Jewish Survivors of Meat Locker Detention Center

Jewish Survivors of Meat Locker Detention Center

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The Federal lockup known as Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is located a few blocks from trendy Red Hook and Park Slope in Brooklyn. During the recent extreme drop in temperature two weeks ago the 1,600 inmates at MDC were left without heat or hot water due to a fire in the facility.

The inmates living at MDC are mostly drug dealers. But not all. Some are white collar guys who are just there temporarily until they get shipped to a minimum security prison such as Fort Dix or Otisville. Some couldn’t make bond and are waiting for their trial date, guys who are presumed innocent. I was originally designated to go to MDC by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), even though my Judge recommended that I go to Otisville. I contacted the Aleph Institute, a Jewish advocacy organization for inmates, and they had me redesignated to Otisville.

Not all guys who are locked up for violent crime or drug dealing are a danger to society, after they spent a few years in jail. I was locked up with plenty of guys who were former members of violent drug gangs. I followed their path after they were released. Some got their sentences commuted. Of the many drug dealers I was locked up with only one returned to jail. The rest are living honest, hard working lives. Most of the drug dealers I knew were either Black or Spanish. The one drug dealer that ended up back in the clink was a Jew.

A few days ago a Federal lawsuit was filed against the Warden at MDC and against the Federal Bureau of Prisons by the New York Public Defenders. Attorneys and families were unable to visit inmates locked up at MDC. MDC was on lock down until the Feds were able to restore the heat. The Public Defenders allege that the Warden lied to the press when the Warden said that the inmates had heat at MDC. There was no heat. There was no hot water. Guys were given dirty, blood stained sheets to sleep on because no laundry was getting done. Sadistic guards opened windows in the cells. According to my contacts at MDC, the guards brought in space heaters from the outside and kept warm in their offices. “Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.” Mick Jagger.

Ken Starr, the financial advisor to the stars, was locked up in MDC before he made his way to Otisville. Ken is out now. Not sure what he is up to. I knew a few white collar guys who were locked up at MDC before they ended up at Otisville. They said it was miserable. No windows. No fresh air. Living under florescent lights that were on 24/7. You didn’t know whether it was day or night.

The biggest bankruptcy lawyer in Connecticut spent some time at MDC before he was transferred to Otisville. 71 year old Peter Ressler was supposed to go to Otisville but ended up at MDC. He filed a last minute request to delay his surrender date because he wanted to finish his dental implant surgery. The Judge denied his request and ordered him to surrender to US Marshals in New Haven. Ressler complied with the orders and surrendered to the Marshals Office. Instead of transporting Ressler to Otisville the Marshalls gave him a good dose of diesel therapy, as inmates refer to it. 71 year old Ressler was chained and shackled and transported by prison bus to Hartford, where he was put in a cell for some period of time. Ressler was then transported in shackles to Wyatt Prison in Rhode Island, where he was put on ice for a week. After Wyatt, Ressler was transported in shackles to MDC where he remained for months, constantly taunted by Jew haters. Ressler eventually made his way to Otisville.

Peter Ressler recently mailed a few letters to his sentencing Judge Covello requesting that he be released from Otisville early. He is suffering TMJ because he never finished his dental implant surgery. He needs to take care of his family members, who also have medical problems. He told Judge Covello that when he asked the medical staff at MDC and Otisville whether they could finish his implant procedure, “the response was replete with laughter.” Inmates all know that the only two dental procedures provided by the Federal Bureau of Prisons are cleanings and tooth extractions. When I was in Otisville there was a sadistic dental hygienist woman with a Polish accent. She enjoyed putting guys in the SHU, ie., solitary confinement. Guys said not to be so judgmental, she survived the Holocaust, as a prison guard.

You can read the lawsuit filed against the BOP, and the letters submitted to Judge Covello by Otisville Inmate Ressler.

5 thoughts on “Jewish Survivors of Meat Locker Detention Center

  1. Does Ressler have any idea what’s going to happen to him if she gives him a hearing on this? He’s going to get transported to MDC and then to Rhode Island and then to New Haven and then back to Rhode Island and then back to MDC where they will probably let him rot for six months before possibly bringing him back to Otisville or maybe shipping him somewhere else. These judges have no idea that sending anyone let alone is 71 year old lawyer to MDC in Brooklyn could be a death sentence.

    1. Ressler probably doesn’t know that he would be subjected to more diesel therapy if Judge Covello schedules a hearing in which he must attend. Most likely Judge Covello will rule “on the papers” and not schedule a hearing for this motion, as all the facts are set forth in Ressler’s motion, and medical records attached as exhibits, which I did not post, so Ressler’s presence at the hearing would not add any facts or information that Covello doesn’t already have.

  2. The Times has today a big front page piece on this jail, apparently it’s the worst in the world. And the warden with the BOP in Washington DC have both flat out lied for weeks about the situation inside.

    Now the justice department says it will investigate… I guess no trumpsters will go to MDC when Muller sends them to the slammer, they will all only go to the Jewish Ottisvile camps, so they don’t give a damn about this Brooklyn water front shi[p]t whole.

    This sunset mostly now industrial strip from red hook 20th street to the end 60th street betwean the water and the BQE was mostly army navey bases by the first world war send war and all other wars, now some of it is called army terminal and bush terminal or industry city huge hasidic business enclaves, they have a few minyaim Mincah Mariv there and kosher food so many Brooklyn Jews work there it belongs to the rich Fruchthendler family from Chaim Berlin and also Waterbury new community Yishuv of a few hundred young ultra orthodox families that governor Roland gave away on bribes before he went to prison. His mom lives there and he wanted to save it from the poor people to run over his birthplace…

    A tidbit for today’s Times lead, that me interest your readers, is that this lying sack warden comes from the Danburry CT prison you have discussed up here in previous Noodle Kugel articles…

    1. I didn’t know that Rowland took a bribe to give the UCONN campus to the Jews from Brooklyn, I guess anything is possible. Rowland says he was a Shabbes goy when he grew up in the Jewish Waterbury enclave. He must have worked for Jewish criminals, he was a criminal in training. If the Jews didn’t move into Waterbury the UCONN campus would have been the top destination for squatters, copper pipe robbers and drug addicts. The City of Waterbury is on life support, just like most major cities in Connecticut. The Jews from Brooklyn also considered locating in the East End of Bridgeport before they moved to Waterbury, which is the Wild West. I don’t know much about this MDC warden, nothing much comes up on the internet, they are all the same anyway, there is no accountability or oversight of these guys in the BOP, which is why they get away with the crimes they commit against inmates.

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