t spend one night in prison. Avigayil never shared a bunk with a sadistic lesbian inmate. How can anyone take her writing seriously?

Avigayil has written about how she has feared getting attacked by anti-Semitic Yale students. Avigayil wrote in one of her Yale Daily articles: “President Donald Trump’s candidacy and election has empowered anti-Semites and anti-Semitic discourse. This resurgence of public and unabashed anti-Semitism has caused many young American Jews to question the sense of comfort that made us cynical toward our elders’ concerns. I am among them. Since the election, I’ve begun to fear for my safety. I recently found myself idly imagining where I would hide if a shooter came into Slifka Center. A friend of mine who wears a kippah had slurs yelled at him out of a car window last week. These bomb threats have deeply shaken my community. But physical threats against Jews are only one form of anti-Semitism. We in our ivory tower are not immune to perpetuating this violence.”

The reason Avigayil’s friend with the yarmulke got cursed out is because he was blocking traffic in the middle of Elm Street along with a gaggle of other Yalies who don’t know how to read traffic signs. Avigayil shouldn’t live in fear at Yale. Avigayil should not have to cower behind boxes of matzah ball soup at the Slifka Jewish Center. Didn’t Avigayil learn anything from the establishment of the State of Israel? Jews cannot depend on the goyim for protection. Jews need to be self reliant. Jews need to buy their own guns and protect themselves. I think Avigayil could easily get a gun permit in the State of Connecticut, even with her minor criminal record. With a gun permit Avigayil will be able to swagger, saunter and swash buckle around the Slifka Center with a pistol on her hip. The only problem I foresee is if Avigayil saw me in the Slifka Center kosher dining hall eating a pastrami sandwich. I suspect Avigayil is a hard core vegetarian. Because I am a felon I am not allowed to possess a gun. I would be a sitting duck.

After Avigayil resigned from the Yale Daily she delivered a Twitter tirade against her editors. Avigayil’s manifesto came in the form of numerous Tweets, the communication of choice for the President she so despises. She tweeted: “Toward the end of my last semester, I resigned from my position as a columnist at my school paper. I’d loved the position and written work I was really proud of. I resigned because of repeated antisemitism from my editors. I’m not going to enumerate the incidents here. Trust me. I was hurt, and angry, and after the editors kept making the choices they were making in public and in private correspondence, I couldn’t in good faith stay on at the paper. My instinct was to write about what had happened. I drafted an essay, I pitched it to a different campus publication. But I ultimately decided not to talk about this in public. Why? I was scared that my story would be taken up and weaponized. The editors were both people of color and progressives. I wasn’t going to be another click for an article about antisemitism on the left. This was real antisemitism, and it happened over and over. I ultimately felt that it was too big a risk to the political community and work I care most about for me to talk about this antisemitism and how it had harmed me. THIS WAS NOT ABOUT THE LEFT SILENCING ME. This was about the habits of the right of jumping on particular sites of tension. As a White Jewish woman, I couldn’t bear the thought of being fodder for that.”

Avigayil’s Twitter followers did not support her decision not to go public about the anti-Semitism of her editors. Here are some of the responses written by Avigayil’s Twitter followers: “I hear the concern. But struggle to understand why protecting the left anti-Semites so that right anti-Semites can’t use left anti-Semitism to own the liberals is the answer.” “Your experience reminds me why I try to create a socialist revolution entirely by means of hitobodidut and private study of Torah – and now I feel that I’ve almost persuaded the holy one.” “Antisemitism is pretty bad, but it takes a back seat to other political priorities.” “Yeah that’s kinda sad you should’ve made a deal out of it.” “Fear of heresy, based on self-interest, leads to dogmatism and bigotry of a peculiarly paralyzing kind.”

In her Twitter tirade Avigayil referred to herself as a “White woman.” Avigayil referred to her anti-Semitic editors as “people of color.” I thought Jews were dark skinned Semites, a Hebrew nation of kinky hair and sun tans, but not too dark, not shvartzes chas v shalom. Why does Avigayil keep referring to herself as a White woman? She is not even a woman, she was never married, she is still a girl. I don’t know what kind of stupidity Yale has been teaching it’s students.

Avigayil is a total hypocrite. Avigayil pontificates about her love for “people of color.” If Avigayil really loved people of color she would have given her pedigree spot at Yale to a person of color, or to one of the prison inmates she protested for in front of Jamie Dimon’s penthouse apartment on Park Avenue. Yale sets aside about 10-20 percent of its incoming freshmen class to legacies, athletes, billionaire babies, and rug rats spawned by presidents and movie stars. Most of these kids are white. If this 20 percent of the class was based entirely on SAT scores most of these spots would go to the children of Chinese tiger moms. Chinese kids already have a Federal case pending against Harvard for reverse discrimination. Jewish kids made the same complaints back in the first half of the 20th century. In the 1950s 80-90% of Yale spots went to white kids while 10-20% of the spots were set aside for Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities. If Yale’s admission policy in the 1950s was based entirely on test scores Yale would have been renamed Yael University. China was still a backwater in those days.

Yale needs to start an affirmative action program for ex-cons, felons, and former inmates. There needs to be more diversity at Yale. Former prisoners would add to that diversity. Avigayil should drop out of her rabbinical studies program and lead this new inmate initiative I have proposed at Yale. I will volunteer to develop an anger management class, the first of its kind at Yale. Anger Management 101. Avigayil would greatly benefit from my anger management class. I was taught anger management under the tutelage of the very best and brightest, and angriest, at Otisville, ie., Inmate Ed Stein.


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